May 222009


You know, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen the Walking Guys.

 I wonder when they’ll walk by again…


  27 Responses to “Formerly Feral – Watching & Waiting”

  1. Zoey, That’s so sad that you haven’t seen your furiends “The Walking Guys” in such a long time. It sure makes looking out the window much less interesting.
    Maybe you’re just up too early and efurryone in the neighbourhood is still sleeping.

  2. Maybe they will be back soon now that it is warm out! Have a great weekend!!

  3. Our furriends disappear in the winter and come out again in the spring and summer. Be patient, the walking guys will return!

  4. It’s great snoopervising the neighborhood isn’t it? We LOVE looking through the wondows.

  5. windows even!!!!!

  6. Franklin likes to snoop on everything that goes on outside the front window too. We sometimes think that people avoid passing our house so they won’t have to deal with him staring at them!

  7. Dear Zoey
    Lovely and romantic picture! Something soooo nostalgic, a great feeling!
    You are so cute!
    Thanks for this beautiful shot!
    purrs from Brazil

  8. Maybe you have scared the walking guys off with your intense staring. Humans don’t like it when you stare. It upsets them…or so I have been told. (smirk)

  9. We think since its warming up, the walking guys will return soon!

  10. So, did they come walking by, Zoey? We have an entire walking family that walks by our house every morning and every evening. They are the walking-est people ever! They even walk with their dog! And they walk really, really fast!

  11. I hope they come back. I hate routine variations.

  12. No one walks here, it’s already too hot.

  13. Did they change their time of day? We hope you will see them again soon. We have lots of walking people and their dogs. The cats outside walk by themselves and that’s OK as long as they don’t come in OUR yard.

  14. Zoey is just waiting for me to walk by…aren’t you Zoey?

  15. Hello there Zoey…..You better get up a little earlier…… We walked by again this morning….. Look for us again tomorrow……

  16. My favourite passtime watching the world go by..

    Hope you see them soon.

    Hugs GJ xx

  17. Windows watching is my FAVORITE,
    because I’am a indoorcat 😉
    Great shot !!

  18. we watch the kids walk home from school every afternoon. Mom tells us that school will be out in 2 weeks and no more kids!

  19. Window info ha!…..Do you see any new birds Zoey?=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz

  20. You look very pretty waiting for the Walking Guy, Zoey! I hope he passes by soon.

    Re: your comment on Tristan and Crikey’s blog, we will be pawing it forward from them so we could ‘paw it forward’ to our favorite Island Cats if you want!

  21. You are very sweet in this window!

    Jas & Gi

  22. We hope the walking guys come back. Do they wave to you?

  23. Maybe they decided to drive from now on! If you guys want to play Paw It Forward, send us your address and we’ll play with you. Three’s a charm:)

  24. If you keep watching long enough, you’re sure to see them Zoey.

  25. Keep your eyes peeled, Zoey, because you never know when they’ll return…

  26. You look lovely in the window.

    Looking out the window is so exciting! Hope you see the Walking Guys again soon.

  27. I wonder where they’ve been?

    When the weather is nice, horses from a farm down the road go up and down the road, practicing pulling their wagon. It’s exciting, and Ollie LOVES to watch them.

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