Oct 252019

Hi everybuddy. As some of you may know, I haven’t been feeling too well lately. I’m not eating very much, and that has the lady with the yellow hair all worried about me. She said I’m already too skinny, I don’t need to lose any more weight. I think I’m just svelte.

Zoey lying in her hammick

She dragged me, hissing and spitting, to the evil vet. They stole some of my bloods and said that I have some pancreatitis going on. That doesn’t help the gastrointestinal problems I already have. So now I have to take some more medicines and stuff to help me feel better.

If you could spare some purrs, good thoughts, prayers…anything you can muster up for me…so that I feel better and start eating more, me and the lady with the yellow hair would appreciate it.

  61 Responses to “I Could Use Some Purrs….”

  1. We love you lots, Zoey, and are sending our very bestest purrs and prayers for you. Please get better soon.

  2. We’re sorry to hear this, Zoey, and we’re sending you tons of purrs and good vibes. We hope you eat more and feel better soon. Purrs

  3. That’s unfortunate Zoey 🙂 I hope you get well. Love from – Cat asthma inhaler

  4. You’ve got our purrs and prayers. Feel better!

    The Florida Furkids

  5. Zoey, you have our purrs and purrayers too. We hope the meds will make you feel better.

  6. Zoey, please feel better and eat up! Your pawrents (and all of us) love you so!

  7. Sending lots of purrs and biscuits your way! Hope you don’t give your Meowmy too hard a time with the meds.

  8. Purrs to Zoey…pancreatitis is no fun.

  9. Oh Zoey, we sure hope you feel better soon, we’re such fans of yours and we love you girl. Purrs and prayers from all of us.

  10. Zoey, please feel better. Meds can be icky but are necessary. You know your mom only wants the very best for you, as we do. We’re sending lots of love and purrs your way, beautiful girl.

  11. We is sending our purrs Zoey that the medicines help you feel better soon!

  12. We’re sending healing purrs and lotsa love!

  13. Zoey I am sending you a BIG HUGE BUNDLE of purrs and hugs – I hope you are OK – I’m sure you’re a bit miserable right now but hang in there and you will get better – yes you will. You are svelte AND beautiful so remember your Mom worries about you – it’s what Moms do – and I’m sure you are going to be feeling better super soon!

    Love, Teddy

  14. We continue to purr for you and sure hope you feel better very soon. We know how the people worry about us.

  15. We are sending purrs times three! Since Mom can not purr, ahe said a little prayer for you

  16. hi zoey, we purrs dat yoo iz feelin better, have yor mom gibz yoosum peenut butta, i lubs me sum peenut butta

  17. You got it Zoey!! Sending our healing purrs,purrayers and gentle paw pats. From me, TKS and KK.

  18. Gorgeous gentle Zoey sending you all the purrs and prayers in the world. Spike and Mom.x

  19. Purrs and prayers for you sweet Zoey. I hope you feel better soon. Big hug to your mom. ♥

  20. Darling Zoe! I too was kinda sick about a month ago, so I have lots and lots of purrs for you! I hope that soon you will be feeling better and start to eat some more–it will make your mama very happy. I am sending you my best kitty vibes and purrs XOXOXO

  21. Zoey, we’re sending purrs, prayers and more purrs! Please feel better soon. Hugs to you and the lady.

  22. Headbonks and purrs to you, Zoey!

  23. We send purrs to you, sweet Zoey. We hope you feel better and start eating well.
    Hugs to the lady with yellow hair, too. xo

  24. Aloha Sweet Zoey, we’re sending purrs and prayers and good thoughts and sunshine to you. Feel better soon. We love you. Zipper (Island Cat) and his mom.

  25. I am sending LOTS of purrs your way, Zoey! <3

  26. Of course we will, sweet girl. Please feel better soon.

  27. Zoey, we’re sending you lots of purrs to get well soon! We’d also send you Lexi but our mommy said that would help us be better but not you so we’ll just send some of Lexi’s kisses.

  28. We know all too well how digestive issues can make you feel awful and be difficult to get under control. I’m sending all my purrs to you today. I hope the new medicine helps and you’re feeling better quickly. Purr, purr, purrs.

  29. oh. we didn’t know you weren’t feeling well. we are sending positive thoughts your way.

