Sep 242008

Everyone wants to know
“What’s That Wally Doing?”

Even the Verizon guy…
he doesn’t want to know if you can hear him, he wants to know…

So what am I doing?

 Hey, this grass sure needs cutting!


Nom, Nom, Nom…

Come back next week to see
“What’s That Wally Doing?”

  24 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. Wally, I have eaten cat grass before, but never outside grass, but then again, I never go outside! Is it good? It sure looks like you like it … hee hee!
    Purrs and headbutts,

  2. That grass looks tasty. It’s better when it’s not cut because there is more to chomp on.

  3. Everybuddy knows that is the best way to cut the grass, Wally! Maybe even the Verizon Guy!

  4. Hey, Wally, that’s one of my favorite things to do, too! Nothin’ like nice juicy grass in the morning. Keeps ya regular, if you know what I mean.
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

  5. Wally, you make a great lawn meower.

  6. Mickey would love that grass. Its him’s gotcha day today, perhaps yoo could teleport over and gives him some?

  7. I love eating grass. I love rubbing my face in it too. It smells so good! You are a much better lawn mower than the one we have. Ours is too loud!

    -Fui (Evie and Suey too)

  8. Grass always looks delicious, but I refuse to eat even a single blade.

  9. I love to munch on the grass. We have a certain corner by the front of the house where it is always lush & green! Heavenly! -Shaggy

  10. Mmmm, that grass looks ‘licious!

  11. Grass? How can I eat grass if I can’t go outside. I’m stuck. I’m a prisoner. And I don’t even have a pina colada.

  12. NOM NOM NOM NOM dats wat i do when i outside too!

    Fank yoo so much fur comin an celebratin meh gotcha deh!

  13. Oh Wally,I am SO jealous!!!! That grass looks SO tasty and I love grass!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey

    PeeEss: Mom went out and picked me some grass today 🙂

  14. I don’t really like grass but yours looks a lot tastier than ours does!

  15. I haven’t ever eaten grass before. Mom doesn’t let me go outside and she hasn’t brought any inside either.

  16. oh geeze you are SO lucky. ever since mom made us indoor kittys we never get grass unless we plan escapes when the door opens but then we have to be quick to grab a blade cause the mom scoops us back up and sets us back inside.

    gosh that grass looks good. my mouth is beginning to water now. i cant sit still. gotta go, must plan for my next escape so if even for a moment i can chew a blade, wait..hold on ‘ what maw’ ?

    ‘no maw i wanst talking about any escape’

    ‘ no really’


    O my gosh guys, maw is going to go get us some grassies to chew on and bring it into us. WOW. She has never done this before.

    Gotta go, hope we dont yak.

  17. You have been awarded the BFF gold card!!!
    Please come pick it up from todays post at my blog and follow the rules.

    Thank you for being a dedicated follower at wlk.

  18. Hey Wally, i love grass too!!!!! we grow grass INSIDE!! – Sammy

  19. That looks like some yummy grass. Keep it up and they won’t have to mow.

  20. You’ve got a lot of grass to mow down there.

  21. Mmmm…that grass looks good.

    We wanted to thank you for your purrs and prayers for our family. Its been hard but we are sure things will begin to get better soon. We love you Island Cats!

  22. Oh yes, the green juicy chewy treat from the gods.

  23. That looks so yummy! Wally, I am jealous!

  24. Are you gonna puke it out next? That’s what we do!

    Luf, Us

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