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Sep 212018

Cat with turbo tracker

The lady with the yellow hair wanted me to play with my turbo tracker so she could take some pictures and maybe even take a video.

Sheesh…you’d think she’d learned by now that us cats don’t play on demand. We don’t do ANYTHING on demand.

Cat with turbo tracker

Well, ‘cept maybe snoozing. We can do that anytime…and we don’t even have to be asked. And I think that’s what I’ll do now. Forget playing. Zzzzzz….

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  1. Wow that toy looks amazing. Mummy says it reminds her of scalextric but we don’t know what that is. She likes the little bridge and the colour. We think it would match our kitchen really well!

    Have a lovely weekend.
    Love McLaren and Laser

  2. she should have gave you the box.

  3. We like the way you think.

  4. You sure told her pretty Zoey. Demand? It’s okay to demand treats I think!

  5. Oh, I’m with you, darlin’….I don’t play with ANYTHING THEY ask me to play with. Nothing works, haha.

  6. Thanks for the share. You have plenty of time to show us how you love to play with your turbo tracker. Looks like a very fun game to play. Maybe next time we can see you in action but after your cat nap. Have a wonderful first weekend of fall.

  7. You tell ’em!

  8. Cat’s are independent thinkers. I try to keep a camera handy so I can take pictures on their schedule.

  9. I love mine too and mom actually got a couple of videos for Instagram, believe it or not.

  10. Humans are slow learners sometimes. Our mommy stops our play lots of time by just turning on the camera. She’s the slowest learner of all! Hope you have a great weekend, Zoey!

  11. Zoey I think your photo shoot turned out just fine with you STARING at the turbo-track. You’re just as cute lying there as you would be poking that track!

    Hugs, Teddy

  12. Good job Zoey, at least you are looking at it. The same thing goes on at our house. You will play with it whenever the mood strikes you. Have a great day.

  13. Zoey we mom’s need repeated refresher courses
    Hugs cecilia

  14. So this iss what thee funny thing with balls rollin about is Zoey! Mee has a circull one here butt did not know what it iss.
    An wee cats have our own timetabill rite?
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

  15. You look pretty always Miss Zoey.

  16. Maybe your Mom needs one of those remote cameras to spy on you and catch you playing with that, Zoey! 🙂

  17. MOL! Even I won’t play with a turbo track on demand!

  18. Yo! My domesticated feral furrend! I don’t play with those track things on demand or not. I like balls I can chase and they go some place.

  19. Oh Zoey! You are our little Spitfire! Do want to know something? Malou and Wilhelmina also won’t perform on demand ;p

    We hope you are all well and your Mama too. Sending our love to you.

    the critters in the cottage xo

  20. You have to do what you want. Three cheers for Zoey. x

  21. What was she thinking, expecting you to play just because she wanted photos!

  22. Sometimes us cat moms are so silly!

  23. Silly lady with the yellow hair!

  24. Cats have their own ideas. I thought Bear would LOVE one of these – but nope. He whacked it a few times when I wasn’t watching (I could hear the ball) – but it became part of the decor. Until we got Ellie … she’ll play the thing to death. At least some kitty appreciates my attempts to make life more interesting!

  25. Heehee, Zoey. You’re a girl after my own heart. You know what else we on demand, at least I do? Eat treats!

  26. I have been trying to get a video of Trouble chasing her tail and the minute I turn the camera on she stops.

  27. Mom says Nellie used to have a turbo track that she lived and that she played with loads. I, Marvelous do not have one…HOWEVER, I DO have a rolly ball and she did manage to get a video – but she put it up on Facebook. BTW I am glad that you managed to NOT get a picture taken!

  28. We all know cats never do anything on demand. It’s the cats way or no way. As it should me.

    Have a purrfect weekend. My best to your peeps. ♥

  29. I go in streaks playing with some of my toys. My turbo track is one I am ignoring right now.

  30. Hahaha of course kitties don’t do things on demand! And especially when humans are holding camera 🙂

  31. Maybe next time! Naps always come first! – Tom x

  32. Nope, nuttin’ on demand round here.

    I keep wanting the Human to buy me one of those things but so far she hasn’t done it. Maybe I should try that “demand” thing?

  33. That Turbo Tracker sure looks like fun, Zoey. But yeah, you’ll get to it when you’re good an ready. Right?

  34. True! We, cats, have our own minds! Purrs!

  35. What a hammick, Ernie. We are scared of things that move when we stand on them so hammicks are all yours.


  36. Don’t I know that all too well! Cats do what they want on their own time.

  37. Zoey, a kitty has to keep it real!

  38. gracious zoey if you dont look FABulous and I totally agree and the only thing that should be on demand is cold hard cash at the teller station at the bank….indeed….hugs from dai$y =^..*= ♥♥

  39. MOL…I think you need that nap before you can play a game like that, Zoey.. 😀 Pawkisses for a wonderful week ahead

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