Jun 272018

Hey guys. This was me the other day. I was sitting in the window giving the mom the stink eye because she wouldn’t let me outside.

Cat sitting in window

No matter how much I pleaded and begged and whined and pushed on that window…and lemme tell you, I made a lotta noise…she wouldn’t let me out. You get the stink eye, mom!

One of the reasons I wanted out so bad was because of this…

Baby Blue Jay

It’s a baby blue jay. Can you see it there? Around here, we see lots of baby birds after they’ve left the nest…mostly robins. But we’ve never seen baby blue jays…until now. This one was hopping around the yard, trying to fly. And the mother and father weren’t far away. That’s why the mom didn’t want to let me out. If you got too close to the baby, the mom and dad would start squawking up a storm and we all know how nasty blue jays can be sometimes. We’ve seen them pecking at squirrels! So the mom didn’t want me out there bothering this baby for fear that I might get pecked. I woulda left the baby alone…but the mom wasn’t taking any chances. Phooey.

I hope that baby learns to fly soon and flies on outta here so I can go out. Because it’s my yard…not some silly blue jay’s.

Do you ever see baby birds where you live?

  44 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. Dang Wally, I hope you get to go out soon. We see baby birds lots here and now we have baby ducks and geese too!

  2. Oh my. I see baby bluebirds a lot and the hummingbirds bring the just fledged youngsters to the feeder.

  3. We don’t see a lot of baby birds here, simply because there are so many cats here. Bet that was fun watching that baby bird. You all have a great day.

  4. since we live on the second floor, we don’t see them on the ground, but they do fly by the windows (and Chanel thunked her head the other day trying to get one)

  5. We’ve never seen any baby birds. 🙁 We know there must be some somewhere because we have grown up birds that started somehow!

  6. Well darn it! We see young robins often, but that’s about it.

  7. Wally, we see a lot of Blue Jays every day flying around near our office. Your momma was just protecting you from the babies, parents. Just keeping you safe. You will have playtime outside really soon. Thanks for the share. Have a great day.

  8. We have little birdies called in some places, tits, but in French I think it’s moineau and they are very cute but I have no interest in birds, for some reason, other than to ca ca ca ca and then walk away.

  9. Once a baby bird fell off the roof right between my cat’s paws. Was she ever mad when I whisked her inside before she could even touch it.

  10. Well, that’s not fair, Wally! Just when you were getting a taste of the out doors!

  11. that’s quite the stink eye. never have seen a baby blue jay. i see adult blue jays on occasion but not very often.

  12. Hmm… Yeah… You totally would have fur sure left that tasty snack alone. We’ll back you up on that.

  13. Years ago my mom rescued a baby blue jay from the middle of downtown Jacksonville, Fl during rush hour. The baby must of fallen out of a nest in a parking garage outside where Mom worked. She took it home, but it didn’t make it. She named it Liberty as it arrived during July 4th weekend. Mom also rescued a baby robin named Bob who fell down the chimney of a 300 year old farm house where she worked (it was a vineyard). Bob definitely lived. In fact, he became Super Bob and refused to learn how to be a robin. Mom eventually had to send him off to Camp to learn how to be a robin. Around here we rescue birds all the time. Like the baby kestrel she rescued last month… Mom is not only a cat magnet, she’s a bird magnet.

  14. Aww too bad you couldn’t go outside! The baby blue jay is so cute. I hope he will be able to fly soon 🙂
    I didn’t know about blue jay but I find cardinals around here quite bossy. They peck away other birds off the bird feeder all the time!

  15. That’s just SO not fair! You should go out – your mom deserves the stink eye for that one.

  16. That’s bad luck, Wally. I hope you get out soon.

  17. Never heard of a Blue Jay before. We have black and white ones. We get sea gulls,Robins,crows,sparrows usually but since Graig the ginger boy from next door stalks them all and even ended up hanging from mom’s bird feeder. I don’t understand the young ones. No im not old just had my 11th birthday. Spike The Scottish Black Cat.

