Jun 042018

Two cats talking to one another

Hey Donut Head!

You better stop calling me that, Wally. Y’know…you could find yourself wearing this thing one day, too.

But you look like you’re wearing a big blue donut around your head, Ernie. All you’re missing are the sprinkles.

Well, at least this thing’s better than that lampshade I was wearing. I can see better…and most of all…I can eat better.

Yeah, you looked like an alien in that plastic thing. Now you’re a donut head. Or it looks like a flotation device. If you get thrown into a pool will you float? Heheheh.

Hey, stop it, Wally!

Okay, okay…I’ll stop…for now. But seriously, will you float?

That’s one thing I don’t wanna find out, Wally.

Island Cat Mom here. As you can see, Ernie is sporting this new collar that I got him, and it Cat wearing e-collarreally is more comfortable than the plastic cone. It’s lighter weight and softer. No hard edges like the cone. He maneuvers much easier in it.

Ernie’s doing better. He’s hardly licking at all. He’s only wearing the collar when I first put the ointment on, to keep him from licking it off until it dries…and at night. I still don’t know what triggered this, and we may never figure it out.

Ernie is getting his revenge against me. Around 6 am, he’ll  jump on the bed and headbutt me until I wake up. He hadn’t done this before. And let me tell you, getting hit the head with the plastic cone that early in the morning was not pleasant. The collar is better…but I want him to lose it soon, too. I need my sleep! Thanks for all the purrs, prayers, and good thoughts for him.

  50 Responses to “Donut Head”

  1. Wally, be nice to your brofur!! Nobody likes being called donut head!!

    The Florida Furkids

  2. Ernie, we all hope you’ll be done with your itching soon, so you can lose that donut! Here’s an idea; put it on Walls when you are done with it…just for a minute…so he gets a taste of his own medicine!

  3. Oh Ernie, that does not look like fun. But the donut sure looks better than the cone.Hope you are all better soon. Have a great day.

  4. Hey, Ernie, you have a built-in pillow around your neck! Way cool! At least it’s mancat blue.

  5. that’s gotta feel better than the cone. i think you owe wally some payback once you get that thing off for good.

  6. Hey Donut He, err we mean, Ernie…hang in their bro…purring for that itching to stop real soon! The blue is really handsome with your black furs if that makes you feel better.

  7. That looks much more comfortable. Wishing you a very speedy recovery. x

  8. Hey Ernie–does your new collar have an inflatable thing inside? My old bro William taught me how to poke a hole in mine! Mom caught on though and now it has fleece scraps in it.


  9. we hope you heal up quick Ernie – but we applaud your revenge on the mom

  10. Ernie don’t you let Wally get to you…..that donut collar is soft and makes a good “chin pillow” while napping and if it keeps you from bothering your buns then I say YAY! You know my Aunt has one of those collars for her little shih tzu dog – not because he’s had a procedure at the vet and HAS to wear it but he keeps escaping through the bars of the railing around the deck and the collar keeps him from doing that – – – he doesn’t mind it a bit since it’s lightweight! Hang in there buddy – soon you sill not need yours.

    Hugs, Teddy

  11. Wow, that looks way much better, Ernie, than that plastic satellite thing. We hope whatever it is that was bothering you has gone elsewhere. Maybe you sat on something you are allergic to? Hope it wasn’t some kind of new litter! Our Dad’s thinking of switching ours again!

  12. Oh no Ernie we just read about your Vet trip and about all I can say is so sorry handsome guy.
    I tell you being a senior feline is not easy is it. I was at the vet on Friday too…my IBD tried to act up but mom caught it early. I think the new collar looks a lot more comfy
    Hugs madi your bff

  13. We think you look adorable in your blue donut. Hope you can feeling better very soon.

  14. That one does look more comfy.

  15. Yep, those soft ones are so much better than the old version. And more stylish.

  16. Yup, more handsome than a cone, and comfy is better too. Glad your mom found that to change your neckwear, Ernie….and I am happy to hear that your itchies and sore rear are getting better.

  17. We hope you are all better soon Ernie and can be donutless once again pal.

  18. dood….sorree ya haz been forced ta wear de donut oh knot az bad az cone oh shame..N we hope de itcheez goez a way N stayz a way…♥♥♥

  19. Oh, Ernie’s mama, that is a HUGE improvement over the one that, had he head butted you with THAT, you might get your throat cut!!! Horreur. Glad you’re better, Ernie. Probably just a little irritation of something from change of seasons. Love, Loulou

  20. Ernie, you are the cutest donut I’ve ever seen! I’m glad your mom found a more comfortable alternative to that dreaded plastic cone. I wonder if something bit your back end? Bug bites can be terribly irritating. I’ll send more purrs your way, but you may not be able to hear them as well without that big radar dish on your head.

