Sep 302018

Black cat

Hey guys. I was laying here…getting my easy on…and decided it would be a good time to take my selfie. As you can see, I barely raised my head to do it. No need to ruin a good easy once you got it going.

We’re sorry about not visiting much in the past few days. Our typist…the mom…pulled a muscle or something in her back and she’s having a hard time sitting at the computer for very long. I’m lucky that I got her to do this post for me. She says stuff like this happens when you get old…and cod knows she’s older than dirt.  We need to trade her in on a newer model.

I’m pawticipating in The Cat on My Head Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. To join the hop or to see other fun selfies, click HERE.

  41 Responses to “Easy E’s Selfie Sunday”

  1. Sorry about Mom’s back. Hope it feels better soon. Love your selfie Ernie.

  2. We understand purrfectly our older than dinosaurs Mom, says sometimes her wrist hurt to bad to type.

  3. That’s a terrific selfie Ernie! I hope your Mom’s back gets all better soon.

  4. Hey Ernie, have you thought that perhaps your mom ‘kneaded’ your massage?! Purrs and hugs!

  5. You are SOOOOOO BAAAAAD, saying things like that about your mama who, if she went on strike, would cause a few hunger pains in YOUR tummy!!! Snuggle up against her back and HEAL IT.

  6. Great selfie Ernie. Hope your mom improves soon.

  7. Our mom is laughing hysterically at your mom being “older than dirt.” That’s what we always say about our mom, and she makes your mom look like a school girl. Anyhoo, we sure hope she gets better really, really fast. You took a fabulous selfie. Thanks for hopping over to see us.XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

  8. Our healing purrs to your mom. Our lady human here is complaining of the same thing. These humans they grow old so quickly eh?

    BTW, that’s a wonderful easy selfie.

  9. Ernie you make taking selfies look EASSSSY!

  10. Nice selfie Ernie. I hope your mom feels better soon. XO

  11. Oh, Ernie, you selfie is what I feel like too…getting disturbed – Sheesh! But its a great selfie:)

    Purrs and healing energies going out to your Mom. Ouchies in the back are not any age. Maybe you can be like a warm hot water-bottle to keep her comfy, Ernie…lie u against her and purr hard, purrs always help.

  12. Ernie! You look great!
    Sorry about your typist. My “older than dirt” Mom, also gets sore, I sympathize with you on the lack of “HELP”.
    Sending your Mom healing purrs.

  13. Looking good. Remember your mom loves you with all her heart and we know you love your mom and would never swap her. Happy relaxing Sunday.xx

  14. That is an easy selfie to look at you cool cat!

    Hope your mom’s back gets better soon, nothing worse than back pain.

  15. Yikes Ernie…I send sympathies to your typist. I had to resort to standing last fall when my sciatica was screaming at me….cause sitting on the tush was no fun. I wish I had a solution for your typist
    Hugs Cecilia

  16. Don’t ruin your easy Ernie! It is that kind of Sunday to just take it easy, cool, cloudy and rainy. here.

  17. We wish your staff a prompt and happy recovery, and just in time for your breakfast too! MOL
    Toodle pips to you, Ernie, and a very nice easy selfie too!

  18. Hiya Ernie, that’s an epically easy selfie dude! And we’re sending oodles of healing purrs fur your mom, tell her to get well soon…

    Soft purrs

    The B Team xx

  19. Meow meow Ernie yore tow-tallee handsum!! Yore *easy on* iss great an yore selfie iss pawtastick!
    An mee thinkss mee Lady Mummy iss older than ‘old dirt’….that iss what shee told mee.
    Mee thinkss shee iss lovelee even if shee iss a bit ‘slo’….
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

  20. Great selfie, Ernie ! We hope your mom feels better soon. Purrs

  21. Ernie, a 2-n-1 easy selfie is the best idea. The lady does things like this to her back too. We sure hope your mom’s back mends soon! Just remember, newer isn’t always better (although the lady wouldn’t mind scraping off a few decades).

  22. I have hut my back before and I know how bad that can be. I hope mom feels better soon.

  23. We hope your Mom feels better soon. You might want to rethink trading her in though. Once you have your human properly broken in, it is better to keep them.

  24. Poor Mom! She should lie face-down on the floor and let the three of you give her a back treatment (NO claws, now!)

  25. Adorable selfie, Ernie! Hope the mom feels better soon. Be nice to her…she wouldn’t trade you in for a newer model!

  26. That is a lovely relaxed selfie, Ernie. I hope your mum’s back is soon better.

  27. Ernie, MY mom is older than dirt too. What’s up with these moms???

  28. Oh no, poor Mom! We hope she feels better soon. It’s a good thing you went easy on taking your selfie, Ernie, to be sure you didn’t pull anything! 🙂

  29. I hope your human feels better soon, Ernie – tell her I’m sending her some healing purrs!

  30. That’s a real nice selfie, Ernie. So handsome!

    We’re sorry to hear about Mom’s back. We hope she feels better soon!

  31. Massage her back, Ernie. Let her know that acupuncture is still a great therapy for sore backs.


  32. Oh no, I hope your mom feels better soon! Don’t go trading her in yet!

  33. Oh my gosh, I’m sorry to hear about your mom and her back! I hope she gets better soon!
    Your selfie is so handsome, Ernie 🙂

  34. Hey dude! Less of the older than dirt schtuff. You ever had a bad back?

    I wouldn’t wish it on a dog. OK maybe one or two I know…..

  35. We like your selfie!

    Sorry to hear about your mom. Please tell her to take it easy and get better. <3

  36. Nice that you were able to look somewhat alert for your selfie Ernie…’s not easy to pose for a selfie when a nice EASY NAP is in progress! We hope your Mom’s back gets better – my Mom is falling apart too and I’m thinking it’s time to order a new one (Mom that is) from AMAZON (or is that MOMAZON???).

    Hugs, Teddy

  37. Ernie, there is NO WAY that you are trading in your mom!
    The woman with the yellow hair loves you three to distraction…look, she even clenched her teeth in pain to post for you!
    (Hope you are feeling better, Sue!)

  38. Ernie that is a pawesome selfie! We sure hope your mom is feeling better soon!

  39. Hope your mom feels better soon 🙂

  40. Well done on your Selfie, ErnieHealing Pawkisses for your mom to feel better soon❤❤❤

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