Apr 082018

I'm sitting on the tissue paper

Hey guys. Do you see what I’m sitting on? It’s the tissue paper from Christmas. I bet you guys are surprised that we still have it. Well, the mom is now threatening to throw it away but I’m not gonna let her do that. Yeah, it’s pretty torn up and not much of it is left, but that’s no reason to get rid of it, right? It’s still got lots of viable playtime in it if you ask me. She’s such a spoil sport.

I'm defending the tissue paper

Hmmm…I wonder how long I’ll have to sit here before she goes away. I haven’t eaten in about an hour and I’m feeling kinda famished. Not to mention I still have a selfie to take. Guess I’ll have to take it from here.


There ya go. My “protecting the tissue paper selfie.” This paper’s not going in the trash if I have my way.

Oh yeah…I almost forgot…we wanna wish our dad-guy a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY today! Y’know…he’d never throw out our tissue paper…and that’s why we love him!

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  40 Responses to “Easy E’s Protecting the Tissue Paper Selfie Sunday”

  1. Happy Birthday to your dad guy, Ernie! How ‘bout this; if she takes away that old tissue paper, she must replace it with new paper!

  2. OH goodness…Happy BIRTHDAY to your Dad Guy! And I am like you…save the tissue [a[er. I have mine too. By the way, I have lately been trying to eat some until mom says NO! Do you?

  3. A very Happy Birthday to the Dad guy. We sure hope you can keep the paper. We all love stuff like that too. Happy Sunday to all of you.

  4. Good job Ernie and you look terrific on the green pal. Happy Birthday to your Dad Guy from all of us!

  5. Happy Birthday to the Dad-Guy! I can’t believe she wants to throw away your tissue paper, Ernie. There’s still lots of use left in that paper. That’s a great “protecting the tissue paper selfie”, Ernie, very original.

  6. Good job protecting the tissue. It’s YOURS! And happy birthday to the dad guy.

  7. Happy Birthday to Dad. Maybe you can use that tissue paper to wrap his present, Ernie.

  8. As they say, “Well that selfies a wrap!” MOL OK not the best joke but I do think your secretary should get you more tissue paper, like the old, if that piece is headed into the bin!
    Toodle pips and purrs

  9. Happy Birthday to your dad. Does that mean presents and maybe some new tissue paper. If you do get rid of the old…please don’t throw it away…recycle it. Always looking good in your selfies, Ernie. Thanks for joining us today. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

  10. Happy Birthday to your dad ! Does it mean more tissue paper ? You took a wonderful selfie guarding that piece of tissue. Purrs

  11. OH, bonne anniversaire, papa of Ernie. Did I hear that you finally made it to 30? Probably those kitties keeping you young.

  12. That tissue paper looks awesome and still usable. Good stuff. Happy Birthday to your dad. Dad’s are cool. No way do they tidy things up so one has a hard time finding toys.


  13. I’m with you Ernie……Angel Sammy told me ALLLLLL about tissue paper and how I should hold onto it when I get it from Mom. I love the stuff too – it never “goes bad” – it might get a little “tired” but it’s still crinkly.

    Hugs, Teddy
    p.s. happy birthday to your cat daddy!

  14. I love paper. Don’t have any tissue paper but I’ve got lots of packing paper!

  15. Happy birthday to your dad. You are right about the tissue paper. You need to go on protecting it down to the last shred.
    Yael from PlayingInCatnip.com

  16. MOL…that tissue must be very special, Ernie 😀 Pawkisses for an Easy Sunday and one Extra for a Happy Birthday to your Dad guy 🙂 <3

  17. Happy birthday to your dad guy. I do the exactly the same with my tissue. Hugs and Purrs.

  18. The lady is always throwing out fun papers and the like too soon. You look very serious about your tissue paper guarding duty.

    Happy birthday to the dad-guy! Three cheers for him and others that don’t throw things out!

  19. Well Ernie I do so agree your paper should stay with you longer it looks almost NEW!!
    Hugs madi your bfff

  20. Happy birthday to your dad guy! Flynn would never let me throw out the tissue paper either.

  21. Maybe Wally or Zoey could take over so you can get something to eat, Ernie? 🙂

    Happy Birthday to your Dad!!

  22. Nothing better than Christmas paper of any kind!

  23. There’s a LOT of life in that tissue paper!!! Great Selfie and Happy Birthday to the Dad Guy!

    The Florida Furkids

  24. Oh you definitely gotta keep the tissue paper! At least until next Christmas 🙂
    Happy birthday to your dad!

  25. Happy birthday to your dad! Keep that tissue paper safe, Ernie! A few years ago Truffles had a piece of Christmas wrapping paper with snowmen on it that she loved sitting on. That spring a repair man came in and I always wondered what he thought LOL

  26. Mew mew mew Ernie mee feelss yur angst!! LadyMum iss all wayss tryin to take mee ripped tisshue papurr away an give mee new papurr!! so mee sits inn mee box an will not let her take it….shee thott it was ‘just me’, Now mee can tell her wee Burmese Boyss like our tisshue papurr just thee way it iss!!
    Grate Tisshue Papurr Selfie mee furend!!!
    **nose bumpsss** Siddhartha Henry xXx

  27. Happy Birthday to your wonderful Dad!

  28. Don’t look to me for tips on saving your tissue paper, Ernie – my human is known to throw boxes into recycling BEFORE we even get to play with them! It’s criminal.

  29. Happy birthday to your dad!

  30. You really must love that tissue paper. Ours have long gone.

  31. Great selfie, Ernie! As for that tissue paper, why would your mom even think of throwing it away? That’s just crazy talk. It still looks perfectly tissue-y to us.

    Happy birthday to your Dad Guy!

  32. * Shocked ears * Take the tissue paper away?

    That will be terrible!!!!

  33. Hope your dad-guy had a great birthday! Did he get any presents that had tissue paper?

  34. Protect that tissue paper, Ernie! It might be next Christmas before you get any more to play with. And happy birthday to your dad guy! 🙂

  35. Nellie like tissue paper, so does my cousin Ninja but me, Kozmo and Jo Jo leave it alone. Mom put some out for Easter and it sat untouched until she put it in the recycle yesterday. I guess I could have sent it to you!
    PS Fabulishious Selfie! THe green sets off your eyes!

  36. Happy Birthday to your dad guy! We love tissue and that’s a really long time for your’s to still be around.

  37. Happy belated birthday to your Dad. I love tissue paper and I always have a little pile on the floor. Once it starts looking ratty, mom replaces it with new sheets.

  38. Happy belated birthday to your Dad Ernie!

    Why do the Mamas always insist on, “tidying up”?! It’s just a scrap of paper…let us have it ( and all the boxes, toys, catnip . . .!! ) ;p

    the critters in the cottage xo

  39. Belated mews and greetings to your Dad-guy for a Happy Birthday!

    I hope you still have your beloved tissue papers…they make such great crinkly noises!

  40. Belated mews and greetings to your Dad-guy for a Happy Birthday!

    I hope you still have your beloved tissue papers…they make such great crinkly noises!
    Ours mostly gets stolen right away…

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