May 112009


Hey, Ernie…I just gotta get outside somehow…


Hey look, Wally!  Mom’s planting flowers out there…
maybe you could convince her to let you help!

 That’s a great plan, Ernie!


Hey, mom…you need some help with those flowers??
I’m a really good digger, you know…
You always tell me that I must be digging
to China when I use the litterbox!


My plan’s not working…RATS!!!!


  35 Responses to “ManCats – The Plan”

  1. Rats! Did you ever make it out onto that lovely patio? So many containers to water! Our Grampy would enjoy that, and our Mom would love so many beautiful plants and flowers. We would too!

  2. We like to help mum when she puts her plants in. Trouble is, when we dig the holes, she says we aren’t supposed to dig the plants out again.

  3. Sorry the plan didn’t work. It looks like a very nice place, so we understand why you’d want to go out there.

  4. It was a good try, Wally. Maybe one day it will work!:)

  5. Oh that place looks so lvely, no wonder you want to be out. Do you ever get out there to help?

    Hugs GJ x

  6. Sorry your plan isn’t working! It doesn’t work for us either!

    Your mom sure has the patio looking beautiful!

  7. How could she resist that????

  8. The best laid plans of meeces and kitties gang aft agley!

  9. Your mom must be one tough cookie not to let you outside after all that cuteness you displayed. Maybe she will let you help out on another project. Here’s to hoping!

  10. We waz tossed our yike garbage when we waz little kittenz so our momma won’t let uz outside any more. Datz OK wif us cuz we sure don’t want to lose our momma. She iz dat bestest and ♥’s us so, so mucho. If you kittiez gits outside, be sure to stay rite by youz momma and daddy ‘beanz.

  11. Oh that is too bad your plan didn’t work. I bet you would have been a big help.

  12. Those flowers are gorgeous – your patio looks great! (And I think watching from inside is probably easier on your mom!)

  13. So sorry about your plan! Anyway I think mommy did a wonderful work with her flowers! Beautiful post!
    You friends are always cute!
    purrs from Brazil
    Luna ( and mommy Léia )

  14. Yeah, we don’t understand either why our Moms don’t accept our help in the planting of the plants. That’s what these claws of our were made for. Just sayin…

  15. Hey guys, it is too bad you didn’t get to go outside – it looks really nice out there! Maybe next time!

  16. Sorry your plan did not work! It looks like a really nice day out.

  17. Dang…you coulda made some good holes for her, too…

  18. Well, look at it this way Wally… today just wasn’t your day to stop and smell the flowers. Maybe another day………..

  19. Sorry you couldn’t convince your mom to let you help. She seems to be doing a good job herself! Maybe next time.

  20. That looks like a lot of fun. I would want to be out there with my mommy too!

  21. I’m sorry your plan did not work, Wally. I know you would have been a good helper for your Mom.

  22. Oh, it looks like your Mom is planting some really lovely things! Is there any catnip amongst the flowers?

  23. Too bad your plan didn’t work.

    Thanks for all of your purrs and purrayers for our Daddy. We really appreciate your thoughtfulness.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  24. Maybe my momma and I can teleport over and help you with your escape plan…we’ll roll over and expose our bellys just as your mom opens the door…we’ll be so irresistable you can just sneak out.

  25. Keep trying, Wally! I bet you can persuade your Mom to let you help

  26. It’s odd how Mom’s don’t seem to want our help digging, isn’t it.

  27. My mom won’t let me outside, either!

  28. That was a good plan, it’s a shame it didn’t work. Maybe next time guys.

  29. One day you can go out!

    Jas & Gi

  30. She should appreciate your offer to snoopervise. People need all the help they can get.

  31. Come on over ta our kitty bloggy. We haz an ‘ward fur youz cuz you libs on an island and so do we. We tinks dat is kewel.

  32. Oh dear – not being allowed to help is a bit much. Still you had a lovely window to snoopervise thro!

  33. You need to ask Siena some of her escape tricks to get out of the house.

  34. It was SUCH a good plan, Wally. I can’t believe it didn’t work out!
    Purrs, Siena

  35. Uh oh, your back yard looks like mine. My mom is planting lots of flowers too, without me!

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