Apr 222019

Hi guys!  Y’know what today is? It’s Earth Day…a special day to honor this planet we call home.  

Happy Earth Day

The first Earth Day was held on April 22, 1970 as a day to bring awareness to environmental and conservation issues. It’s now celebrated annually around the world by more than 20 billion people.

Today I thought I’d share a few easy ways to help keep our beautiful earth green when it comes to your pets.

Reuse and recycle. Most communities have recycling programs. Make sure you recycle those pet food cans. And you can recycle the bags that dry food comes in as well.

cat with plastic grocery bagYou know those plastic bags you get at the grocery store? Um…this is not how you should use them. While using cloth bags for groceries is always a better option, we all end up with some of those plastic grocery bags at some point. Reuse the ones you get for litter box waste or for doggy poop bags.

Here’s another good option for scooping the litter box. Use a bucket or other large container that has a lid and line it with a plastic bag. Put all the litter box waste in it. After a week, remove the plastic bag and put in with all your other trash. You’ll use way less plastic bags this way.

Use earth and pet friendly cleaning products. Here’s what the mom uses to clean most everything around our house. She fills an empty spray bottle with equal parts of white vinegar and water and adds a few drops of dishwashing soap. It’s easy to make and contains no cat eating fresh catnipharmful chemicals…and works well to clean most everything from tile floors to kitchen countertops…and even litter boxes!

Plant some flowers or even a tree. Planting helps to keep the earth green. And if you want to make your cat really happy, plant some catnip. You can cut off a few leaves at a time and give it to your cat as a special treat. There’s nothing like fresh nip!

Spay and neuter! Spaying and neutering helps to reduce the amount of unwanted animals. And in the case of feral cats, it helps to keep their population in check and reduces the stress on local wildlife.

Happy Earth Day! Are you celebrating? How are you keeping our earth green?

  39 Responses to “Celebrating Earth Day – Easy Ways to Go Green with Your Pet”

  1. Hi Ernie! Thank you for the great tips!! The Mom lady always uses those plastic bags for our litter scooping – she has for years. 🙂 She says she needs to get some vinegar at the store because she hates cleaning with chemicals around us. She rinses everything like 10 times after she uses any chemicals on it.

  2. That was a fun post and a terrific message for our special planet!

  3. Good message and info today Ernie – Happy Earth Day!

  4. Those are some mighty good ideas for Earth day. That was a great post and all so true. Ernie, you are looking mighty good. Have a fantastic day.

  5. great tips and we are actually already doing most of them…

  6. Happy Earth Day. Great tips, Ernie. Our humans are displeased that our city accepts less and less items for recycle because China no longer accepts them from us. Mom planted five nip plants for us. She’s hoping we don’t lie on or dig them up. Have a great week. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

  7. My elementary school gave us each a certificate on the first Earth Day…I still have it! We planted a garden in front of the school.

  8. Well done Ernie and Zoey
    Hugs Cecilia

  9. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE TIPS. Mama recycles everything but she LOVED the cleaning mix suggestion and will try it on the tile floors and elsewhere. She will NOT use her own wine vinegar, haha. And I think mama and papa are spayed already, so we don’t have to worry about that….

  10. We all need to do our part to make sure our planet is as healthy as it can be.

    Have a fabulous Earth Day. ♥

  11. Great tips. Dad feels that recycling and trying to use as little water as reasonable are things we do everyday at our house. Oh Dad does that with the litter already. He says we really make a lot of… yeah that.

  12. Great tips. We grow lots of nip and we are all fixed 🙂

  13. When I planted nip I bought a heavy wire hanging basket frame and put it upside down over the baby nip to grow. I anchored it down with old wire clothes hangers. The nip will grow up and through the basket for the outside cats to nibble on, but they can’t roll around in it, in the pot and break it off.

  14. Ernie and Zoey…you two said it all and well.

  15. Great post, and great tips ! Reduce, reuse, recycle are the best ways to celebrate Earth every day ! Purrs

  16. Happy Earth Day! We recycle and plant bee-friendly flowers in the front yard. We’d plant them in the back but a certain Basset Hound tries to eat bees. BOL!

  17. Great tips Ernie……and we do our bit I think. At least we TRY! Happy Earth Day!

    Hugs, Teddy

  18. Hi Ernie, I like your tips. We have the litter locker system to empty the poops, but when we don’t use that, we also use your tip with the big bucket, lid and plastic bag. We use very little plastic in the house and reuse plastic straws and don’t buy any more of them.

    Happy Earth day!

  19. Great tips, Ernie! If we all do our part we can make such a huge difference!

  20. What great advice!! I try to use fabric shopping bags, but if we end up with some plastic ones I always reuse them for something else.
    I put some herb plants out today to celebrate Earth Day. I plant catnip in my garden as well as having plants inside….it helps keep some pests away from the other plants!
    We were so pleased to see you posted about Earth Day…we feel it’s so important to respect the beauty of our planet. ♥

  21. Those are some great ideas, Ernie. Our city just banned most plastic bags, which Mom uses for litter box cleanup, so eventually she might have to use your one bag tip!

  22. I like your idea of using one bag a week for the litter…might try that. We use plastic bags for litter and Dakota’s poop. Normally we recycle our Earth Day post on the blog(s) but I’m sick this year so no blog posts from us!

  23. Great tips! The peeps don’t take bags when they do the big grocery shopping. They have a liner in their cart so they don’t need bags. TW gets plastic bags when she goes shopping locally cos they use the bags for their garbage. They don’t have a car which is good for the environment and she steams the floors rather than using harsh chemicals. Above all, there’s nothing like fresh nip.

  24. Mom always uses for usable bags and when recycle as much as we can. Unfortunately, like Kitties Blue our recycle is accepting less and less too. Happy Earth Day
    The Florida Furkids

  25. Here in CA, if we forget our reusable shopping bags, the store charges us .10 for a plastic bag. We do a lot of your tips already. The lady also uses vinegar and water but didn’t know about the dish soap. She’s going to add that. Unfortunately, she does not plant anything. She has a black thumb!

  26. Mum does good with the recycling, using cloth bags when she can and uses one bag per week for my output, then puts it in the garbage.

  27. My human helped her guy plant a BUNCH of trees all over his yard last weekend! I was a little miffed I wasn’t invited.

  28. Great tips! And better for our environment too! Our complex’s recycle bin is on the far end of the complex. I wish I could say I wasn’t too lazy to take the recycling over 🙂

  29. These are great tips! Lexy likes to do that with plastic bags, but I don’t get it.

  30. We’ve been using reusable shopping bags for years and I’m here to tell you that these are fun to play in. Signed, Ringo

  31. happee bee lated earth day dood !! we like ta ree cycle ree use keep de ewe til a teez low N plant plant plant plant !! 🙂 ♥♥

  32. Pawsome Earth Day post Ernie!

  33. That’s what I use my plastic bags for–poo patrol! Though Frodo would rather play in them!

  34. Excellent tips, Ernie! We always take our plastic bags to the shelter to use as poop bags.

  35. Great tips, Ernie! My mom does her part recycling here.

  36. You’re very smart Ernie. Happy earth day. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  37. All good ideas, Ernie and Zoey. Everyday should be Earth Day.

  38. All great suggestions! We definitely need to take care of our planet.

  39. Here in New Zealand plastic bags are banned in supermarkets and people are starting to take their own fabric bags almost everywhere.

    While some plastic may be necessary to keep food safe, we don’t don’t DON’T need to use it as much as we do EVER AGAIN. Do you follow 1bike1world on FB or Instagram? That you is terrific, fun and some of his pictures of single-use plastic make you really think.

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