Feb 122018

Hey guys. Ernie here. Last Wednesday, February 7, was Send a Card to a Friend Day…a day to let your friends know you’re thinking of them by sending them a card. Y’know, in this day of email and texting, sending cards and letters by “snail mail” is becoming a thing of the past. It’s nice that there’s this special day to remember your friends.

We got a package in the mail

So, we were really excited when this package arrived the other day. It came all the way from Switzerland! I think that’s a loonnngggggg ways away from our island.

The Swiss Cats sent us a card

Inside was this card and fun mat from our friends, Pixie and Zorro. You know them, don’tcha? They’re the Swiss Cats!

Such a pretty card!

Here’s a closer look at the card. Isn’t it pretty? We remember when Pixie and Zorro were picking out a card to send to a friend. Little did we know that we would be the ones getting it!

This mat smells like Pixie and Zorro

Ernie…their mom, Miss Claire, made this mat just for us. How cool is that?!? Miss Claire is very talented.

We love our friends

Thank you, Pixie, Zorro and Miss Claire for thinking of us on Send a Friend a Card Day! We feel so special having such good friends like you!

  44 Responses to “We Got Mail!”

  1. How cool is that, Wally! We like The Swiss Cats too, and you’ve got prezzies! Neato!

  2. What a great looking quilt. That was so nice of the Swiss cats to do that for you Island Cats. Great card. Have a wonderful Monday.

  3. what a cute card – and we love that mat

  4. Love that mat and it looks even better with you guys modeling with it!

  5. What wonderful friends Pixie and Zorro are! The card is so lovely, and that cozy mat will make for a purrfect nap. We wonder if we’ll see you two “sharing” that mat soon, Ernie and Wally?

  6. WOW! You lucky boys! Your friends in Switzerland, dear Miss Claire, Zorro and Pixie sent you not just a card for Friends Day but a beautiful mat which just happens to have colors in it that purrrrfectly go with BOTH of your furs! How convenient! Enjoy the mat……it’s a beauty!

    Love, Teddy

  7. OMCs OM Stars what a surprise and so beautiful…I do so admire folks who quilt….
    Miss Claire, Zorro and Pixie are very special
    Hugs madi your bfff

  8. that was very nice and thoughtful of Pixie, Zorro, and their mom! the blankie is very cute! and there is even room for both of you boys to lay on it 🙂

    pip, minnie, hollie, sharpie, ditto, TL

  9. guyz…how total lee kewl iz thiz !!!!!! N joy …984 pawz up two pixie N zorro for bee in such
    grate friends ☺☺♥♥

  10. What a pretty mat and card!

  11. It’s so nice to send/receive snail mail. You got such a pretty card, and wow what a wonderful mat! I bet you’ll enjoy it a lot 🙂

  12. Yay, it arrived ! Claire said we were very helpful for helping her choose the fabrics digging through the drawer. We’re very happy you like the mat ! Purrs

  13. What a lovely card and mat!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  14. Oh wow guys, that is just fab and we’re loving the supurr cute mat! In fact we just offered to make mew a heart one on the Crafting with Cats post!!! MOL

  15. That is the nicest thing!!!

  16. This is so neat. Enjoy!

  17. That was so sweet of them. Claire is very talented. XO

  18. How sweet of the Swiss Cats and their human – I love both the card and the quilt!

  19. What pawsome gifts. We loved the card!

  20. What a sweet gift!!! You kitties lucked out!

  21. That’s a super cool bunch of goodies!

  22. Wooo! Hooo!! Pixie and Zorro and Claire ROCK!!!
    I remember their post when they showed us the cards! And How exciting one made it to your place with such a lively mat for you guys!!!
    Who gets to sleep on it first?

  23. That is sooooooooo amazing– what a talent and it’s always so nice to get a present in the mail!!

  24. I love the artwork on that card, and the pad is darling! You kitties lucked out!

  25. Aren’t you lucky! Now, don’t forget to share with Zoey.

  26. That’s really nice mail! So many pawesome goodies! We love that last photo of you, Wally. You’re so handsome!

  27. Whoa! That is one pawsome quilt! You scored.

  28. We didn’t know about this special day. What an absolutely great gift and card from Pixie and Zorro. So sweet of them to think of you. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

  29. Holy Quilts, Catman, we missed out on a good day!

  30. Meowvelous gift! Nice colors for your furrs

  31. Oh my! Miss Claire from Swiss Cats made that? It’s beautiful! We love snail mail too but don’t get much of that these days.

  32. What a pawsome mat for relaxation. It needs to be put right IN a sunpuddle!!

  33. WOW! Great card and mat and the scent of Zorro and Pixie…that’s so COOL! Enjoy the purrezzies 🙂 Pawkisses for a Happy Day 🙂 <3

  34. Miss Claire must be an awesome friend to send such a thoughtful gift.

  35. Please join Sasha for his 5th Birthday party. Bring your friends for a lively evening.

  36. How wonderful to have such sweet friends! Enjoy your beautiful mat!

  37. love the mat. you guys are lucky.

  38. We love your mat and the fact that you have such sweet friends who sent it! – Tom

  39. That kitty pattern on the mat is fantastic! So adorable! And we love the black cat featured on the card … clearly the Swiss Cats have taste 😉

  40. What a cool card and blankie!

  41. We love the Swiss Cats too! They are so thoughtful to send you a beautiful handmade mat and card. Friends are the best!

  42. A homemade mat all the way from Switzerland – now that’s a special package!!

  43. This was such a fun day! We love seeing everyone’s cards.

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