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You all know how much I love to be brushed, right? I would get brushed all day long if I could. It feels so good. But not only does it feel good, brushing is good for me, too.

Being a long haired cat, I should be brushed daily, if possible. Constantly, if I had my way. Even short haired cats like those 2 boy cats that live with me need brushing…just not as often as a long haired one like me.

5 Reasons Why You Should Brush Your Cat

Here are 5 reasons why you should brush your cat.

  • It reduces shedding. Regular brushing removes excess fur which means there’s less fur to get on furniture or blankets or beds.
  • It prevents mats. Mats can be uncomfortable and even painful for cats. Sometimes the only way to remove mats is to shave them off. Regular brushing helps to prevent mats from forming and getting to the point of requiring shaving.
  • It keeps your cat’s furs and skin clean and healthy. Brushing removes dirt and debris, and helps to distribute the natural oils in your cat’s skin. This keeps your cat’s fur looking shiny. It’s also a good way to check for fleas on your cat.
  • It prevents hairballs. By brushing your cat and removing the excess fur, there’s less fur for your cat to ingest when it grooms itself. Less ingested fur means less hairballs.
  • It helps to create a bond between you and your cat. I know I’m not the easiest cat to get along with, but when the lady with the yellow hair brushes me, I turn into a pile of mush…I love being brushed that much.

Cat with FurminatorNow this is something I found hard to believe…not all kitties like to be brushed. I say they don’t know what they are missing! To get your cat used to brushing, it helps to start when they’re young. If you didn’t start brushing your cat at an early age, you can still get your cat used to it. Let them sniff and check out the brush. Start off slowly. And stop when you think he they’ve had enough.

It’s important to use a good brush, too. There are lots of pet brushes available. We have several that the lady with the yellow hair uses, like the Furminator or the Zoom Groom. Sometimes she uses just a regular human brush on me. I don’t care what she uses, as long as she brushes me. And I think NOW is a good time for it.

Cat being brushed

Do you brush your cat? Does your cat like to be brushed?

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  37 Responses to “5 Reasons Why You Should Brush Your Cat”

  1. All I have to hear is the blankie!!! that mom lays put for me to be brushed on and I come piling into the living room with full steam! The BLANKIE!! I am so attuned to all the sounds of getting ready.

  2. diego-san is like you, he won’t let me go to bed without his nightly brushing. theo hates being held down but recently too has made brushing part of his nightly routine. I use one of those brush gloves and he tolerates that. Thompson hates to be brushed but recently for the first time ever had some mats so i’m trying to get him to accept it…

  3. Three of us vie for first brushing rights, Zoey! Elliott really doesn’t like it but Mom thinks it because he’s so skinny. Since he’s put on a bit of weight, he will tolerate a few strokes with a very soft brush.

  4. the girls around here aren’t so sure. though they are VERY sure they don’t like the furminator

  5. We are so impressed that something turns you to mush ! How cool is that ?

  6. We love to get brushed, too! It feels so good and it makes our fur look silky and shiny.

  7. Da Boyz are fairly ‘meh’ about brushies, Zoey. Angel enjoys it a little, but she gets squirmy, no matter if I’m using a human hair brush, and glove, or even a comb! The PO’M loves the attention, and even Sweetie has stood still long enough for me to get a few strokes down her back.

  8. We love brushing too pretty Zoey, any old time and all the time!

  9. Also because it’s is a VERY sensual moment for kitties. They go into a state of nirvana, not to say, ecstasy! I LOVE BEING BRUSHED.

  10. #6 – It feels good. 🙂

  11. zoey; you know, that’s one thing I truly do not care for; a brushing, or a combing for that matter…sure I can stand a few swipes then I roll over to get a few more……but….that’s really about it; I guess I should pay more attention to my appearance but at 15…well ~~~~~~~~~ hugs from dai$y =^..*= ♥♥

  12. Zoey I loved being brushed too. Sometimes I go stand by the table where the brush is kept and stare at mom. She catches on purrty quickly
    Hugs madi your bfff

  13. It always looks so nice after you brush their hair. And, It feels so good for them. As you could see them enjoying it. I love brushing her hair.

