I Got Fresh Nip!

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Jul 132018

Hi everybuddy. Zoey here. Remember our catnip planter? Let me refresh your memory in case you forgot.

Catnip planter

Well…the other day, the lady with the yellow hair gave me some of that fresh nip. Lucky me!

Cat sniffing catnip

And lemme tell you…it smells divine! *sniff sniff sniff sniff*

Before I get too carried away…I thought I’d shared some fun facts about catnip. Did you know…

  • Catnip is an herb belonging to the mint family.
  • It contains a chemical called nepetalactone, and it’s this chemical that makes cats go wild for it.
  • Not all cats love catnip, which I find hard to believe because I love it! Sensitivity to nepetalatone is inherited and can affect cats in varying degrees.
  • A cat’s reaction to catnip will depend on whether it sniffs it or eats it. Sniffing it usually causes a stimulant effect, while eating it has a sedative effect.
  • Catnip is a natural pest repellent! I wonder if it will keep those boy cats away.
  • Despite its drug-like effect on us cats, catnip is neither additive nor harmful to cats. So I can have as much as I want!

Cat eating fresh catnip

Now you’ll have to excuse me…I’ve got some nomming to do. Does your cat like catnip??

  42 Responses to “I Got Fresh Nip!”

  1. we don’t think that will keep the boys away 🙂 Ivy and Daiquiri love nip – Chanel doesn’t get it

  2. all three boyz are very pro-catnip. i used to grow some but haven’t for the past few years much to their chagrin.

  3. We’ve never had fresh nip. We blame this on an incident long before our time, when an old bro (Eddie) got extremely aggressive after eating it. It’s OK, though–we like the dry stuff. But Caroline wants you to tell her if the fresh stuff does repel boy pests!

  4. I sure do, beautiful girl. But while silvervine is alright, I am not falling down and rolling over it very much.

  5. Zoey, you certainly appear to be enjoying that fresh nip! Manny and CB LURV’d catnip when they first arrived; now they are ‘meh’. Angel is non-commital too, even though she’s enjoyed catnip toys in the past. Maybe I need some fresh to entice them!

  6. Lucky you! That’s a very cute planter, too. Yes, my cats love nip! I sprinkle it in a box and they go round and round and round.

  7. Ooooh fresh catnip! Lucky you, indeed 🙂 I’ve read it repels bugs and that is one of the reasons I grow it. But…I’m not sure if they’ll repel the boy cats lol 🙂

  8. Some of us like it better than others.

  9. Thank you for sharing all your facts about catnip. You are very lucky to have such fresh catnip come right from your catnip planter. We do believe that you are loving every moment right now. Thanks for sharing the photo. Have a great weekend.

  10. I have my doubts that catnip is a pest repellant. It seems to attract Binga.

  11. Looks like you’ve struck gold, Zoey! Paisley & Webster prefer dried nip, but my dad used to have a cat who went crazy for the fresh stuff. 🙂

  12. I’ve never had fresh nip…..sighing. It certainly looks delish
    hugs madi your bfff

  13. Three out of four love it. Ringo seems perplexed by it and keeps trying, but doesn’t understand it. LOL

  14. Some of us like catnip and some could care less. But the ones that like it go nuts. It is good stuff. We love that catnip planter. Have a great day.

  15. Zoey, I didn’t know about the different affects of nip if eaten or only sniffed. How wonderful that you have fresh grown nip!

  16. We love catnip! It drives us bonkers! We didn’t know it was a pest repellent but maybe Mommy should grow some to keep mosquitoes away. It’d benefit her and us!

  17. It’s take it or leave it with Mudpie. Sometimes she goes crazy over a nip toy, other times she ignores it. Enjoy your fresh greens, Zoey!

  18. Love the planter. Enjoy your fresh nip, Zoey.

  19. That looks terrific pretty Zoey, you are a lucky gal!

  20. Enjoy Zoey. I loved the fun facts about nip. Thanks.


  21. You are a lucky kitty.

  22. It’s good that you’re enjoying your nip. I have a nip plant in the backyard, but the neighborhood kitties enjoy it more than I do.

  23. Whoa! I remember one year your human sent me some of that nip. It was a very high quality. You’re so lucky. I like to eat it. TW says fresh nip helps when she gets nausea with migraines. Can you believe she used to share my nip?

  24. We remember how wonderful fresh nip is. Our human used to grow them on pots. Whatever happened to that?

  25. What a cute planter!
    Mummy never gives Us fresh nip, only dried nip. She puts it into an old sock which she ties up into the shape of a mousie.
    But We shall let you into a secret. Up in the Enchanted Forest, where We like to have a Our Midnight Parties, it grows wild (mol),

  26. We grow nip in our garden!

  27. Oh, boy, we have a BED of it and if there is any bed I like to lie upon, it is THAT one. Yes, I am affected by nip, but papa thinks it makes me sluggish….it does wear off pretty quickly, though. I think humans can make tea out of it, no?

  28. Neither Sammy nor Teddy are turned on by catnip! Sammy liked silvervine though. Funny how some cats love it and some are OBLIVIOUS to its’ charms.

    Hugs, Pam

  29. We only had fresh catnip once and it was quite a treat!

  30. Zoey, we love how you think about keeping those “pesty boy cats away” MOL
    Fresh catnip is such a treat! Enjoy!

  31. Hi Zoe,
    My Mom found me a nip plant and I have had some of the fresh leaves. Mom is still not sure how much I like nip. Sometimes I go nuts and other times I just leave it alone. I did not know it had 2 different affects!

  32. *points to screen* “neither addictive nor harmful”
    *points to empty planter* MOMMY, WE HAZ A PROBLEM HERE.


    Zoey, that looks heavenly!!

  33. Fresh catnip ? Lucky you ! Enjoy ! Purrs

  34. Sam has two catnip plants. They look different, so I wonder if there are different types. I never knew about the sniffing vs. eating thing. Sam likes to eat it….guess that explains why she’s such a lazy cat. LOL!

  35. Mee-you Zoey that fresh ‘nip looks grate…mee nevurr had FRESH befur. An mee not like thee dried ‘nip. BUTT mee does like thee croyshayed ‘nip toys LadyMum buyss frum thee Vet’ss. That ‘nip iss grate an mee putss thee bitey-bite on those toyss ALOT!!
    Ok I’ll let you enjoy yur ‘nip inn peece….
    Bye fur now, Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

  36. do you believe my Mom has had catnip seeds FOR OVER A YEAR to plant and she STILL hasn’t done it? I should move……Love, Cody

  37. I sleep under my nip, Zoey every day, so I’m nipped always. Isn’t that COOL…yaman Enjoy the nip! Extra Nipkisses 🙂 <3

  38. zoey….oh…..em……cod !!!!!! we gotta add mit… while we iz buzzed happee ya getted sum fresh leef; we iz a wee bit gel uz two……pleez ta N joy sum fresh leef for uz… N rememburr mackerullz grate for when ya get de muncheez 😉 !! ♥♥☺☺

  39. Oh MeOW Zoey, furesh nip. Enjoy. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  40. I like the nip stuff that comes from the pet store, but when petcretary brings in fresh nip, I ignore it…sheesh, I am an enigma!

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