Aug 042019

You guys! Do you know where I am? I’m in our catio…though the peeps call it the “sunroom.” It hasn’t been catified much yet. They’re still working on it.

black cat sitting on sofa

Let me let you in on a little secret. I don’t spend a lot of time in here because…*whispering*…I’m a little scared of this room. I don’t know why…I just am. I’ll run in for a second or two…but then I run back out again. The mom says I just need to get used to more. So today I spent little time in here…just long enough to take my selfie.

black cat

Don’t tell anybuddy my little secret, okay? I don’t want the world to think I’m a wimp or anything like that.

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  33 Responses to “Easy E’s Sunroom Selfie Sunday”

  1. Perhaps, Ernie, try rubbing more of your scent on all things the ‘sunroom’ catio! Purrs and hugs!

  2. It probably does smell different but you will soon have your smells in there. It is hard to get used to new places. You all have a great day.

  3. Ernie, a liberal sprinkling of catnip around that room just may make it a bit more inviting to you! You are handsome, big boy!

  4. Well, you do look terrific out there Ernie!

  5. Ernie you just need to get that room catified up with your furs, your unique perfume (har har har) and THEN you’ll relax out there more. Looks like a nice space though so make it yours my friend!

    Hugs, Teddy

  6. I think once you realize there is nothing to be afraid of, you will be out there all the time.

  7. You are totally not a wimp! But I am curious how Zooey feels about this room?

  8. Cats are cautious and it serves them well, so you are just being a cat which is a good thing to be! Ernie, you’ll get used to the room soon enough and your human won’t be able to get you out of it – MOL!

  9. That’s an awesome selfie, Ernie! Is it better if your Mom is in the room with you? We know she will protect you!

    Tama and Genji

  10. Ernie, I would never tell. IT’s between you and…right?

  11. That’s a great selfie, Ernie. I don’t think you are a wimp. You need to get used to new places first.

  12. Hey, Ernie, get your mama to spray everything with Feliway. YOU’LL LOVE THAT ROOM!

  13. That is a most elegant first selfie, and the second shows off those wonderful eyes of yours, Ernie, a veritable glittering shimmering pair of soft golden gemstones. Your secret is safe with us on the internet, for sure. Hmm maybe that room is hunted or something?
    Have a great week.

  14. I hope you get more used to that room, Ernie – you could totally make it all yours if you tried!

  15. That is a great selfie. Your secret is safe with me.

  16. Oh Ernie, we luv our sunny room! It’s the best place efur for a nap!! We hope you get over your fears ‘cuz we think you’ll luv your catio too.

  17. Erns, there’s no need to be scared. Just think of all the sun puddlin’ you can do on that porch and all the views of birdies and other crittters it will offer. That should ward away any reservatons that you may have. I’d also luv to come over and hang out with you, ’cause I don’t have a catio. Purr purr purr.

  18. You do look a little bit worried in that selfie!

  19. Ernie we know you aren’t a wimp but by the expression on your face it looks like you aren’t thrilled with that room as you mentioned! Give it more of a chance, it looks beautiful and I am sure you will like it soon!

  20. Our lips are sealed.

    The Florida Furkids

  21. You need to Ernify the room sweetie. Your secret is safe with us.

  22. We would never think that, sweetie. New things can take some getting used to. I bet you’ll love it there in no time!

  23. No one wuud think yore a wimp Ernie! You are just caw-shuss of mew surroundinss iss all.
    Yore selfie iss supurr speck-tackular. Wee sure hope it has kewled off there. It has here furinallee.
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

  24. Maybe if your mum would sit out there with you, then you would begin to be more comfortable.

  25. Yo just need to make it your own space. Then it will be fine!

  26. Not a werd, Ernie. Your secrets are our secrets.

  27. Ernie we would never think you are a wimp at all. In fact I am not really secure in our storage room, if that counts

  28. Great selfie ! Maybe would it be better if you go in that room with your mom or your dad ? Purrs

  29. dood…..yur selfeez rockin awesum N sew iz yur catio…..for what itz werth; sum times I still am like….noe eye am knot goin in de garage….N eye haz been heer ….sinz like my gotcha day last centuree…. thatz a lotta garage time { mite bee we heer burd song in R mindz eye…ya noe }

    tuna of moon ☺☺♥3

  30. Your secret is safe with us. But you’re really lucky to have a catio!

  31. Looks like a great area for you. Maybe if you took some of your toys out there you’d feel more comfortable.

  32. You are just cautious, definitely not a wimp, Ernie! 🙂

  33. Maybe the catio will be more appealing when she catifies it for you.

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