May 192009

Hi!  It’s me…Wally!!  We were tagged by Eric and Flynn to  list 6 (un) important things that make us happy.  We’re gonna split these up between the 3 of us.

Since I’m the oldest, I’m going first!!  What makes me happy??

1.  Going outside!!

2.  If I can’t go outside, then sitting in an opened window!

Okay, Ernie…your turn!!

Geez, it’s hard to pick just a couple of things that make me happy but here goes…

3.  Laying in a sunbeam!

4.  Crawling under the covers and snuggling with mom!!

Zoey, you’re up!

How come I always hafta go last??  You boys aren’t fair!!

What makes me happy is…

5.  My furry mousie!

6.  Having a furever home!!

Now since I went last, I get to show everybuddy my floofy tummy…feast your eyes!!!


Oh, Zoey…you’re such a show-off!!!  Okay…we’re tagging anybuddy else who wants to play!  Come on!  Tell us what makes you happy!!!


  30 Responses to “Tagged on Tummy Tuesday”

  1. That is such a cute pose Zoey! You could join in Huzzy Wednesday with that one.

  2. Zoey, what a cute floofy tummy, and that’s such a cute pose with your toesie curled up and one paw over ur eye! Too adorable fur words.

    We’re glad that all of you are so thankful for what you have cuz not all kitties are as lucky as you are.

  3. Oh, and I almost furgot! Thanks to your mama for all the suggestions on grain-free kibbles for Domino. We have some of those brands in our local Petsmart, so I’ll go to check them out.

  4. Zoey, mommy almost fainted from all that floof!

    I love a good sunbeam myself . . . and of course, snuggling with my mommy.

  5. Zoey, it was worth the wait to see that fabulously floofy tum!!

    Loved hearing about the things that make you guys happy!!!!

  6. Georgia’s favorite thing was to go outside–even now that she can hardly walk, she toodles outside with the Woman to watch over her for a lie in the sun in her yard.



  8. Those are very nice reasons to be happy:) We’re happy to have you three as our friends!

  9. Visiting your blog makes me happy…especially when I get to see Zoey’s fuzzy tummy:)

  10. those are all very important things!

  11. No doubt about it, all of the Island Cats have proper priorities! (Zoey, that’s one floofy tummy… people all over the world now want to snorgle it!)

  12. Hey, furry good list, you guys! And Zoey, wowza on dat floofy tummy pose!

  13. What makes us happy is seeing that too cute tummy of Zoey’s!

  14. You are a real lovely fluff ball, so cute..

    I love all your choices..

    Hugs GJ x

  15. Zoey, that is such a cute picture of you and all your floof! And those lists are great!!

  16. It’s really cool!No doubt a furry mouse is important!
    purrs and love from Brazil

  17. That’s a lovely floofy tummy Zoey.
    All those things that make you happy make us happy too.

  18. Zoey, you sure know how to strike a sexy pose 😉

  19. Those are really great things! Zoey, your stomach is gorgeous

  20. Wonderful list all!! We love those things too! Great tum shot!!

  21. You must be sleepy Zoey! You look like you can barely keep your eyes open!

  22. Zoey yer belleh is furry bootiful!

  23. Wow, that’s quite the fluffy tummy! I like you tagged list!

  24. Zoey, I love your floofy tummy.

    Mom Paula – it makes me miss my Sweet Praline tonight!

  25. You have a cute belly !

    Jas & Gi

  26. Having you go last was well worth it Zoey! What a lovely tummy!

  27. What a cute tummy, so demure. Great list all of you!

  28. We find those things important,and very nice. Pretty floof today too Zoey.

  29. We love the floofy tum and the things that make you happy. We’d like to join in but it will be later in the week (probably Friday) ‘cos we’re doing “Window Views” tomorrow.

  30. Zoey, you look so cute!

    Thanks for sharing the things that make you happy.

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