Dec 092018

Hey guys. Mr. Sun has been visiting us all weekend. We haven’t seen him much lately…we almost forgot who he was! It’s still cold outside, but all this sun makes it easier to handle. I’m soaking up as much as I can.

Cat stretched out

I had to stretch out a bit so I could keep the sun on me as well as stay next to the hot air blowing thingy. Lemme tell ya…my butt is toasty warm!

I asked the mom to set the iPhone down on the ground so I could take my selfie without having to move much. And of course she accommodated me.

black cat up close

I hope wherever you are…your butt is toasty warm, too.

  41 Responses to “Easy E’s Toasty Warm Selfie Sunday”

  1. Hi Ernie, nice selfie! Yup, my butt sure is HOT! In a very ladylike way as I am sunning myself by the wood burner, MOL
    I hopes you get some more of that sun as it does seem like it’s in short supply pretty much everywhere else these day, MOL
    Toodle pips and lovely selfie purrs

  2. Hi Ernie, that sunshine sure looks good to us. We can’t wait to see the sun again. You all have a really nice day.

  3. Ernie, we love your selfies! Purrs and hugs!

  4. I’m glad you are getting some good heat over there. It’s warm here but it’s also raining.

  5. You’ve got the sun selfie going on wonderfullly Ernie!

  6. It is, Ernie. I’m also against the warm air blowy thing BUT it is snowing to beat the band out there.

  7. You do look TOTALLY COZY Ernie……a toasty warm butt is the BEST isn’t it? We have heat vents on the floor on both ends of the couch so I go behind the couch and lie down and get toasty buns AND toasty head at the same time!

    Hugs, Teddy

  8. **THUD**
    …..sometime later…….
    “LadyMew are you OKay??
    “Ummm mee feelss a bit fainty BellaD…are you all rite??”
    “Mee-yow LadyMew mee fainted! You swooned! What wuud Ernie think ’bout this??”
    “Hehehe I think hee wuud bee furry happy that hee made 2 ladiess swoon little girl!!”

    HI ERNIE! Yore wistfull an handsum selfie iss furabuluss…..Yore Kissmas card iss inn mail goin to mew home!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

  9. Ernie we awoke to 4″ of snow and it kept snowing til about 8:30. Total about 5 1/2″ which is totally off the charts for NC in December
    Hugs Cecilia

  10. Oh, all of me is toasty warm because mama has wrapped me in a duvet and my little squinty eyes are shutting…slowly, slowly. But your sun puddle looks very inviting.

  11. No sun here but we got a fire we like, Looks like your Sunday is well planned!

  12. It’s good to have a warm toasty butt, Ernie. Make sure you keep it that way!

  13. You’ve got it made there, Big E! We’ve been seeing Mr. Sun more lately too, though he seems to be missing again today.

  14. Nice selfie, Ernie! I agree, a toasty butt is VERY important!

  15. Ernie, you are a super wise and resourceful mancat. The sunspot AND the hot air blowy thing? Brilliant!

  16. Ernie, you found a perfect spot. You get a sunpuddle, and your rump stays warm from the heater. I don’t have any sun today, but I do have the heater vents. We are lucky kitties.

  17. Beautiful sunny selfie ! Purrs

  18. That is a beautiful selfie Ernie! I love the sun shining off your beautiful fur.

  19. you are smart Ernie…as you know, it’s sooo cold!

  20. Yes, Ernie, I’m actually sunning my butt right now. It was nice of the mom to accommodate you. No reason to move just to take a selfie! Your face looks so sweet.

  21. Mr Sun visited us too this weekend (after Mr Snow visited us on Friday)
    Love your close up Ernie!
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  22. Ernie, the sunshine has been wonderful; we can almost forgive the really cold temps!

  23. You look so warm and toasty, Ernie. I’m comfy without a hot butt, thank you very much. mol


  24. The sun caught us off-guard this weekend too! It seemed extra bright today because it’s been so long since we saw it! MOL

  25. You are so right…. warm butts are extremely impawtant.

  26. That is a great selfie. XO

  27. You really have to give specific instructions to the human to make sure they get the great selfie!

  28. So agree that the sun has been nice. Even mum was super happy. She sat in the sun too, working on the Christmouse cards.

  29. Ernie, I’ve been sleeping right next to the heater, too. It’s the toastiest place in the house!

  30. stopping bye with a hi de hoe
    copy N paste said letz give it a go
    wanna say HI & leeve a good werd
    de food gurlz werkz a big bass terd
    we hope this findz ewe doin swell
    santaz comin ring de Christmas bell
    sorree we haz ta uze copee N paste
    we gotta sneekz a round with out haste
    happee week if we due knot get bak
    N joy two day N eatz a snak ♥♥☺☺☺

  31. Now that is the purrfect spot to weather these cold winter days, Ernie!

  32. Ernie, it’s always important to keep a toasty bum in the winter. If the bum isn’t toasty then the rest of us gets a chill, isn’t that right? I warm my bum on the chair by the heater or under the blankets on the bed. Good idea to have your mom lower the smartphone to the floor! Snuggles.

  33. you are one handsome dude.

  34. Awww how great you got such glorious sunshine…and your butt got warm and toasty! And I love your stretched legs 🙂

  35. Oh, it sure was wonderful to enjoy sunbeams these past few days, wasn’t it. And the snow has mostly gone leaving it all green again. All we need now is some warmer if, MOL!

    Love your selfie, Ernie!

  36. Looks like you’re definitely enjoying that visit from Mr. Sun! Hope he sticks around.

  37. Mr. Sun is finally toasting our bums today, too, Ernie!

  38. you are very lucky! we have not seen the sun in a very long time!

  39. We’d love to share that sun with you, Ernie. Do you think there’s room?

  40. Come on over. We have epic sun puddles and its C22 already wooHOOOO

  41. We get nice toasty, warm butts by sleeping on the covers over the radiators. We haven’t seen much sun lately. Great selfie, Ernie. Thanks for hopping over to see us. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

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