Jun 202018

Hi guys! Thanks for all the birthday wishes the other day. I had a GREAT birthday. Wanna know why? Because I got to go outside! It’s one of my favorite things to do in the whole wide world!

To make sure I stay safe, I can only go outside when wearing my harness and leash. But y’know what? I don’t care…as long as I get to go out.

Cat on harness and leash

Once I got out there, I sniffed everything! Here I was sniffing the weigela bush. It smelled okay…but it wasn’t what I really wanted. What I really wanted was in the front yard…so I headed out there.

Cat walking on harness and leash

What I really wanted was something more delectable smelling…and tasting. Can you guess what it is?

Cat smelling catmint plant

YES! It’s the catmint plant! There’s a huge one out in front of our house. I discovered it last year one time when I was out and I’ve never forgotten it. Guys, I dream about it.

Cat sniffing catmint

It smells SO good. And not only that…it tastes even better. I wish you had smell-o-vision and taste-o-vision. I spent a lot of time chomping on it. ‘Til the mom made me stop. She’s no fun.

Wanna see how much I enjoyed it? Watch this short video.

If you’ve got the sound on, ignore those noisy neighbors in the background.

Ahhhh…outside…fresh air…catmint…what else could a cat ask for? I have to say…it was the BEST birthday!

  43 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. You sure did have a good time on your out n’ about Wally, it sure looks fun!

  2. Oh Wally, that sure looks like a fun trip outside and yummy catmint. So glad you had a good birthday. Have a good day today too.

  3. OH Wally! Talk about the birthday of all birthdays! Outside…enjoying all the scents and sights. CATMINT! And in flower too! Happy Birthday again Wally. XXXXX

  4. What a fun birthday adventure! And OMC, all that nip! Glad you had a nice birthday, Wally!

  5. Now that was a nice gift.

  6. How terrific that the catnip was blooming purrfectly on your birthday, Walls! What a terrific treat!

  7. Looks like you had a great birthday, Wally. I never heard of catmint. Looks like a great plant to have in the yard.

  8. A walk in the sun and a snack of catmint? That sounds like a purrfect way to spend your birthday, Wally!

  9. Great you had a wonderful birthday and got to go outside on a beautiful day!

  10. Wally! I’m a harness man too and I agree – being out in the fresh air is the BEST. We have two big catmint plants but I’ve never had a munch – should I? Do you recommend it? I’m glad you had a good birthday my ginger buddy……..

    Hugs, Teddy

  11. Oh, Wally, but after having eaten half the bush did you roll around crazily on the grass? It makes me nutso. Glad you have a bed of it.

  12. Wow you sure do enjoy your cat nip Wally. You look as handsome as ever. Hugs and Purrs. x

  13. Wally was that your 16th meowday walk. I do so apologize for missing your actual bday on Saturday but my assistant was dealing with the ShingRix vaccine side effects.
    Happy belated good buddy
    Hugs madi your bfff

  14. Wally, you made our mouths water! You sure are a lucky boy. Here we won’t even allow Mom to get anywhere near us with a harness, so we admire your bravery too!

  15. I gotta get smelly-o-vision. All we get is dried catnip and I want the fwesh minty stuff yoo nommed. I might even want to go outside wearing my purrrty pink harness. Happy Birthday, Wally!

  16. ☺☺☺☺ dood……we’ll say… ya waz goin ta town on that bush !!! we haz noe sound on thiz pea sea sew de nayborz dinna bother uz….we gived thiz moovee 984 PAWZ UP and we iz buzzed glad ya getted in sum out doorz time ~~~~~~ awesum birthday 🙂 ☺♥♥

  17. Did your mom at least let you bring some of that goodness inside??

  18. That was the best birthday treat, Wally.

  19. What a great day you had, Wally! We love seeing you in action out there too!

  20. Wally you are brave, I HATE going out, (but my Grandpa Bobo used to LOVE it!)

  21. That sounds like a perfect birthday, Wally, and don’t you love handsome in your harness!

  22. WOW! That must be good nip. 🙂

  23. I’m so happy you had such a pawsome day!

  24. glad you had a good bday!! Your cat plant makes me feel like a bad cat mom–I only got my guys a single small plant and it’s already half dead!

  25. Whoa! You’re really enjoying the catmint. TW used to grow a catmint plant in the old yard. All the neighbor strays used to mate in it. The nosy lady next door used to call her up and tell her all about those naughty cats.

  26. Fresh catmint, you are so lucky.

  27. Wow, what a super treat for your birthday, Wally! That catmint plant looks totally nommy!

  28. Wow, you’re giving that plant a good chomp!

  29. Wow, that catmint looks awesome! Honestly, we aren’t all that enthused about our catnip plant. Maybe it’s not a very good strain of nip.

  30. Happy Belated Birthday, Wally! So sorry I am so late. What a purrfect way to spend your birthday, especially chomping on that catmint.

  31. Oh what a fun! You must have enjoyed a fresh air outside and oh, that catmint plant looks heavenly! Love the video of you chomping it enthusiastically 🙂

  32. that has to be your best birthday ever…

  33. I love that you go outside on your leash! It looks as if the catmint bush is better than a birthday cake!

  34. Wow Wally! What a great outdoor day! What a great birthday!!

    We hope your Mama harvested some of that catmint plant and baked you a cake! It’s the least she could do . . ;p

    the critters in the cottage xo

  35. Holy cat moly Wally, you gave that catmint what fur. MOL Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  36. Happy belated Birfday Wally! Hurray that you got to go outside and visit yer Catmint plant, too. We have it all over the backyard. Which is great usually, but it sure attracts a lot of introoders…

  37. Amazing, what a big crob, Wally. Enjoy! Nipped Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend 🙂 <3

  38. What an exciting day! We’re so glad you go to enjoy the catnip plant.

  39. Walley! I am so furry envious!
    I have asked Mom is she can get me a Catnip plant!
    You really enjoy it!

  40. Wally, you are one lucky cat. Our nip isn’t growing well this year. We don’t have any in the ground…just in pots. Mom says she may have to get more if she can find it. Enjoy your outside time.

  41. Happy Birthday, Wally!

  42. Happy Birthday, Wally! A few days late…MOL!
    Is catmint different than catnip??

  43. […] outside. I don’t go out often, but when I do…one of my favorite things to do…well, besides eating the catmint plant…is to lay in the luscious green grass. On a hot day, it really feels cool on the ol’ furs. […]

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