Mar 122018

What do you think I'm thinking?

Hey guys! Ernie here. Y’know…I’m pretty tired…I’m still recuperating from my Gotcha Day party and the fact that I lost that hour of sleep. So I’m asking you guys to help me out today. Caption this photo of me looking at Wally’s feets poking out from under the bed. What do you think I’m thinking here? C’mon…get creative and let us know in the comments. We’ll pick our favorite and feature it on our blog.

Thanks to everybuddy that stopped by and celebrated my Gotcha Day with me yesterday. I am truly honored to have such great friends as all of you.

  42 Responses to “Caption This – Do the Work for Us”

  1. Leprechaun toes aren’t supposed to be orange!

  2. Hey, Wally, up for a good toesies massage?

  3. How about:

    Oh, boy, that Wally sure needs a pawdicure!!!


    And I thought we could share boots! No way with those clodhoppers.

    Or: I didn’t know Wally had THREE legs!!!

  4. Wally you failed to comply with the rules of hide and seek!

  5. Hey, should I play with my new play toy cat toes or just go under the bed for a good long kitty nap?

  6. Hmmm, Wally must really be tired. He went to bed and left his feets here all alone!

  7. Wally doesn’t know I can still see him. He obviously doesn’t understand this hide-and-seek game. (Shh…don’t tell him.)

  8. Oh no poor Wally thinks he is hidden. So tempting for Ernie to pounce on those paws hanging out there. You all have a fantastic day.

  9. Hey Wally! In 3….2….1…..

  10. “Decisions, decisions… I pounce on the tail or the feets or all of the above????” Ernie I hope you had some fun….no doubt Wally thought he was “all under”…..HAHAHAHAHA

    Hugs, teddy

  11. “Target engaged! Butt wiggle commencing, and my prey has no idea!”

  12. I have no idea for a caption… but I am enjoying reading everyone else’s!

  13. Ernie says to Wally:
    No I don’t want to talk to the tail,
    Hugs madi your bfff

  14. Are those paws waving at me? I must go shake Wally’s paws.


  15. ernie:

    wally ewe can come out frum under de bed; my parteez over N de pole lease left bout 4 hourz ago; mumz de werd dood… less zoey spillz de beanz ~~~~


  16. I wonder if Wally’s feets are ticklish…

  17. Ernie: You know, Wally, I can still win the stare down even if I can’t see your face.

  18. i disposed of the body.

  19. “My purrfect opportunity – he’ll never see it coming!”

  20. “Where to begin ? Tail or feet ? ” Purrs

  21. When is it my turn to sit under there?

  22. Do I bite his paws or pull his tail?

  23. “Oh no! The bed landed on top of poor Wally!” (Looks like a scene from Wizard of Oz to us!)

  24. Those toesies are really asking for a tickle!

  25. Be vewy quiet , I am hunting a Wab—I mean a Wally.

  26. Do you have secret food under there, Wally?

  27. My tail is sexier!

  28. Hey, Zoey! Wanna have some fun?

  29. In Portugal we have a saying that’s perfect for this: hidden cat with it’s tail out – the equivalent to the English saying “the cat is out of the bag”

  30. Wally, don’ need to get some rest for me.
    I can do it by myself !

  31. Ernie waits patiently as Wally searches for dem treats, only slightly tempted to tickle dem toesies.

  32. Let’s see what happens when I go “WOOF!” – Tom

  33. Happy Gotcha Day a bit late, Ernie!
    “In for a rude awakening in 4 … 3 … 2 … “

  34. Anybuddy know where Wally is?

    The Florida Furkids

  35. Cute toes!
    Thank you so much for your kind words about Smokey crossing over. It is very sad around Forty Paws without Smokey.

  36. One for the money,
    Two for the show,
    Three to get ready
    Now go, cat, go!

  37. Wally, I have learned many things from you, but hiding is not one of them.

  38. C’mon Wally! I want to play. You can’t be THAT tired.

    We also like Eastside Cats’ caption.

  39. did the bed land on the wicked cat of the west?

  40. Hey, Wally don’t ya wanna come out and use me for a pillow??? You know ya do!

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