Feb 062019

Cat laying in front of fireplace

Hi guys. I’m loving the fireplace in our new house. Because the one in our old house sat up higher, I could never lay in front of it like I can with this one. The mom put my hammick right up close. Thanks, mom! Lemme tell ya…I am toasty warm! This is how I survived the polar vortex we had last week…and how I’m handling the ice storm we’re having today.

Ah yes…I’m loving our new house. How ’bout you all come on over and join me?

  47 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. That looks like a lovely cosy spot to nap, Wally.

  2. I will totally BE there Wally!

  3. Oh Wally, that sure looks like the very best spot right in front of the fireplace. Glad you are enjoying your new house. We would love to join you but we guarantee you don’t want all of us there. But thanks for asking. Have a great nap.

  4. Wally, you know that you don’t have to ask me twice to visit your new pad!

  5. Oh Wally, that looks totally purrfect pal and I’m so glad to hear you are enjoying your new house!

  6. Wally, that fireplace sure looks warm! I think you have the best spot in the whole house. Glad you guys are adjusting to the new place!

  7. Wally, you moved into your new house just in time to take advantage of that totally awesome fireplace! Wish I could pack up my ham-mick and teleport over to join you.


  8. I miss my fireplace. our noo houze haz ni fireplace

  9. That looks like a great spot to keep warm.

  10. We can see that Wally! Score big for the new haus!

  11. Looks so warm and cosy!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  12. what a beautiful fireplace! It’s pawfect!

  13. Your mom is a peach for doing that for you. It’s good to have wonderful waitstaff isn’t it.

    Have a purrfect day staying warm in your new home. My best to your peeps. ♥

  14. Wally, you have it made!

  15. Oh, that looks so toasty!

  16. that looks lovely. mom says if she ever gets enough money to move she would like to have a gas fireplace

  17. Looks like the purrfect place to sleep on a cold Winter night! It would be nice to have a big sleepover at your new home!

  18. Wow you got the prime spot right in front of the fireplace! You look so happy and warm, Wally! Your new home is beautiful and glad you are loving it 🙂

  19. Looks so nice and warm wish I could sit in front of the fire with you.x

  20. On my way, Wally, I like to be toasted too 😀 Warm Pawkisses for a wonderful day 🙂 <3

  21. Looks like you’re enjoying the new digs Wally!

  22. dood….yur firez place iz soooper grate…..can ya cook fish or pizza piez ina skilletz in ther? we wood bee happee ta come over… but we iz scared ta drivez on ice….can we stop bye may bee on fryday ??!! 🙂 ♥♥

  23. Love it! Looks so nice and warm.

  24. Wally your toesies must be very toasty
    Hugs Cecilia

  25. Looks like you have bagged the best spot in the house, Wally.

  26. Wally, you are so very lucky. We wish we had a fireplace. That photo of you is just too great. Hope you are now toasty warm and enjoyed some warmer weather now. Thanks for the share. Have a great day.

  27. Meow meow meow iss there room fore mee wally?? Icey storm iss happenin here too!!
    You look so cozy inn yore hammock!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

  28. It’s C23 here right now and we are melting in the shade. You need to come for a visit guys!

  29. We’re sorry it’s been a relative eternity since we last visited, Wally. Shame on us! We’ll make up for it by joining you for a warm and toasty nap in front of your new fireplace. We’ll be right over.

  30. You got the life, Wally.

  31. It’s so awesome that you have the perfect fireplace in your new house, Wally! It’s definitely needed this winter!

  32. Mudpie is booking a ticket as we speak!

  33. We understand the appreciation of a good fireplace! We are also enduring the polar vortex and are living in front of the fire!

  34. That’s the way Binga and Boodie (and Sparkle) felt about this house when they first moved in! They loved it almost immediately!

  35. Dat looks purrfect!

  36. Looks like there’s plenty of room in front of that fire for both of us to join you, Wally!

  37. I want a fireplace! Yours looks so nice. I may have to come live with you guys and be an island cat!

  38. Your fireplace looks like the purrfect spot for napping during winter ! We would love to visit you ! Purrs

  39. We are bringing marshmallows……and maybe other things we can cook in your fireplace. Mama does fish and meat and you can put an egg in the cinders (no fire or hot coals) and cook it for breakfast.

  40. No better place to be when it is cold and icy. You sure look comfy. Hugs and nose kissses

  41. Wally that is a fabulous spot to hang out and enjoy the new fireplace……right in front where you’re toasty warm and cozy in your hammick. I’m happy you like your new home!!!

    Hugs, Teddy

  42. I’m glad you have a nice, comfortable spot in front of the fireplace, Wally. You look very cozy.

  43. We’ll be right there! Lexy and I will bring our fluffy blankies.

  44. You look like you’ve settled in just in time! We would love a fireplace like that. Ours is up high and it never gets lit because it’s between the kitchen and the living room, and we…um…kinda use it as a pass-through. Our brother Rabbit would get his floofy tail burnt if Mom lit it.

  45. Our fireplace sits low, too, Wally. Nothing like a hammick by the fire, right?

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