  18. dood….iz thiz a ree veew for de new moovee comin out at howl o ween timez….if sew thanx for de headz up coz noe way in shell iz we gonna go seez it ~~~~~~~~


  19. Wally it is much better inside….
    Hugs madi your bfff

  20. We mostly see the grown up birdies around here. My human hasn’t caught sight of a nest for a while.

  21. oh what a sweet birdie!! We have a bird’s nest on our balcony that has been there for two years. The birds are so smart, we have a ladder hanging on the wall and the birds built the nest BEHIND it so that the nest is protected. Last year they had TWO sets of babies there….(I think they are finches or sparrows). This year so far we also have two sets. The first set was a few weeks ago and about a week ago MORE babies were born! I feel like we are running a maternity ward here!

  22. Cool! I understand why your mom wouldn’t let you out Wally. Sorta, pick on someone your own size….that’s her way of thinking. She just doesn’t understand us. We believe in getting at any bird regardless of size or maturity as a duty.


  23. We see baby birds very often, and we can tell you that they are playful and tasty. Purrs

  24. Yes! We have many birds and chipmunks, and squirrels. This is highly frustrating, so close through the screen door, and yet so far away…

  25. Don’t see many birds outside lately, and I don’t know why. I hear owls hooting every night though.

  26. Am sure there are baby birdies around, Wally…but we haven’t seen any! And that’s a Class A-One stink eye, for sure!

  27. We do get baby birds all the time…mostly robins, finches and cardinals. We only get blue jays around occasionally, and we’ve never seen a baby one. It was a good idea, Wally, to watch from your safe window perch. We give that stink-eye an A+. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

  28. The other day my neighbor saw a mama bird breaking a piece of bird seed in two to feed to her babies! I wish I’d seen it!

  29. We see baby birds here sometimes – I wanna get at em so bad!

  30. We were walking Luke the other day and he started smelling something in the woods along the ground. At first I didn’t see anything, but then I saw something small and gray. He wanted to get to it, but I held him away. Thank goodness I did…it was a baby nuthatch. It hopped away a bit, and hopefully got back to it’s mom after we moved on!

  31. How dare she make you stay inside! Ugh! But that’s one cute baby blue jay. I can’t recall the last time I’ve seen a baby bird.

  32. That is cute. We just delivered 3 baby bluebirds to a wildlife rehabilitator an hour away. The Daddy got hit by a car and the momma abandoned them. My hubby fed them mealworms for 2 days, but they needed to go someplace to learn to hunt for food.

  33. Oh what a cutie pie. Your mom is a kill joy!

    Emma and Buster

  34. We see baby robins and swallows here. Oh and geese and ducks, too!

    Wally, we hope that baby jay learns to fly soon. The clock is ticking, right?

  35. I’m sure you would have been a big encouragement for that baby bird to fly! I hope you get to go outside soon.

  36. TW claims she saw a baby bird on the lower roof next door but I was in my cube. Ho-hum.

  37. We’ve never seen a baby blue jay either. Mostly baby robins.

  38. When we still had the bird feeder…we had tons of babies. My favorite were the Spotted Towhee babies. They were so fluffy and they chased their pawrents around asking for food! And they would “fall” off the railing and flap like mad to catch themselfs before they hit the seck!

  39. Poor Wally – penned in until baby birds get the heck out of your yard! I know you enjoy some outside exercise like I do but – well – giving those baby birds the space to learn how to fly is impawtant too. Hang in there……

    Hugs, Teddy

  40. i love blue jays! We have lots of them here! Good luck to the little guy –hope he flies soon!

  41. Mee-you Wally that littul Blue Jay baby iss cute an needed a furend rite! Wee had a baby Starling here Monday who gotted stunned when hee flew inn to a wind-oh. Mumma bird keeped comin with food an feedin him. Mee not aloud anywhere near them an mee WAS outside walkin inn harness.
    Mee checked on him next day with LadyMum an hee had lfown away….fankfullee!
    ***nose bumpsss*** Siddhartha Henry xXx

  42. Wow sweet. I never seen a cute one like this

  43. We get lots of baby birds here…sometimes its fun to see the parent birds feeding the fledglings. Woodpeckers even are doing that!

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