  21. Never saw one like that. Hope it is not easy to get off. It does look like a flotation device! At first I though it was a donut to SIT on!

  22. Ernie, it s so much better to be a donut head than a cone head. We were wondering why Mom Sue hadn’t gotten you one of these nice soft donuts. So happy she came through for you; though, it sounds as if she did it more for herself. Either way…much better. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

  23. Oh Ernie, I hate that I laffed at your being tormented by Wally but…I did. I however agree with Laila and Minchie. Mancatly looking. You r mom got mine REALLY laughing being headbonked in the middle of the night with the lampshade…

    by the way, the site no longer remembers me.

    • Katie, we’re sorry you have to fill in your information every time now. We don’t know why that is. We’ll look into trying to fix it.

  24. This does look more comfortable and, yep I can see the reason behind it, licking off ointment will not help!

    Harvey had a cone during his pinnectomy (10 longest days of my life nearly!) He ate by me raising up the bowl and he slide the cone down – if that makes sense.

  25. Revenge is the best medicine, Ernie. At least the donut isn’t PINK.

  26. Hey, my blog is down until further notice due to a hack attack. We will be back as soon as we can.

  27. Oh I’m sorry, Ernie, for your trouble. But the donut sure looks more comfortable than the lampshade. Good job giving your mom a revenge haha 🙂 I hope you get better soon xo

  28. Mee-you that color reelly suitss you Ernie! An mee iss ree-lieved you can get around an eat better!
    **nose bumpsss** Siddhartha Henry xXx

    Hello Sue: Just a quick question: Has Ernie actually licked his fur right off certain spots on his body? After the verbal abuse & then my seizure/ P SH’s getting out of walking vet last August, P SH has been overgrooming it appears. He has hardly any fur on back of front legs & on one paw & now has a spot on right side! Vet has no idea what is going on!?!?! Any insight would be helpful.
    Many thanks, Sherri-Ellen 🙂

  29. My neighbor kitty had an even smaller fabric collar recently. Glad you’re feeling better, Ernie. Wally, stop laughing at your brother!

  30. That looks so much better than that plastic cone, Ernie! But we hope you are all better soon so you don’t need it at all. ♥

  31. Cats always get their revenge!! Glad to hear he is doing better!

  32. MOL, Ernie, that headbonk trick is awesome!

  33. I wake mum up early sometime too. She just has a nap later.

  34. oh, Ernie! we’re sorry we missed your post yesterday. lots of purrs to you, friend! just think of the donut as a go everywhere pillow! we hope you’ll be free of it soon.

    pip, minnie, hollie, sharpie, ditto, TL

  35. We’re so happy to hear you’re feeling better, Ernie ! That thing looks comfier than the cone.

  36. Uh oh, da donut of shame.

    Finley, our pup wif da allergies, has to wear da soft cone of shame a lot. So our peeps know all bout da headbutting.

  37. Hahaha so cute with the blue donut!!!

  38. I hope Earnie is better soon. We had a problem with Puck overgrooming. After months of problems and two vets, it turned out to be fleas, even though no fleas were spotted on him.

  39. We’re sending you lots of purrs and prayers, Ernie! That being said, we think you still look as stunning as ever in your donut. It sounds way better than that dreaded cone of shame. This here human is going to have to keep this in mind. When pup Astrid had her toe removed and wore a plastic cone for weeks, she used that thing like a weapon of mass destruction. Well wishes to you, Ernie!

  40. That collar looks a lot more comfortable than the plastic cones! I hope he’s feeling better real soon!

  41. We’re so glad to hear Ernie’s feeling better. How strange. Then again, when I have something like a mosquito bite – I don’t leave it alone until it’s raw – so I do understand. That cone looks so much easier to maneuver than the traditional ones!

  42. Ernie, we’re sorry you have to wear a donut and also that you have to put up with your brother while you do. We hope you heal up soon. The headbonk is a clever move though!

  43. Aaaaaaaaaw Ernie, we think you look handsum. We’re glad you’re feelin’ better and we’re sendin’ purrayers. big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  44. Wally, you (teehee) need to (snicker) be nice (haha) to Ernie. The new donut looks much more comfortable. The boys despise the cone of shame. It’ll definitely make your morning head bump softer.

  45. Wally, you should be nice to your brother. We heard something about a cat named Karma not being very nice, or something like that!

  46. Ernie I hope you’ll get better soon and can get rid of that pillow!

  47. Oh Ernie, just imagine you’re getting to go up in a space ship to be the first pussycat on the moon or the first kitty to land on another that is the twin to Earth! Or maybe you could paw pen a script for your own Sci Fi TV show while you’re wearing the blue astro cone. Hugs and head pets.

  48. MOL, so the donut is better for your head than the plastic cone, too!

  49. We agree, it’s cuter than the plastic cone. Get better soon, Ernie!

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