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Hey guys. Being a former shelter cat, I know what it’s like to be stuck in a cage. Lemme tell you, it’s not fun. It’s cold, lonely…and really scary. You don’t know if you’re ever gonna get out of there. Oh sure, it’s better than being on the streets because there’s food and water available, but it’s nothing like having a forever home. I’m one of the lucky ones…I found my forever home. But there are still SO many wonderful animals sitting in shelters waiting to find their forever homes.

Remember Me Thursday

We’re fortunate that the shelter the mom volunteers with has a high adoption rate. The shelter volunteers work really hard to find homes for all the animals that come through the shelter doors. But this isn’t true of all shelters. Did you know only 30% of pets in U.S. households come from shelters and rescues? That’s a surprising statistic if you ask me. And sadly, millions never even find their forever homes.

That’s why, once again, we’re pawticipating in Remember Me Thursday®…a day to shine a light on those animals in shelters and rescues waiting for their forever homes…and also to remember those that never made it out. Started by the Helen Woodward Animal Center 7 years ago, Remember Me Thursday® is a day to get the entire world talking about the importance of pet adoption.

Like we’ve done in previous years, we’re “shining the light” on a few of the cats currently at the Wyandotte Animal Shelter, the one the mom volunteers with. These cats have issues that tend for them to be overlooked by potential adopters.

Banksy from Wyandotte Animal Shelter

This is Banksy. She was found as a stray…kinda skinny and scraggly. She was brought to the shelter and after a medical exam, it was found that she has diabetes. She was started on insulin and some special diet food, and her diabetes is under control now. But when it comes to being adopted, she’s been overlooked because people are less likely to want to adopt a cat with a medical condition. Which is sad for Banksy…the mom says she’s the sweetest cat and very outgoing.

Quinn from Wyandotte Animal Shelter

Meet Quinn…a handsome and very friendly guy. He too was found as a stray. Being a black cat, Quinn has the stigma of not being as adoptable as other cats. And on top of that, he’s FIV-positive. Hearing that tends to scare people off from adopting him. But FIV cats can live normal, happy lives along side cats without FIV. We need to continue to educate people that an FIV cat is as adoptable as any other cat.

Ashlee and Moon from Wyandotte Animal Shelter

Finally, we have the duo of Ashlee and Moon. These two came into the shelter separately but have become very attached to one another. Ashlee was found as a stray with a severely damaged leg that could not be saved. She is very shy and losing her leg didn’t help. Moon also was a stray and didn’t like being in the shelter. He spent the first month or so hiding under blankets. Ashlee and Moon were in cages next to one another and would frequently reach out their paws and touch. The shelter people decided to put the two of them together in a larger cage and their friendship blossomed.  They both have given each other much confidence, and they are much friendlier towards people. The shelter would like to see them adopted together…which makes finding them a home more difficult.

So what can you do to support Remember Me Thursday® and cats like Banksy, Quinn, Ashlee and Moon? Adopting a shelter pet would be the best. But we know that’s not something everyone can do. But you can be a part of the Remember Me Thursday® Awareness Movement. You can spread the word about the importance of pet adoptions…especially for those less adoptable ones like Banksy, Quinn, Ashlee and Moon.

Remember Me Thursday

Today, tweet, tag, post and share on social media the life-saving significance of pet adoption. Did you adopt a pet from a shelter or rescue? Post their photo on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and use the hashtag #RememberMeThursday.

You can also enter the fun Remember Me Thursday® contest and win one of 3 fabulous prize packages that include cash, food and toys for your favorite shelter or rescue. All you need to do is upload your pet’s photo to the Remember Me Thursday® contest page.

We want the whole world talking about pet adoption and shining a light on all those animals…like Banksy, Quinn, Ashlee and Moon…waiting in shelters and rescues right now.

If anyone would like to give Banksy, Quinn or Ashlee and Moon a forever home, please let us know!

Remember Me Thursday Blog Hop

We’re pawticipating in the special Remember Me Thursday® Blog Hop hosted by our friend Lola the Rescued Cat. Visit her blog to see who else is talking about pet adoption and join in!

  23 Responses to “Shine a Light on Shelter and Rescue Animals #RememberMeThursday”

  1. that looks like a special bunch of cats – we have our paws crossed for them

  2. Thanks for a great post Ernie. Myself, Buddy, Miss Fitz and Einstein are Rescue’s while Toby and Rumpy are shelter cats. We all are the lucky ones and we totally support this great day to put forth the need for adoption and other programs. Purrs my friend

  3. Spay and neuter, and RESCUE!

  4. What beautiful kitties. We hope they all find their forever homes soon! Thanks for joining our hop and shining a light on pet adoption.

  5. Thank you for your wonderful post, Ernie. The kitties you are shining the light on today are all beautiful and I hope they find their forever homes very soon xo

  6. We always got our babies from the shelter. They need us the most.

    Have a purrfect day. ♥

  7. great post…

  8. Our sweet Simon is a shelter cat, we could not imagine life wiithout our boy – adopt from a shelter and fall in love for a lifetime!

  9. We lucky ones too Ernie and we wish every critter could find their very own happy.

  10. This is such an important message!

  11. What adorable cats. They’re all special and precious. Like you I was once in a shelter so I think Remember Me Thursday is the most important day of the year.

  12. What a sweet post…………with some very adoptable and adorable shelter kitties looking for a chance to live in a home where they can thrive and know they are AT HOME FOREVER. If we all could have our wish granted I know there would be NO homeless animals in this big planet of ours.

    Hugs, Teddy

  13. I didn’t realize that only 30% come from shelters. That should be closer to 90%. We have a couple of places near me that sell puppies. One also has a large supply of cat food but I refuse to shop there even though it is closest to my house.

  14. Purrs that those beautiful babies find their forever homes. This is one of the most important days of the year for us as animal advocates.

  15. Wonderful post! So important to adopt a shelter cat.

  16. We really hope they find their homes. Adopting a pet is the best thing to do and spreading awareness goes a long way. Thanks for being an advocate for adoption Ernie

  17. Great post to shine a light on shelter pets! I hope these beauties find their forever homes soon!

  18. We LOVE your post Ernie and we LOVE the graphics that you featured. We also love the kitties that you featured. We are so happy that you found YOUR furever home and didn’t have to stay in a cage. You sure picked a great home!

  19. Your mom is so kind, Ernie! We all know about waiting, waiting, waiting too. We know our mom would take a few more if she could! (Elliott says he would vote for adopting Quinn, since he knows exactly how long black cats can wait.)

  20. Thank you for shining a light and volunteering to make life better for pets.

  21. Moon is sooooo cute!!

    Bonded pairs are definitely harder to get adopted, but I just love them. I recently helped convince my friend’s husband to adopt a bonded pair because they’re harder to find homes for – Lewis and Clark. My friends are happy they decided to give a bonded pair a home, and Lewis and Clark are learning to trust that some people are good. 🙂

  22. Excellent post for Remember Me Thursday, Ernie. Banksy, Quinn, Moon and Ashlee are all awesome, and they will make some lucky adopters the most awesome forever friends.

  23. They are all so gawjus, it just makes us cry to think of them livin’ in cages. We’re sharin’ and purrayin’. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

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