Jun 152018

Hi everybuddy. Last week I shared with you 12 amazing things about me. But y’know…there’s one thing I didn’t tell you…but I bet you already knew it. I love treats! Sometimes all I want to eat are treats, even though the lady with the yellow hair tells me I can’t do that. She’s no fun.

Sassy Cat treats

So when the nice people from Herbsmith® sent us these pawsome Sassy Cat treats to try, I was first to volunteer for the taste test.

Let me tell you about these treats. Sassy Cat treats are made out of real food. These chicken treats contain freeze-dried raw chicken and a little bit of apples and spinach. There’re no preservatives, no fillers, no additives and no grains. Which makes them purrfect for us cats because we’re carnivores…designed to eat primarily meat.

Cat eating treat

So how do Sassy Cat treats taste? I got one word for you…YUMMY! These treats will satisfy even the pickiest eater.

Sassy Cat treats make good food toppers, too. The lady with the yellow hair crumbles them up on top of my wet food to get me to eat more. And y’know what? It works!

There are several different flavors of Sassy Cat treats…chicken, duck, rabbit and duck, turkey, wild caught salmon, and wild caught whitefish. I can’t wait to try the rabbit and duck ones.

Sassy Cat treats

If you want to try these Sassy Cat treats, too…you can purchase them through the Herbsmith website. You can also find them in pet stores and on line at places like Chewy.com and Amazon.

Thanks, Herbsmith, for the treats! You made this torbie girl cat very happy.

Disclosure: We received several packages of the Sassy Cat treats for free in exchange for our fair and honest review. Herbsmith is not responsible for the contents of this post. The Island Cats will only share products and information that we feel are of interest to our readers.

  28 Responses to “It’s Treat Time with Sassy Cat Treats”

  1. Great review Zoey. Sure looks like those are great treats. Glad you like them. You all have a great day and a better week end.

  2. i cood eatz treets all day too but mom won’t let me

  3. Oddly, we found some of these treats (new) at the thrift store, the salmon and chicken ones. Sadie gives them a paws up!

  4. Mmmm. These look tasty, Zoey! This here human sure needs to get some for the kitties around here. Maybe treat snob Eddy will even like them. Happy snacking to you!

  5. How yummy AND lucky, Zoey! I get to eat treats any time I want because I am that picky. I could probably get into those!


  6. Zoey Sassy Cat treats sound purrfect.
    Mom started making me Feline Sundaes by crunching up some of my treats on top of the meal when I get my meds in my food. One of my pills is very very very bitter, she always opens a fresh can of stinky goodness for that pill and adds the crunchies
    Hugs madi your bfff

  7. Zoey, we can tell that you really enjoyed those treats! Great review!

  8. Zoey, my lady doesn’t let me eat treats all the time either, darn it. These look very yummy!!

  9. Those sound good, I will have to get some for my cats.

  10. We’re glad you liked them, Zoey! They sound delish.

  11. DROOL, DROOL, DROOL. Too bad they don’t sell them in FRANCE. Darn.

  12. zoey….we dunno….tho we iz knot a loud ta hazz treetz…much az we like ta cuzz out de nayborhood hare for eatin all R flowerz; we iz knot sure we wood wanna see hiz name on R food abullz !!!!!

  13. Zoey, are Sassy Treats available in Canada? I hate reading about what I can’t have. You made these little nuggets sound delish. Good review.


  14. The treat thing here is out of control! We like them and go crazy about them, but when they are gone and a new bag appears, we don’t like them any more. We want some other kind!!!

  15. Great review, Zoey! We love treats too! It’s too bad food isn’t as tasty as treats!

  16. These look really awesome! Yum!

  17. Those treats sound very good.

  18. Those look yummy, Zoey!

  19. My cats didn’t like these when we got a sample from the BlogPaws Conference. They look so good to us humans though! Good job, Zoey!

  20. that is such a smart idea! I am always trying to get Frodo to eat more wet food!!

  21. Now that’s one brand we have never heard of, thanks for introducing them to us! LOVE the name of the treats too. They look delicious!

  22. We love treats too. But TBT will only give us a couple each day and then a dental chewy after (which is a nice crunchie).

  23. Those sound tasty!

  24. Our boys would probably love those.

  25. That was a great review beautiful Zoey! Those do look pretty darn yummy!

  26. Sassy Cat treats sound great, Zoey!

  27. Sam would eat nothing but treats all the time if we let her too! These definitely sound like something she would like, and we are always on the lookout for healthy treats for her.

  28. Those sound yummy Zoey. We’d like the rabbit and duck too. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

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