Jun 102018

Hey guys. I found me a secret hiding spot…here in one of the cubby holes in our window seat. I figured out how to get the door open, and now it’s my new favorite place to hide.

Cat hiding in cubby hole

‘Specially when the mom comes at me with that inflatable collar of shame. Thank cod I’m feeling better and don’t need to wear that thing anymore.

I think I’ll take my selfie from inside here.

Cat hiding in cubby hole

Wally! What’re you doing here? This is my secret hiding spot. Not to mention you’re ruining my selfie shot. Get outta here!

Cat hiding in cubby hole

Rats. Wally disrupted me and my selfie turned out kinda outta focus. But I don’t have time to take another.

Cat playing with other cat's tail

Because I got some tail playing to do. I wonder what would happen if I shut this door…

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  37 Responses to “Easy E’s Hiding Selfie Sunday”

  1. Theres always some bright spark that comes along and blows the whole secret hiding place!Still it made for a great selfie shot opportunity, and a game station too!
    PS How many points do you score for a tail?

  2. Hey Ernie that’s a VERY cool hidey spot there but sadly, Wally has discovered it – maybe he won’t be able to figure out how to OPEN it though! Glad you don’t have to wear your lampshade any longer………you sure wouldn’t be able to get inside that hidey spot with that thing on!

    Hugs, Teddy

  3. Ernie it is a well known fact that I, Madi(son) D Cat, covet your window seat BUT now you have the nerve to tell me it also has a hidey spot I’m all kinds of green with envy and Cat-covetness. MOL Wally’s tail is asking for a swat
    Hugs madi your green with envy friend

  4. Ernie, great selfie, even with Wally kind of in the way. That is such a great hiding place. You all have a super day.

  5. Very cool hiding spot.

  6. Ha Ha! We’re wondering how the tail playing panned out!

    We like the selfie, Ernie!

    The Chans

  7. Ernie, you sure got mommy laughing. Wally…I hope you know how funny that picture was with you at that door!

  8. Wally is definitely revealing your hiding place. Not very smart thing to do!

  9. You look gorgeous in your selfie….had to laugh when you said you wondered what would happen if you shut the door on Wallys tail….I could imagine a great big cat howl….we know your to caring to do anything like that. x

  10. Awesome hidey spot, Ernie! And we really like your selfie. We are so glad you don’t hafta wear that cone thingy anymore. Don’t close that door on Wally’s tail, okay?

  11. It’s always good to be rid of the cone or donut. You have a fantastic hidey spot. Maybe Wally will forget about it. Play with Wally’s tail, but don’t hurt it or you won’t be able to play with it any more.

  12. Mee-yow Ernie do not shut thee door on Wally’ss tail…he will *whap* you or tell yur Mumma!!!
    An yur Selfie iss purrfect; not fuzzy here!
    ***nose bumpsss*** Siddhartha Henry xXx

  13. Can you get back out if Wally shut you inside?

  14. Oh, Ernie, I thought that was a new mousie toy until I realized it was Wally’s tail, MOL!!! Great idea for a selfie.

  15. That is a lovely selfie and a great hidey spot. I have been on holiday for a couple of weeks and didn’t know you had to wear the cone of shame. I hope you are okay again now.

  16. Wonderful hidey spot, Ernie ! And you’re so smart to have figured out how to open the door ! Nice selfie ! Purrs

  17. Hi, guys! We’ve missed you. Ernie, sorry to hear that you were having to endure the cone of shame but glad to hear you don’t need it anymore. What a great cubby hole you found. That was a perfect place for your selfie. Wally, you’re too funny coming by and checking Ernie out.

  18. LOL Wally’s tail is in dangerous zone 🙂 I’m so glad you are feeling better, Ernie, and that you do’t have to wear the collar!
    Happy Sunday xo

  19. Uh, oh, shut the door indeed! What a thought. How could you? Don’t answer that….

  20. Do not shut that door, even if you do get one on one mouse time OK. Not a good idea!!

  21. We were going to suggest, Ernie, that you learn to shut the door, Ernie, so Wally won’t try to horn in on your new hiding spot. Happy to hear you don’t have to wear that donut. We think your selfie came out great.

  22. Secret hiding places are very impawtant.

  23. That’s a great spot ya got there Ernie and I think your selfie is terrific pal!

  24. That looks like such a fun spot! We don’t have any empty cubbies at our house 😉

  25. Some things are not as secret as you think they are! At least Wally finding your spot turned into some fun!

  26. That is a great hiding spot.

  27. Ernie, you are lucky – I bet you were able to get in there because you have thumbs!

  28. What a fun place for a selfie! I hope you didn’t shut that door!

  29. I am a champion cabinet door-opener. But I sure never thought to try to pull one down FROM THE TOP! Well, none of ours work that way, but I never tried it either. Concats to you for that… ~ IZA

  30. It duz look a like a good hidey hole!

  31. Ernie, don’t you dare mess with Wally’s tail!

  32. That looks like a great hidey hole, Ernie, and those photos are awesome. It is hard enough to photograph black cats but to take a picture while you are in a shadow and have it come out with so much detail is the work of a pro.

  33. That’s a great hiding spot! Too bad that Wally found you out! And your selfie is pawsome. I bet the cubby stops the breeze on your nekkid butt!

  34. Ernie, don’t…that poor tail of Wally…MOL 😀 Great place to hide! Extra Pawkisses 🙂 <3

  35. Great hiding spot!

  36. That does look like a great hidin’ spot Ernie. Have fun. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

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