Jul 182018

Cat with Kitty Kick Stix

I luvs my Kitty Kick Stix.
Not only is it fun to kick…it smells SO good!
*sniff sniff sniff*

Cat with Kitty Kick Stix

That’s some mighty fine smelling nip!

Cat with Kitty Kick Stix

Maybe too good…
I think I’m stoned….

  42 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. Looks like it totally knocked you out, Wally!

  2. I’ll bring mine!

  3. Oh Wally, you do look stoned. That must be some good stuff..Nothing better than a good nip nap. Have a good day.

  4. Wally, life is too short…live it up!

  5. YEOWSA! That’s the biggest Kitty Kick Stix we ever saw! That will keep you busy for awhile, Wally!

  6. Wally, you are such a character and always give us a good chuckle. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

  7. Go Wally go! Have a sniff for me too will ya????

    Hugs, Teddy

  8. Oh Wally that is one fine kitty kick stick…I can almost smell the yummy scent here in NC
    Hugs madi your bfff

  9. It looks like that nip knocked you down, Wally ! Purrs

  10. Mee-you Wally you look so pawsitivelee ZEN!!! Mee must get a Kicky Stick….

    P SH:”Oh LadyMum….LadyMum….can mee has a Kicky Stick like Wally has??? Pleeze????”
    LadyMum: “If I can find one inn thee Pet store you sure can littul man!!”
    P SH: “Fankss LadyMum yur so sweet….”

    LadyMum thinking: “Kids!! They always want what their friends have, hehehehe….”

    ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~

  11. You are a lucky boy. I need to refresh Sammy’s, he lost interest.

  12. LOL Wally, you do look stoned 🙂 That’s one pawsome nip stix!

  13. yep the photo on my blog is with them too and I adore them!

  14. SOME kitty has hidden our Kitty Kick Stix! I haven’t seen it in a while.

  15. MOL! You definitely look like you’re enjoying that Kitty Kick Stix!

  16. Some kitty inhaled too much!!! MOL

  17. WOW! That kitty kick stix sure must pack a punch of nip goodness 😉
    Now we are a boy jealous. We need a nip fix now even without that pawsome stix 😉
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  18. Oh Wally, you are too funny. We don’t hardly ever play with our kickstix. Hmmmm Maybe me oughtta go see ifin me can find it. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  19. Wally, you are such a nut!! It’s great to see you having so much fun! ♥

  20. That is pawsome! I love the fabric and it sure looks like you love the ingredients. MOL!

  21. We hope you don’t need an intervention, Wally!

  22. MOL nothing wrong with that!

    The Florida Furkids

  23. From the pictures, I’m thinking Wally will be needing a 12 step program pretty soon. But he photographs wonderpurrly!

  24. Yup, definitely stoned!

  25. You look just like Frodo whe he gets into the nip!!

  26. Wally, you make being stoned look so good that I want to be stoned too.


  27. That kicker looks like it packs quite the kick, Wally! Bliss on!

  28. Wally, you’re so cute. What a good time you’re having in these pictures. 🙂

  29. Those things are sure fun Wally! I wonder where Brother Simon hauled ours of to this time?

  30. do you have the munchies?

  31. Wally, you’re just too cute!

  32. It smells of nip AND you can kick it? Yes, please!

  33. There is an orange kitty that looks just like you on your Kitty Kick Stix, Wally! And don’t worry, there’s nothin’ wrong about getting a good nip buz going. Enjoy efurry minute of it. I got a black stix with kitties on it. Say, maybe our six are brofurs or cousins?! Tee hee hee. Purr purr purr.

  34. Hey, Wally, what do you think a NIP STICK does????? So are you going to Bogart that stick or pass it around?

  35. That’s quite a long nip stick, Wally! Cool!

  36. Wally is a nip head!

  37. Yup, petcretary says she has seen that happen here too…gotta sleep it off!

  38. We think you are, too, Wally!! That is a cute pic of you most contented there, sir! – Tom x

  39. Wally…are you a space cadet? And is that your laser stick!!!

  40. Ernie! I LOVE your selfie! What a great selfie prop!

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