May 152009

Today is National Straw Hat Day…
the unofficial start of summer!!


So how do you like my straw hat??  Normally, I don’t like stuff touching my head but I’ll make an exception this time…mainly ‘cuz it’s sorta pretend!  And this hat IS purrty flashy, dontcha think??  If you look real close, you can see it even gots a birdie on it!  Personally, I’d rather be eating that birdie than wearing it!!  Hey, is there a National Bird Eating Day???


  38 Responses to “Formerly Feral – Straw Hat Day!”

  1. Zoey, you is soooooooo PURRty in ur straw hat! It’s a good fing you made an ecksepshun dis time. Specially since it’s a gnashunall occashun.

  2. Yes, Zoey! There is a National Bird Eating Day… it’s called Thanksgiving! And I can not wait to have an Inside Thanksgiving this year!

  3. Zoey, you look sweet. Enjoy your spring weekend, and we hope you gets lots of snooze time in your hammick.

  4. There should be a worldwide bird eating day! Zoey, you “wear” your straw hat very well! Happy inofficial beginning of Summer!

  5. We like your hat. We like your hats flowers. We like your hats sparkle and bling.
    However: we would have some major concerns about that birdie up there dropping some unwanted sparkle and bling on your sweet little nose!

  6. Zoey, you have the best hat we’ve seen yet!!

  7. That hat looks great on you Zoey! I’d probably eat the birdie…AND the straw so I’m not allowed to have a straw hat.

  8. Rusty is your cousin!!? See how much we learn by visiting Milo and Alfie?? Cool.

  9. That is some straw hat you have there. You’re a much better feline than me because I assure you, that hat would have been destroyed in 0.03 seconds.

  10. We like to eat straw hats (not to mention baskets). Yours looks especially delicious, Zoey!

  11. Oh, Zoey, you look so beautiful in your straw hat. What a beautiful Island Girl you are! We’re all for National Bird Eating Day!

    Have a great weekend!

  12. Dear Zoey!You are sooo beautiful in this shot!
    Perfect time to wear a fabulous hat like this one!
    Purrs and love from Brazil

  13. Zoey, as hats go that’s pretty special!

    Thanks for telling us that Rusty is your relative – we didn’t know. We love our friend Rusty and visit his bloggie as often as Mom has time!

  14. The hat suits you very well. Very cool to have a bird on it too… do you think anyone would notice if it went “missing”?

    P.s. We didn’t know there was such a thing as a National Straw Hat Day

  15. You look quite fine in that straw hat. I like the sparkles.

  16. If there was a National Bird Eating Day, we would happily support it!

  17. Zoey, you look lovely in your birdie hat! We totally understand that you don’t like things on your head – our kitty Floyd isn’t a fan either – he has only put up with it one time, and that was after a lot of protest!

    Happy Straw Hat Day – have a great weekend!

  18. WE like that pretend straw hat and the birdie.

  19. Zoey, you look so furrry pretty in your hat.I would celebrate birdie eatign day with you. (blushing through my fur).


  20. Very purrty and flowery. It sets off your natural beauty very well!

  21. You look lovely in your hat, Zoey. Maybe we should proclaim a new bird eating holiday!

  22. That hat is oh so cute.. Love all the sparkle..

    HUgs GJ xx

  23. Great hat! I’m with you, nothing real on my head. You look very pretty in that sparkly flower hat.

    National Bird Eating Day? If it doesn’t exist, we should start a petition…

  24. Every day is bird eating day isn’t it? Love the hat…makes me feel all summery !

  25. Happy Straw Hat day! You look real pretty!

  26. That is a fine straw hat you have. We like the little birdie on it.

  27. We have tagged all of you. Info is on today’s post (Saturday)

  28. That hat is purrfect on you!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  29. Sure you are very beautiful ^^

    Jas & Gi

  30. Oh Zoey you’re a star!!

  31. Zoey you look so pretty in your straw hat!!!

  32. Happy Straw Hat Day, Zoey! I love your straw hat with it’s flash and sparkle and birdie, too.

  33. I agree with you Zoey…those birds are best for chasing & eating! Hope you don’t mind, but I used this cute picture of you on my blog today about my friends. Come over & see!

  34. Oh mai! dat iz cool hat!

  35. That is the only way that I would wear a hat!

  36. hehe, you look superduper in yur straw hat!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  37. That is such a cute photo! And your hat is flashy cute!

  38. THAT is a lovely straw hat. The Big Thing kept tryin ta put a real one on us, but we wouldnt sit still long enough fer a picture… Heh, heh!

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