Aug 012018

Cat laying in grass

Hey guys. You know I love being outside. I don’t go out often, but when I do…one of my favorite things to do…well, besides eating the catmint plant…is to lay in the luscious green grass. On a hot day, it really feels cool on the ol’ furs. Y’know what I mean?

Cat eating grass

But, of course, I can’t just lay in the grass. I gotta eat it, too. And this grass is looking pretty tasty.

Cat eating grass

It’s almost as good as the catmint. *NOM NOM NOM*

Cat with tongue out

It’s like having my own purrsonal salad bar. Hey…a cat’s gotta have his greens, right?? *SLURP*

  41 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. Oh Wally, sure looks like you are having such a good time. Eating grass is such a fun thing to do. And then toss is all up. Mom wishes you would do the toss up outside. You all have a great day.

  2. Eating grass outside is fun. Throwing it up inside is fun also! Have a great day!

  3. You sure were having some serious fun on your out n’ about Wally!

  4. Awww, and you’re a handsome cat too, Wally.

    Have a purrfect Wordless Wednesday. My best to your peeps. ♥

  5. You sure have some nice thick grass there!

  6. Wally, you sure are a fine figure of a mancat!!!

  7. Wally, when Chuck and Angel went outside, I learned to hold them on the front porch so they could ‘purge’ before going inside! Easier to hose down some concrete, than clean up the throw rugs.

  8. Handsome orange Wally on the green green grass.

  9. That looks divine, Wally! Enjoy that grass (both eating and lounging in it)!

  10. Great photos of you enjoying yourself. Hugs and Purrs.

  11. A salad a day keeps the doctor away. Wait, is that how it goes? Happy snacking, Wally!

  12. Wally I’m a guy who likes a nice grass snack when I’m outside too. We’ve got some especially nice laying down spots right now because there’s a lot of bald spots in our lawn but still some grass around them so I can lie in the dirt like a pig and eat grass like a goat. Pretty swell huh?

    Hugs, Teddy

  13. Makes me think of our Merry. We lost her in 2016. We never let her eat grass outside, because she threw up. In the last month of her life we relented. She was sick, but she still wanted her grass! Beautiful cat, and beautiful lawn. Thank you.

  14. You are so lucky! We wish we could have some nice grass too.

  15. Lookin good Wally!! say how did youss’ keep yur grass so green? An lushuss lookin? Ourss iss still crinkle an brown….. *sighsss*
    ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~

  16. That’s some nice grass, and beautiful green ! We bet it’s tasty ! Ours is yellow, dry and crispy because of the heatwave, and we have to chomp the leaves of the raspberry bush to get our greens *sigh*. Purrs

  17. You look so handsome in your harness.

  18. Glad you are getting some outside time. It looks pretty nice there

  19. dood !!! pleez ta N joyz sum outside time N grazz for uz thanx….!!!! 🙂 ♥♥

  20. Wonderful Wally on a walkabout!!
    Do you have fleas on your Island? OMCs no way would I go lay in our grass for many reasons #1 is I don’t have harness
    Hugs madi your BFFF

  21. Lucy the Cat walks outside on a leash also! Good for you!

  22. Michigan grows the bestest, most softest grass anywhere to be found. My mom told me so. I’ve never been there, but it sounds really nice.

  23. My cats would agree with you! Sadly Zulu using decides to throw the grass up at about 2AM!

  24. Wow, that is some salad bar, Wally. A little olive oil might be nice on that grass…

  25. You’re eating healthy, right?

  26. You look pretty content out there, Wally! Sam’s favorite thing to do when I bring her outside is eat grass too!

  27. That grass does look lush and green and stuff. I’m not allowed outside so I have to try it through you.

  28. We can only live vicariously through you, Wally–we’ve seen grass but never felt it.

  29. Our grass is a bit crunchy these days.

  30. We wish we knew how kitties can eat grass without barfing it up later. Or maybe that’s just our sister Tessa. We’ll never know for certain because grass in our house is OFF LIMITS, according to our Mom.

    P.S. We replied to your comment via email at your gmail account about the Cat in the Box, and we hope you got it because we didn’t get yours (probably our catnospam account which is fake).

  31. I wish our grass was as nice looking as yours… but it rarely is.

  32. We agree 100%! Bentley LOVES laying out in the sun and it is super hot here in Texas! We love to taste the grass too. Enjoy your sunshine!

  33. now run into the house and bommit on the carpets, Wally! or is it just us that would do that after nomming on the grass:D we can just imagine how cool and comfy (and even tasty) your grassy spot is by your pictures, Wally. enjoy!

    pip, minnie, hollie, sharpie, ditto, TL

  34. You have nice, green grass there, Wally. This is another example of how you and Chris are so much alike.

  35. you must be part cow.

  36. Wally, you’re lucky that your human lets you do that. I’ve escaped out of my door a few times to go and eat the grass, but Mom scoops me up and puts me back inside! I would love to feel the grass against my belly. Tummy tickles.

  37. The grass there looks so green, and yummy! Enjoy outdoor time with the salad bar 🙂

  38. What’s your secret for such lush, green grass, Wally? Ours is all brown from a lack of rain.

  39. Looks like a great salad bar!

  40. Mom brings home cat grass so we don’t eat her houseplants. All of loves to munch on the salad. Kozmo and Jo Jo tell us that the laying in the grass and eating it is the best! I see you concur Mr Wally!

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