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Apr 292019

black cat lying in sun

Hey guys. Lately, the mom has been calling me a silly goose. Seriously?? Do I look like one of these things? 

Two geese

I don’t have feathers! Or a long neck! I think someone needs to have her eyes examined.

Speaking of geese, we had a surprise in our yard the other day.

Geese with goslings

Baby geese! Yep, Mr. and Mrs. Goose are the proud parents of 5 baby geese. Sorry…this isn’t best picture…the mom took it with the zoom from inside our house.

Did you know a baby goose is called a gosling? The mom thinks these goslings are really cute…all little and fuzzy. The dad just muttered something about more goose poop to clean up. Now we have Gosling TV…and no, I’m not referring to that Ryan guy, though the mom thinks he’s cute, too. I think it’s gonna be fun watching these babies grow up!

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  1. i think i’d react the same as your dad… they are cute but they grow up way too fast…

  2. Have fun Ernie, we have the little ones here too and they are fun to see!

  3. Oh what fun to have baby geese to watch. That is some great TV. Good thing you aren’t outside Ernie, they might come after you.You all have a grand day.

  4. That is awesome. Little geese are very cute. I don’t know about geese but I was able to get pretty close to Muscovoy ducks and their baby chicks and got some good close ups..

  5. Ernie, you’ve got great Bird TV! The mama goose at my office, whom I call Gertrude, is still sitting on her nest…I think she got a late start on her brood, but we hope there are some goslings in our future! AND, both our landlord and our maintenance people have plans in place to keep the geese away from the buildings next year, so we can use the front door of Bldg #3 again…

  6. Ernie you are a funny guy…no matter what Mom calls you.
    OMGeese I saw a Goose family on my walk today. I had my phone so I was able to get some pretty cute photos. Too bad the goslings don’t stay cute when they are grown up
    Hugs Cecilia

  7. No you’re not like a real goose. It’s a term of endearment. Mom finds you funny and she loves you very much.

    I linked this post to Awww Mondays.

    Have a purrfect day. My best to your mom. ♥

  8. Oh Ernie, you look so wonderful there in the sunpuddle. And goose TV? Hey, not a lot better!

  9. Goose poop is WONDERFUL for a garden, and they eat snails, too! But geese can be belligerent, I just read. They love table scraps so no waste around your house, haha.

  10. Gosling TV! It’s about time the Canadian Geese came home soon. Althouth, the night time temperatures are sill below freezing.

    Ernie you are one handsome dude.

    Shoko Dudette

  11. dood…thiz iz like DE BIGGEST INN SULT oh all time ever recorded…… faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    if we waz called thiz …….well, letz just say that what wood happen wood be:


    AND THATZ KNOT DE HALF OV IT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    🙂 ♥♥

  12. Well, that’s certainly gonna enhance Bird TV.

  13. How come you always hear “Silly” goose, and not clever goose, insightful goose, imaginative goose?

  14. Those goslings are as cute as the Ryan one. You are way too cute with that pose.

  15. Mew mew mew furabuluss mewss Ernie!! Yore a GranCat to 5 bouncing goslingss!!! LadyMew mew THE 2 geese were lookin fore a place to set upss home an what a lovelee low-cation they picked!!
    An yore rite you look NOTHIN like a Goose!?!?!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

  16. You’re going to have so much fun watching that precious little family!

  17. What great BirdTV you have!

    The Florida Furkids

  18. Those sure are cute babies Ernie. Truth be told you look a little like those goslings. Will your neck grow as you get older?

  19. Congrats to the goose family!

  20. so adorable and so much fun to watch!

  21. Oh Ernie, what fun. Enjoy those geese. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  22. You are in for some excitement, Ernie!

  23. How can your human get you confused with those guys, Ernie?

  24. Whoa! You’ve been goosed but good. You are so much better looking.

  25. You do not look like a goose! Goose tv would be fun, as long as they aren’t honking too much.

  26. Mum agrees with your Dad, boo to more goose poop to clean up.

  27. Goose TV looks like fun, goose poop not so much. Purrs

  28. A couple years ago, we had goslings at the park across the street. Momma didn’t think the goose-Mommy or Daddy was doing enough to discourage the babies from getting too close to the road … so she honked and flapped her arms to steer them away. I will never live that down! As if she doesn’t embarrass me enough every day! ~Bear Cat

  29. Oh boy! Goslings to watch…..I hope they all do well – I’m sure Mom and Dad Goose will do their best to raise a new pile of geese to invade your yard!!!!

    Hugs, Teddy

  30. You sure don’t look like those geese, Ernie 🙂
    The goslings are sooo cute! What a fun you’ve got TV program to watch them!

  31. Love the goslings! Your new house is so awesome. You are a silly something, Ernie, but if not a goose, then what? 🙂

  32. Aww, those baby geese. How cute!

  33. We definitely dont see anny fevvers on YOU! MOL!

  34. Yeah, we’re pretty sure she doesn’t mean you look like one of those geese, Ernie. Those babies are pretty cute, though!

  35. I think you have a long chatter with those little geesers, Ernie, I know I’d have..MOL 😀 Enjoy live tv my furriends! Pawkisses for a Relaxed Wordless Wednesday 🙂 <3

  36. Guess what? We get Goose TV here at our house too. Mom scatters seed for the birds and two geese decided to hang out on the lawn. Now they have Mom trained to scatter not only seed but also some cat kibble. The mama goose had babies. We know because she was absent for awhile like she did last year. And now she’s back and pretty soon the goslings will join their parents.

  37. We have some goslings around us, too. The little ones sure are cute, but the big ones are not always so nice and one even chased me (Ruby) at the park.

  38. I think you look absolutely adorable in that sun puddle! Baby goslings are cute!

  39. You definitely do not look like a goose but silly…MOL! It will be so fun to watch the gosling grow up. Do you put corn or something out for them to eat?

  40. I do not see the slightest resemblance sorry Ernie.

    We have bird feeder TV. we can get really close when we are in the garden but the birds still see uf before anything happens!

  41. Hey Ernie…It must be a Mom thing. My Mom calls me a silly goose too
    And Baby geese do ook tasty1

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