Nov 252018

Hey guys. Since our scratcher got tossed, I’ve been spending more time in my Chewy box. Y’know…with the way things are getting packed up or thrown out around here, I’m amazed my box is still here. You never know what might be next. Well, it better not be me…or my box.

Cat in box

For those of you wondering how the BIG move is going…we haven’t moved yet. The peeps are still getting the new house ready…with cleaning and painting and stuff like that. The mom says it was already in pretty good shape, but it’s a lot easier to do this work while the house is empty…’specially when there’re no cats around. Hey…waydaminit! We need to snoopervise!

It’s getting pretty busy around here so our blogging might be a little sparse over the next few weeks.

Black cat

Oh yeah…before I forget…here’s my selfie for today. I know you all were waiting for it…right?

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  39 Responses to “Easy E’s Selfie in the Box Sunday”

  1. Good luck on the move, we think you and your box are plenty safe. That’s a terrific selfie Ernie!

  2. Great selfie Ernie, it does look like someone may have thought about touching your box and you gave them the supervisory feline stare that means ‘NO’.
    Hope things go as planned, I am sure the staff will let your royal personage into the new place to supervise as soon as they can, and after the paint is dry enough so you don’t get stuck to it! MOL
    Toodle pips

  3. Nice box and great selfie!! How did we miss that you were moving? We hope you will still be Island Cats!!

    The Florida Furkids

    • Yes, we’ll still be Island Cats. We’re staying on the island but moving to a new house about 5 minutes away. It has a water view!

  4. Well, that box seems like a pretty good spot for now, Ernie. Are you moving far? Will you still be Island Cats???

  5. Fabulous “surprised look” selfie, Ernie. We can only imagine the confusion around your house as you get ready for this massive change. We think we’d rather be at home than snoopervising. Good luck! XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

  6. Oh, a new house! Spray all the corners with Feliway maybe…..makes you feel right at home.

  7. We went through the same thing a couple of months ago. I hope your move goes well.

  8. Nice sunny selfie Ernie!

  9. I’m glad you still have your box. That’s a good thing and I think your peeps know you need this box. I’m guessing it will go to the new house because it’s yours and you feel safe in this box. I’m sure of it.

    Have a purrfect day. My best to your busy peeps. ♥

  10. Your box definitely has to make the move to your new house. And I agree, it’s easier to get all that work done before you move in. You wouldn’t want to get paint on your beautiful furs.

  11. Ernie I bet you all will get all new stuff when you are in your new home.
    Hugs Cecilia

  12. Woo hoo, the moving day is coming soon….I can feel it. Don’t worry bout the stuffs getting thrown out, it just means new stuff will take its place.


  13. Mew meow Ernie yore selfie iss dee-vine!! Yore so handsum! (Wait did mee mee-yow THAT out loud?)
    Yore box lookss so cozy an do not wurry. Miss Sue will not pack you upss!
    Wee are hopin THE move goess well.
    **paw patsss** BellaDharma

  14. Gotta be pretty exciting looking forward to a new house to explore. I’m sure that box of yours will be going – you might put little tags on all YOUR stuff so your Mom doesn’t get mixed up and throw away something impawtant! You know – a post-it note with a BIG “E” on it!

    Hugs, Teddy

  15. Oh Ernie, that is such a great selfie. So glad you have a nice box now. You all have a fantastic day.

  16. Ernie you are like the most handsomest black kitty ever in dat selfie! We sure hope your box gets packed and you too – geez no snoopervising at the new house yet? what were your humans thinking?

    Well when they are done, you can do a complete inspection – including the white glove… ahem black paw check.

    Purrz from Angel, cabinet inspector.

  17. Great selfie, Ernie ! We’re glad you found that nice box. Purrs

  18. Yes, Ernie, I imagine it’s a very busy time for your peeps. We here definitely know how moving goes. They’re very wise to get things ready before moving stuff in. That’s ideal. I’m very impressed you can fit in that box. I know how small those ones are. You did a great job with your selfie, the most important part!

  19. Sounds like you’d better protect that box…and yourself, Ernie!

  20. Better rest up, Ernie, because once you move to the new house, it will take you days to sniff out every single inch to make sure it’s up to your standards.

  21. That’s a nice box you got there, Ernie! I hope the new home will be in good shape even without your snoopervising!

  22. Great selfie. I hope Santa gets you a new scratcher.

  23. I’m glad you managed to get your selfie done in the midst of all this moving insanity, Ernie!

  24. Wow, how can they not allow you kittehs to do your Bast given right to soopervise??? That is just wrong.

  25. Pawsome selfie! And hopefully they won’t mess it up too bad even though you’re not there to snoopervise.

  26. We hope your packing and stuff goes OK. Hang in there, people will not take offence if your comments go quiet. We all know these are busy times.

    Good luck.

  27. Your Mom is so right, Mommy says she wishes they could remodel our house while they lived somewhere else., living in a construction zone makes her crabby.

    Hang in there and good luck with the move.

  28. Hi Ernie…of course I was waiting for your selfie. Any time I can see you is a good time.

  29. theo is jealous of your box.

  30. Chewy boxes are the best! We hope you guys have a smooth move.

  31. Ernie, you may have to sneak and hide into a box that’s going to the new house! How dare they keep you from snoopervising everything?!?

  32. Moving is always exciting! I am sure you will love your new place–just don’t forget to bring your box along!

  33. Yeah, who’s snoopervising over there if you’re not moved in yet? I hope it’s up to your standards when you do move in.

  34. Ernie, you look so handsome in your box! We’re surprised Wally hasn’t tried to share!

  35. I know moving is so much work! Hope it all goes well and is over before you know it.

  36. I can’t believe she won’t let you supervise–what is she thinking!?

  37. You better watch out you don’t just get scooped up like all the other boxes, Ernie! 🙂

  38. Oh Ernie, you have nuffin’ t worry ’bout. Your mommy would never get rid of you. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

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