  30. Zoey, you are the most beautiful girl in the world. I send you all my love and purrs and prayers…please please get better darling girl. XXXOOO

  31. Sending prayers.

  32. Sending you purrs that you feel better soon!

  33. Oh my, so sorry to here this Zoey. I would willingly spare some of my round figure to help you out, but apparently that sort of transfussion doesnt work.
    Keep your chin up and taking the meds. We’ll be sending lots of purrs and prayers by courier ASAP
    ERin & Mrs H

  34. You got em from me too, Zoey. A whole truckload of loud meezer purrs. Hope you feel better, soon and petcretary and the pups add POTP.

  35. We send prayers and purrs out to you. Get Well Real Soon.

  36. Sending you lots of hugs and purrs!

  37. Oh Zoey – we are sending you lots of purrayers and POTP that the medicine helps you get better and your Mama can worry less.

  38. “Deer SkyCatGod please make mee frend Zoey cat all bettur soon. Pleese take guud care of her an heel her from Pancreeatitis. Mee asks fore her humble. Shee iss a guud kitty girl an a guud frend.
    So bee it. BellaDharma…..”

    Mee sendss a purrayer to you deerest Zoey an lotss of POTP an LadyMew sendss her purrayerss an white lite of healin to you too!!!

    Pleese get well soon!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

  39. Whoa! You’re all furz and bones, Zoey. You have to eat. Maybe you want kibble. Sending healing purrz.

  40. Sending lots of purrs your way. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  41. I am praying for you sweet Zoey. XO

  42. You definitely have my prayers, sweet Zoey. And your mom too.

  43. oh, Zoey! big purrs to you from all of us here! we will keep you in our prayers and tLwtYH too because we know how worried she must be. feel better!

    minnie, hollie, sharpie, ditto, TL

  44. Sending purrs and love to you Zoey.

  45. Zoe we are sending you all the best healing purrs we have. Take care sweetie.

  46. Sending healing vibrations and sacrificing a catnip mouse in your honor, Zoey.

  47. Oh Zoey you have more vibrations coming toward you that you may be able to handle so I just hope that when you try to catch them you don’t get skinnier so I’ll send them each with a little pair of wings on it. Good medicines will help you I am sure because and your family knows just how to make you feel better..l lots of snuggles and sweet words….

  48. Zoey we are sending you a TON of purrs and prayers. We hope you start eating more. As a side note our Buddy Budd had pancreatitis and he cleared up after a few months and is eating well now. Purrs from us all and prayers from Dad

  49. Zoey for sure you are getting lots and lots of purrs from me.
    I sure do understand everything Mom is feeling….Angel Madi had digestive issues and kidney
    problems..it is a delicate mix to get the right meds
    Hugs Cecilia

  50. Prayers have been sent, Zoey. We sure hope you are feeling better soon. ♥

  51. Oh noes! Sendin’ lots and lots of POTP and healin’ vibes your way! I hopes the vettie can gets a handle on your sickies, and gets you feelin’ lots better real soon. if you wants you can have some of my fat…Ma says I gots lots extra ☺
    Ruby ♥

  52. Oh dear sweet Zoey, we’re sending you all our healing purrs and prayers your way.

  53. Here come Healing Pawkisses and Purrayers to feel better soon, sweet girl. May the Angels purrotect you <3

  54. Bootyful Zoey, you’re always in our purrayers. We’re sendin’ extra. Purrlease get better. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  55. Mom says, “Maybe your humans could ask your vet about CDB oil?” The white kitty before me had tummy problems when Mom first brought him home. He went on a purrscription diet for a little while, which worked for him. [Tears swelling] Zoey, purrlease eat some foods and get better, ’cause you are my furriend and I don’t want to lose you.

  56. Oh dear! Zoey, we want you to feel well and happy.
    We purr the Vet will have some good ideas about how to help you feel better.
    Purrs,Georgia and Julie

  57. Zoey, we are sending you all sorts of purrs, prayers, well wishes!

  58. PS also wanted to say that we are sending you lots of love Zoey! Frodo sends you an extra hug!

  59. Sweet Zoey, the entire Wonderpurr Gang is sending healing purrs your way. We love you, honey.

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