May 122009


Hey, Ernie!  If you sit there
with that tail of yours hanging down…


That tail’s gonna get whapped!!


  33 Responses to “Tail Whapping Tuesday”

  1. That tail looks too tempting! It must be whapped!!

  2. I thinks Ernie wants the tail whackin to be happening!@ hahaha it is fun to tease you knows… *silly smirk*

  3. Tee hee! When you gotta whap, you gotta whap!

  4. We whap tailz ’round here all da timez. Mostly at nite when we wanna play and somone else doesn’t wanna…den we makez ’em do it!

    Tanks fur da invite to youz island club. We iz happie ta join! Us Island Cats gotta stick together!

  5. LOL You have a lot of fun playing together!
    Beautiful pictures!
    purrs from Brazil

  6. That’s what tails are for!

  7. Ernie can’t say you didn’t warn him!! That tail hanging down is waaay to tempting not to whap!

  8. Who could resist a dangling tail like that? The action shot is priceless!

  9. Tail whapping might be followed by head whapping.

  10. Yes, you caught the whap mid-strike! Furry funny! Tails always double as toys, if not your own then someone’s else’s.

  11. Ernie, were you trying to lure Wally into a game? You’ve got good balance there:)

  12. whappity whap whap whap

  13. Hanging tails are just too hard NOT to whap!

  14. I so hate it when Gemini whaps at my tail. I have to whap her back.

  15. Too much temptation, who could resist….

    Hugs GJ x

  16. That would be hard to resist! I would watch my tail!

  17. Yep, that tail is sooooo whappable!!!

  18. That tail is just asking for a whapping! If he didn’t want it whapped, he would curl it up around himself, so I say whap away!

  19. We do not blame you, Wally. That tail was asking for a whap!

  20. That’s like a law of nature. The universal whap-a-tail-law!

  21. That’s some extreme whacking! P.S. I gave you a Lovely Blog Award a few days ago.

  22. I agree that Ernie may have been trying to go fishing for Wally with his tail! These two are so cute together.

  23. You had it coming, Ernie! Heeheehee

  24. Watch out – tails are great toys!

  25. Yep, that’s a rule!

  26. You go! gets dat nice tail!!! I would alwayz go fur da tail… & dat looks like a nice one.

  27. Yipee I found out where Kevin is…he’s in Germany! That’s really far away from here so he won’t be home until Thursday morning. Guess my other man-friends will have to do till he gets home. Thanks for visiting me cuz that made me feel not quite so lonely & scared.
    your friend,

  28. Be careful not to fall =x

    Jas & Gi

  29. That looks like fun. Can I whap Ernies tail too?

  30. The tail was so asking for it.

  31. That was a real easy target!

  32. Very cute! I would be tempted to whap that tail too!

  33. Also,thanks for wishing my mom happy birthday!

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