May 252018

Cat sitting in window

Hi everybuddy. It’s the 3-day Memorial Day holiday weekend here…and I plan on celebrating by sitting in the window watching Bird and Squirrel TV. Okay, I know that’s what I do everyday whether it’s a holiday or not. But it is entertaining!

The lady with the yellow hair is planting a lot of flowers this weekend. She does what’s called “container gardening.” She plants the flowers in different pots and puts them all over the patio.

Flowers collage

Here’s a few of her finished ones. And she still has a lot more to go!

Do you have a favorite? Let me show you mine.

Pot containing catnip

The one containing the nip, of course! So…what will you be doing this weekend?

  43 Responses to “It’s a Long Holiday Weekend!”

  1. Zoey, that is such a great picture of you. We love all those flowers. So pretty. Have a wonderful day.

  2. Miss Z, you look gorgeous in your spring portrait! And of course, we luff that kitteh planter.

  3. very nice looking flowers. we plan on snoozing away the weekend.

  4. That is so cool your Giant human is planting Catnip!

  5. mom says she may try to get some plants on our balcony….but don’t hold your breath hahaha

  6. The cat container with nip is so clever!

  7. Pretty Zoey! You are a delightful kitty, and I’m betting that you chatter at the birds and squirrels too! After a few days of hair styling by The PO’M, I’m off to get a real hair cut on Saturday, then visit with a friend for a cup of tea on the porch. That’s as far as I’m scheduled for the long weekend!

  8. Well, our neighbourhood Meet Your Neighbors day is today so THEY are going out for drinks on the street, but I am housebound and rather happy to stay at home doing what I do best..zzzzz

  9. Zoey you sure have a wonderful spot for window spying and fresh air! Can you watch your Mom planting her beautiful pots of flowers from that spot? Container gardening is so much easier than tending to stuff out in a yard. My Mom has a few of those pots full of “stuff” on the deck out back AND on our front porch. She doesn’t keep any gardens in our yard anymore. Too much work (she says!). Have a wonderful weekend – I’m not doing anything at all – just going to nap and play!

    Hugs, Teddy

  10. I’m making therapy visits this weekend! My human’s complaining that it’s a holiday weekend and she has to get up even earlier than normal! MOL – that’s what she gets, living with me.

  11. Wow, what beautiful flowers! Your patio must look very colorful and cheerful 🙂
    And of course, nip in kitty pot is the best!

  12. Oh and she is quite talented with her choice of flowers for her container gardening.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  13. Wow. We wish our mom would grow nip for us. You are so lucky, Zoey!

  14. Catnip in the cat flower pot – we love it! We’ll just be doing our normal stuff this weekend, enjoying being together at home!

  15. Wow that’s some healthy catnip. Have a purrfect weekend. x

  16. Hmmm, maybe our Mom ought to go plant some nip! In fact, we’re going to insist! Thanks for “planting” the idea! MOL!

  17. Like seeing your mom’s flowers. She did well..and YOU…you are a flower too. A beautiful one.

  18. They are all beautiful, but I like the one on the bottom right. I can see why the nip is your favorite. Have a great weekend! XO

  19. Wow…that’s just what mom will be doing, planting containers and her wagon. You know the old saying…”Plant your wagon woman.” mol

  20. Zoey, we’re going to follow your lead and have us a Bird and Squirrel TV marathon this weekend. Woohoo! And your mom’s flowers are gorgeous. This human here has the farthest thing from a green thumb, so the plants we have are just whatever pops up on their own, and then it’s just survival of the fittest for them. Happy Friday!

  21. Those flowers are very pretty and so are you sweet Zoey! We’re hoping our fireworks get rained out this weekend!

  22. That planter is so cute! I wish I had a green thumb. I’m still trying to hook up a new portable AC, which was supposed to take 15 minutes. Huh. HBO words may be involved.

  23. My Mom does container gardening too (when she is motivated to do so) You are lucky! all of your flowers are free! Be careful with the heat, Monday is supposed to be 92!

  24. Love the cat back planter–hope the weather hold for you all.

  25. I love that kitty pot with the nip!! Where did you get it?!

    • The mom found it at a little gift shop when she was visiting one of her friends. When she saw it, she new she had to have it.

  26. That’s my favorite too!

  27. Mum is doing that too. Lots of plant sales to get to.

  28. Zoey looks so small! Our favorite is the cat planter too … the nip is just icing on the cake!

  29. I love the nip planter.

  30. The lady’s flowers look so lovely! We agree, the catnip is our favorite plant. Our mom is leaving us today to go visit a cat cafe! We hope she doesn’t hit the jersey shore traffic on the way.

  31. Zoey that is a beautiful photo of you. We love all the plants, so pretty.

  32. Your flowers are pretty! We plan o BirdTV, naps and lots of treats! We have Tropical Storm Alberto coming so we’ll hang out with Mom all weekend.

    The Florida Furkids

  33. Your flowers are so pretty ! Purrs

  34. What beautiful flowers!
    Have a wonderful weekend…

    Noodle and crew

  35. We’ll be doing a lot of nothing this weekend. Mom & Dad watched a squirrel in the back yard this morning, but I missed it (I was snoozing). The flower pots are beautiful. We planted some petunias a few weeks ago and my catnip plant is growing again this spring.

  36. Mee-you Zoey mee weekend so far has been icky! LadyMum was uppy at 3 A Em this morning icky sicky…throwin uppy an thee other stuff an mee not know what to do fur her. Mee let her sleep inn once shee got back to bed. When shee gotted uppy an put mee out 3 peepull told her about a sick pigeon….mee hardlee saw her today! Shee went off with Blue Pigeon an Mumma Mary-Ellen….mee not sure what tomorrow will hold…..mee hopes more Chipmunk Tee Vee iss availbull!!!
    Happy Meowrial Day Weekend to you an Ernie an Wally an yur Pawentss!!
    ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~

  37. I need to start a container garden too. We don’t have much of a backyard (Hooray) but I still want flowers. ☺

  38. Have a great long weekend, ZoeyExtra Pawkisses

  39. Yep! Watching the humans is fun! I loved watching Mom trying to sweep up bird see with one arm! Especially when she tried to get it into the dust pan. She sure left a lot behind!
    Those containers look wonderful! We had some nice ones last summer, but I think it will be a while until we get some this year.Purrs

  40. Have fun Zoey, we like the nip bestest too. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  41. My kitties wish they had a pot filled with catnip!

  42. Petcretary had to work 2 of those three days…
    So no fun times here…but just the regular doings. Pawppy was here though.

    Our patio is all potted up too…and not too much going on in the so called gardens…certainly nothing extraordinary, MOL!

    Your mom made some great planters!

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