Nov 072018

Hey, mom. What’re all those boxes you’ve been bringing into the house for?

Well, Wally…I have a big surprise for you. We’re moving!

Orange cat

Oh! My! Cod! Moving?!? Why? Where? How? Am I still gonna be an Island Cat?

Yes, Wally…we’re staying on the island…just moving to a different house.

I’ve never moved before. I don’t think I like this very much.

You’re going to love it, Wally. Check out our new backyard.

Detroit River

Wow! That’s gonna be our backyard? Look at the water! Are there fish in there? Can I go fishing?

Well, I don’t know about that. But there is a room that we can use as a catio.

Really? That sounds like fun!

It will be.

Will all my nip toys and stuff come with me?

Of course, Wally. And I bet you’ll even get some new toys and stuff.

Hey, I’m starting to like this idea of moving. When do we move?

Not for a few weeks…we have to get the new house ready first.

Oh…well, if you need help with those boxes…you can count on me!

That’s what I’m afraid of, Wally….

  42 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. Oh my goodness, Boys! You really need to help! I know you’ll pitch right in. And just think! A Catio!!! Zoey will help you know what to do first (and second and third and…..)

  2. Congratulations, how exciting! Your new views are fabulous, and we bet your catio will be too! Best of luck with all the preparation of packing and the actual move…then all the unpacking!

  3. Oh WOW! I don’t think I’d like moving either but that backyard sure would make it special. Have fun with the boxes!

  4. Oooh how exciting! A new house to find all the new nooks and crannies and places to hide!

  5. Wow, that is really exciting to move. Lots of new things to investigate. And that back yard is just the best. Not to worry Wally, I bet you will like it a lot. Have a wonderful day.

  6. Your back yard looks lovely. Just think of all the great views you will have from there, Wally.

  7. congrats! Sounds very exciting and I LOVE your backyard!!!

  8. OHBOYOHBOYOHBOY! That’s exciting. New house to explore – new yard full of different kinds of critters to watch……….water RIGHT THERE……wow. Well, needless to say we think it looks wonderful on the outside and we’re sure the house is wonderful too. Wally – I think this is a GOOD thing. Now start packing!

    Hugs, Teddy

  9. Oh boy, an adventure for you Wally. It will be good when you get used to the new place. You will too.

    Have a purrfect day, Wally. My best to your peeps. ♥

  10. How exciting ! A catio ! The yard is so pretty, and the view is beautiful ! Can’t wait to see your new house ! Purrs

  11. Wow, isn’t that exciting!! And doesn’t your new yard look wonderful! We bet you might see some really cool birds out on that water, Wally. Congratulations and good luck with the move!

  12. Holy cow–you’re going to be busy! Getting a catio will totally be worth it though.

  13. Wally, you are going to be beside yourself with excitement! Maybe Ernie and Zoey will discover the new house territory will allow more room to prowl! And Congratulations to your mom and dad. I’ll come over and help wrap up all your cat geegaws…

  14. Wow, that’s a big news! I love the view of the backyard. Looks fantastic! I hope the moving will go smoothly!

  15. As we recently moved house we can say that it can be both exciting and scary.

    Your new yard looks fantastic!

    Good luck with the move 🙂

  16. Congratulations! That is a nice view. And how cool you will have a catio 🙂

  17. That is so exciting, Wally! I’ve never moved, except when I moved from my breeder’s to the home I’m living in now. I love being in hotel rooms, but I don’t think actually moving is the same thing.

  18. Yup, this is what we were afraid of. But that view is really nice and we just know how helpful you will be with the packing!.

  19. Ohhhhhhhhhhh how exciting…will you take your window seat with you? If not, will you sale it on Ebay? LOL
    Hugs Cecilia

  20. Sounds wonderful–maybe we can visit!

  21. guyz…how….kewl…..iz….thiz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hay, we will help ewe moove if it meenz gettin ther
    soooper quik…yur new place iz AWESUM……total lee awesum….
    yur bak yard N de water iz like a dreem come troo ……

    all de best in de moove; will ewe bee closer now ta chip N slim !!?? ☺☺♥♥

  22. Exciting and exhausting time, but mostly exciting, right?

  23. WOWZA WHAT A VIEW!!!! Absolutely GORGEOUS!! OMC you are going to love that and the kitties too!!!!! Imagine the sunsets you will see!!!! Just beautiful!! It looks super relaxing, definitely worth the work of moving, that’s for sure!!

  24. Wally, we think the outdoor adventurer in you is going to love that back yard! (And we hope there are lots of fish in that water!)

  25. Wow, an new house with a catio for you? Cool. Can’t wait to see more pics. Glad you will still be island cats.

  26. How exciting!!! You kitties sure are in for an adventure!

  27. Moving?!? How exciting! And you’ll get a catio as well. Can’t beat that!

  28. You’re getting a new house and yard, Wally?! Think of all the fishes you’re humans will bring home for your dinner and all the new smells and hidey holes you’ll get to discover! I can’t wait to hear all about your experience. I’ve moved a lot over the years, in and out of shelters and homes that didn’t want me. I’d be up to moving myself but only if my humans went with me. Your humans will be right along with you when you move, don’t you worry. Hugs.

  29. How exciting. And what a wonderful backyard!

  30. Whoa! Autumn and Nicky told me moving was no fun although Autumn loved this place much better than the last. Now I wanna move too.

  31. Wow! Your new backyard is beautiful. We hope it goes super well for you all. How nice to have a catio!

  32. Wow… congrats. That looks awesome. Wally change is hard, but you’re gonna love it over time…

  33. Wow can we all come and play in your backyard? What a beautiful place to move to. Lucky you Wally!

  34. Moving can be scary, but to have a catio and that view at the end – Pawsome!

  35. Look at that backyard!! I like it, Wally. There are trees there too. Think of the bird TV. Go for it Wally, Ernie and Zoey.


  36. I hate moving, but that looks like a pawsome location! Is that room an enclosed porch by any chance?

  37. That’s exciting Wally! It is a lot of work to move, but just think of all the fun you’ll have exploring the new place!

  38. Wow! A house on the water! You guys are so lucky! We’re so excited to hear about everything you’re going to see in your catio!

  39. Wally, a catio! Think of it. They are amazing, except maybe when it is snowing. That backyard looks fabulous. Bet you’ll get all kinds of fun critters to watch. Just be careful not to get shut in any of those boxes. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

  40. WOW! Wally, that looks like heaven.What a beautiful view/garden/fishies <3 I'm so excited…for you 😀 Extra triple Pawkisses to all of you 🙂 <3

  41. Wally Wally Wally!!! You ARE movin…sorry wee not bin here much. LadyMew not bin well. Butt wee here today…yore new backyard lookss furabuluss!!!
    An a new Catio soundss lovelee. Hope you not move inn a snow storm MOL!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

  42. What fun Wally. Wish we could move with ya’. That looks and sounds like it’s gonna be pawsum. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

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