May 182009


Look, Wally!  The nice people at Addiction Pet Foods sent us some of their stinky goodness and crunchies to try…


What’s it say there, Wally??

Says it’s venison.  Hey!  I think that’s vishus deer!!  We get to eat vishus deer!!  It also sez it’s grain-free and has fruit and vegetables in it.  I don’t know, Ernie, sounds like health food…

Oh Wally, dontcha know??  Mom already feeds us grain-free foods ‘cuz of my allergies.  She’s gonna love feeding us this!

Well then, Ernie…let’s eat!!!


These vishus deer crunchies are great!!!


We had three different kinds of stinky goodness…Brushtail & Vegetables, King Salmon & Potatoes and Unagi & Seaweed which is my personal favorite!  Mom was a little creeped out about feeding us the Unagi when she read that it’s eel!  But it is really good!!!


My favorite is the King Salmon & Potatoes!  Look!!  I’m licking my bowl clean!!!

We loved the Addiction foods (Zoey too)!!!  Mom says the only drawback  is availability…the nearest store that sells Addiction is over a half-hour drive away.  Of course, we can order it on line.  Hey, Ernie, let’s go pester mom until she orders us some!!

Yeah, Wally…I want some more Unagi!!!

(Island Cats’ mom here…thanks so much to Isabel and the Addiction Pet Food people for allowing Wally, Ernie and Zoey to try their food.  It was a big hit!)


  34 Responses to “ManCats – We’re Addicted!”

  1. Wow, how do I get on THAT mailing list?
    Yum, yum, yum!!

  2. Nom nom nom!! Our mom just placed an order for 3 bags of Salmon Bleu! We also love the stinky goodness. This stuff is so yummy!!
    Enjoy your new foods boys!

  3. I love the Addiction Food!! I didn’t get to try the stinky goodness because Jen doesn’t let me eat it…she’s so mean.

  4. You get to eat vishus deer crunchies? We are so jealous!

  5. What exotic kitty goods! I’ll have to see if they sell that brand anywhere near us, but I live in Canada and we don’t have everything you have in the States. Wally and Ernie certainly seem to be lapping it up, stinky or not!

    Also, my Domino is allergic to the corn in most kitty foods, but I haven’t been able to find any kibbles without it. She will only eat the dry food cuz she got used it to before I gotcha’d her and she doesn’t care for wet foods. Do you know any kibbles without corn or grains? Even the prescription food from the vet for digestive problems has corns, and she throws it up!

  6. Wha? You’re getting food mailed to you? How cool is that?

  7. WOWZA! You gotz a box full’a goodiez an’ stinkie goodness. Youz momma sure ♥’s you lotz. Be sure ta tell youz momma dat you need da box later to use fur a fort, too. Dose boxes iz fun☺

  8. Sounds like good grub! Lucky you for getting all those samples to munch on.

  9. We’re dying to try this too after The Creek Cats love it and now you guys! It’s available in Canada but I can’t find any close-by. Hopefully they’ll expand soon!

  10. hummmm delicious and yammy!
    Lucky you!
    Have a nice week
    Purrs and love from Brazil

  11. Every one seems to like it. We have not fond a store that sells it.

  12. That looks so good! All the reviews for this food have been so great that we want to try it now.

    Mom says she really likes seaweed herself (she’s weird!) so she think the unagi flavor sounds like it might be yummy.

  13. The Woman laughed. She tried the unagi for us too (although we bought ours) but we didn’t much like it.

  14. Food always tastes better when it’s free. Who cares what it has in it?!

  15. Free food!??! With vishus deer. And eel. We’re in shock and awe. You’re a very lucky bunch.

  16. Wow, the gang is/are all jealous over here and want some free vishus deer too!

  17. Wow that looks so good, you are realy enjoying it. Lick licking goodness..

    Hugs GJ xx

  18. I LOVE Addiction food! I’ll even eat their salmon, and I hate salmon!

  19. Oh man.. so not fair… you guys get so many yummy foods over there and different things to try.. we has like about 5 things.. why do peoples not like giving us choices here???
    ps: we loves nori paper hehe

  20. A box that is full of food. It doesn’t get much better than that!

  21. Wow, we are going to try that – we get grain free crunchies because of Floyd being sick. We are always looking for stuff for them to try (they are very picky eaters). I don’t remember seeing this one at the store but they have a lot of types so I will have to look. You guys are giving a great endorsement of it!

  22. We’ll have to look for that … Unagi, Salmon, Venison … yum!

  23. I think that stuff is real healthy! We would try it, too, except we are eating raw now.

  24. Hmm, wonder if Zippy would eat dat stuff? If she did den mom wouldn’t hafta worry about Speedy getting into her food and making himself sick.

  25. Nommy! You look like you are really enjoying dat!

  26. That looks so yummy! We’ll have to tell our mom to get some for us!

    Angel & Isabella

  27. Hmmm, looks delicious!

    Jas & Gi

  28. Looks yummy! I only ever have boring food….

  29. Free sample? How lucky are you! It looks very tasty!

  30. we want to try some too. We hear it is made in New Zealand, but we can only find their canned food online. I think we need to start a petition to get us kiwi cats trying it.


  31. Unagi! Hey, that’s a really fun word. Unagi! Unagi! Unagi! Unagi!

    We want some Unagi!

  32. That all sounds very yummy 🙂 Except the eel :-p I read LC, Ayla and Izza’s review of this food also and checked for availability in my area. Two stores in my area, closest one 30 minutes away.

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