Aug 282019

Today is the 5th annual Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day…a day created by our friend Deb Barnes from The Chronicles of Zee and Zoey in memory of her special cat, Mr. Jazz.

It’s a day where we remember and pay tribute to those furry loved ones that are no longer with us…who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Of course, these special ones are in our thoughts every day…but Remembrance Day is the day we tell the world about how much they meant to us.

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day Logo

My sweet Wally…
How can it be 6 months already since you left?
I miss you more than ever.

Wally in the sun

You no longer greet me
As I walk through the door.
You’re not there to make me smile,
to make me laugh anymore.
Life seems quiet without you,
You were far more than a pet
You were a family member, a friend,
A loving soul I’ll never forget.
It will take time to heal
For the silence to go away.
I still listen for you
And miss you every day.
You were such a great companion,
Constant, loyal and true.
My heart will always wear
The pawprints left by you.

~Author Unknown

  30 Responses to “Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day 2019”

  1. Hugs and love to you as you remember and miss your sweet Wally. He was a very special mancat, and he was really lucky to have you!

  2. We sure miss Wally too. He was such a handsome boy. But Ernie is doing his best to carry on. Have a good day, all of you.

  3. Wally, such a handsome boy, one we knew well, loved much … we know he is forever at peace
    and always held in your heart.

  4. that’s a lovely poem and a great picture of wally…

  5. We miss dear Wally along with you and send our support. We love the poem

  6. I miss Wally every day. I am grateful that Ernie took up the reins and posts though. Don;t know what I’d do without your boy.

  7. That is a wonderful poem. I miss Wally too. It seems like yesterday we were all waiting to see what that Wally was doing.

  8. I’ve got leaky eyes from the poem, and for Angel Wally, whom I miss too.

  9. What a touching poem! I could here you reciting it Sue….
    Wally is missed here at THE Purrfect Pad also. I just keep thinking he is with Purrince Siddhartha Henry an so many others we knew & loved.
    Sending you gentle {{{hugs}}} & love today….Sherri-Ellen & BellaDharma
    P.S.: It is odd how when certain cats ‘leave’ there is a quiet that takes over…..

  10. Aaawwwwww.

  11. Lovely poem in honor of your precious Wally. We miss him a lot too – he was special indeed. We have wonderful memories of our Angels too and hope they are resting comfortably after years of giving us their devotion and love and laughs and so much more as long as they were with us.

    Sending Hugs,
    Pam (and Teddy)

  12. Hugs as you remember your most special Wally, we sure miss his orange goodness too.

  13. May your heart heal with fond memories of your precious Wally. The blogosphere sure loved him and misses him. Hugs xx

  14. What a beautiful photo of your handsome Ginger Man.
    It is hard to type Ernie w/o typing Wally. Sending you many understanding hugs….
    It has almost been a year since Madi became an angel. We think of her daily and thank her for picking us to be her parents.
    Hugs to Ernie, Zoey and you two.

  15. Sweet Wally indeed.

    Big hug on this day. ♥

  16. Lots of purrs to you as you remember Wally today… and every day. We miss him lots too.

  17. I thought you wrote that pretty poem. TW knew she was gonna cry cos of Wally. Thanks for sharing your heart with him and sharing him with us. He’ll always be with you and live in your heart.

  18. Oh God my eyes are leaking reading this. What a purrfect poem for Wally. Boy do we ever miss him too. Sending lots of love and many, many (((hugs)))

  19. What a beautiful poem. We miss Wally as well. ♥

  20. Beautiful gorgeous Wally you will always be in our hearts sleep well little one. X

  21. Beautiful post for Wally. He is missed by all in the blogosphere. XO

  22. I think these days are harder when you’ve recently suffered a loss. Purrs for you today. Wally is most definitely missed.

  23. Aww, Wally. Much missed by all.

  24. Such a lovely poem. Wally was so beloved in the blogging world and we all love and miss him.

  25. What a lovely tribute to your beloved Wally. We will love and miss him forever and ever. Love, hugs and gentle purrs to you.

  26. Oh we miss Wally, too. Sending warm hugs as you remember your sweet angel. xo

  27. Oh, how we all miss Wally…hugs to all of you.

  28. Oh, Wally, you are so missed!

  29. That is a beautiful tribute of remembrance to dear Wally. I will always miss him.

  30. Wally’s paw prints will live forever on your heart.

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