  14. The only one here who doesn’t really like being brushed is Binga – and thankfully, she needs it the least.

  15. I love to be brushed or FURminated. I just posted about it. The peeps were both surprised I liked it so much. Glad you’re a brushaholic too Zoey.

  16. Most of us like being brushed. Great post and lots of good info. You all have a great week end.

  17. Teddy will let me do a few swipes with the brush then it’s a game – grabbing my wrist and biting the brush and rolling around…..he sure doesn’t make it easy but I TRY to brush him often – I know it’s good for his skin!

    Hugs, Pam

  18. None of us like brushing, but our mom does it anyway. The hardest is Lucy, because she turns into liquid when we try and grab her!

  19. Most of us love the FURminator. 🙂

  20. Some of us like it…some of us don’tThank COD Giulietta with her long hair likes it (until she doesn’t). She still gets mats and snarls, though. Mom’s afraid she may be sporting a lion cut by the end of the summer. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

  21. Bear loves slicker brush brushings – but since I got the Furminator a couple years ago after a particularly rough shedding season for him – he doesn’t like it. I use it on him every other day and he still gets big hairballs! I get a lot of compliments on Bear and Ellie’s fur because the brushing makes their coats nice and shiny by stimulating the oil follicles 🙂

  22. Mudpie loves to get brushed, especially this time of year! It makes her purr louder than anything.

  23. I tolerate being brushed. Mum uses a furminator too.

  24. Zulu is super super shortheaired but LOVES being brushed and Amarula likes it–Frodo hates it!!

  25. I like to be brushed but my floofy white sisfur hates it. She’ll allow it for a few seconds but that’s it. She’s weird.

  26. Zoey, like you, I, Annie, love to be brushed or combed. Pierrot likes it for just a moment and then leaves. The lady tries to brush us daily, but at the very least, every other day. She uses a Furminator. How nice that you love it and the lady with the yellow hair brushes you so often.

  27. We’re short-haired cats, we don’t need to be brushed every day like you, but Claire tries to brush us every week. We don’t like it so much though. Purrs

  28. These are very good tips, Zoey. I’m still working on getting Harley (our long-haired cat) to like being brushed. No luck yet! Can you please talk some sense into him?

  29. Those are great reasons to brush daily. My cats all enjoyed being brushed too. As far as the Bayou Boys, Bentley is like Zoey and would be brushed all day. Pierre thinks it is torture.

  30. We have many brushes and boys are ok with most of them. But neither of them like Furminator or Zoomgroom.
    Great info. Brushing is good for kitties!

  31. Zoey! You do look most lovely and your furs ar glistening!
    Hissy Old Licorice had long hair and he LOVED to be brushed! Not only did he like being brushed…he LOVED being vacuumed! Getting al the loose hair of with the sucky beast made hime even happier! Now I, Marvelous do like to be brushed too. I even like the furminator!

  32. We know we should allow TBT ta brush us. He tries. But we really dont like it. And he has tried all sorts of brushes…

  33. Raven needs more brushing than she likes to receive. But she does like gentle brushing, especially with the natural bristle brush on her chin & cheeks.

  34. I try to brush Sam daily, but she makes it so difficult! She will not stand still, and it’s really hard to brush a moving target! If I try to hold her still, then she just gets mad. So I just do the best I can as often as I can. I use a couple different types of brushes at different times.

  35. Pipo is mixed on the brushing stuff…he seems to enjoy it, but he keeps turning about to try and catch the brush, MOL! So its a real challenge to brush all of his furs on both sides:)

  36. You be lookin’ gawjus Zoey. We luv gettin’ brushed too. Me’s sis Lexi used to luv gettin’ brushed even with her short furs. And, mommy said she needed it more than me a lot of days. Enjoy brushin’ time. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  37. Mee NOT like beein brushed at all Zoey. Mee nevurr was brushed when mee was a wee kitt….maybe that iss why?
    Since mee has been unwell an over groomin it has been berry ruff. Now mee iss letting Ladymum brush mee sum to try an stop mee throwin uppy furballss dailee….
    Maybee mee mite just leern to enjoy brushin…..mee will keep tryin!
    ***nose kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xXx

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