Jan 192018

Hi everybuddy. Earlier this week, I wasn’t feeling too good. I didn’t wanna eat anything and I threw up and had *whispering* diarrhea. Given my gastrointestinal…isn’t that a big word?…problems, the lady with the yellow hair was a little concerned and gave me some medicine to help me feel better. It helped some, but I still wasn’t feeling “up-to-snuff”…as they say. So of course, yesterday I got dragged off to the evil vet to get checked out. I’m a real spitfire when I go to the vet, so the lady with the yellow hair gave me a pill beforehand that she said would help me relax. It kinda made me feel like I just didn’t care much about anything…even going to the vet. Once there, the lady vet checked me over and took some of my bloods and checked them, too. I growled and hissed at her, but that’s about it. Even though I was feeling pretty relaxed, I wanted her to know that I was still in charge. The lady vet couldn’t find anything really bad going on with me…other than my gastro problems and that I lost a little more weight. She thinks something I ate must’ve not agreed with me. That’s been happening to me a lot lately. Some foods I used to eat just fine now upset my stomach. They gave me something called “fluids” to help perk me up and make me feel better. I’m eating more now…but of course, not as much as the lady with the yellow hair wants me to eat. She says I need to fatten up. I think a girlcat needs to keep her svelte figure, don’t you? Anyway, if you could spare some purrs, good thoughts, prayers…anything you can muster up for me…so that I continue to improve, me and the lady with the yellow hair would appreciate it.


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  1. Zoey, your girlish figure will be fine if you scarf up a few extra cans of stinky goodness! Come on , sweetheart…manga manga!

  2. Zoey, we’re sending you our purrs and purryers and hoping your system settles down soon. We’d offer to give you some of our excess weight, but we sadly we can’t make that magically happen.

  3. Zoey we sure send you lots of purrs and prayers too. We so hope you feel better and soon. Sending lots of good thoughts too.

  4. I’m glad it wasn’t serious and I hope you can figure out how to get back to a normal diet.

  5. purrs Zoey – hopefully they can find some foods that agree with you

  6. we’re sending positive thoughts your way…

    curious what kind of pill the lady with the yellow hair gave you to calm you down. i need to look into that for thompson’s visits to the vet…

  7. Oh sweet Zoey, I’m sorry you have been feeling your best and we’re all sending purrs and prayers to you beautiful girl.

  8. We’re glad that you’re on the way to healing, Zoey. Healing Pawkisses are on the way <3 <3 <3 *to Granny: 'I look much svelte too don't I?"*

  9. We hope yiur tummy settles down soon! We’d be happy to eat your extra foods, though. 😉

  10. Dear Zoey my friend you have my purrs and 100% understanding of gastro issues that make the tummy howl and spit. Those fluids are extra special stuff in spite of the needle. Sending kitty kisses and mom hugs
    Madi your bfff

  11. I will be praying for you and my cats will be purring. My Polar Bear has to take medicine before going to the vet too, but it was a fluid I had to put in his mouth instead of a pill.

  12. Oh, you poor kitty, you look a bit forlorn, but I’m glad the vet didn’t find anything important. Maybe, like anthros, we kitties just have a thing on some days about what we have eaten and sometimes it doesn’t sit right. I’ll bet you’ll be fine in a few days. Maybe try some yogurt? or sparkling water, that might help. But vets know best. Love from Loulou. Hang in there. They want me to LOSE weight. Let’s trade houses!

  13. Hi, Zoey. You now have a place on Mom’s prayer list, and we are sending lots of purrs and POTP. We agree about a svelte figure, but it is more important to be healthy! Best wishes for getting well super fast. Happy you let your vet know who is in charge. Got to keep them in their place. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

  14. Poor Zoey – had to have a magic pill just to GET to the vet and allow all that wicked stuff they do to you there to happen. But it turned out OK – you’re feeling better right? As long as you are HEALTHY I think the lady with the yellow hair will be happy…..! Moms are like that…..

    Hugs, Teddy

  15. Zoey, you know I love you. I will purr like anything for you to be all better. You are a beautiful special girl. As Eastside Cats said…scarf up some more cans of stinky goodness. You are beautifully proportioned enough to be able to do that. OK? Please?

  16. It’s easy for us to muster up purrs for you, sweet Zoey. We know you’ll return to your awesome self, enough for your Mom to be happy. It’ll just take a wee bit of time, and in that time, eat just a bite more each time, okay?

  17. Those humans are always worrying about us. My mom wants me to eat more too. Hope you feel better soon. Signed, Benny.

  18. Purrs for much better days ahead, and pawyers, too. POTP!

  19. Sending lots of purrs to you!

    Hershey, Bear, Princess Fiona Fuzzy Paws, Mia, Alexandra and the fosters

  20. Oh, sweetie, we’re sorry to hear you have been having problems and hope you’ll feel better soon. Around here, we like a little pudgy cats. Jenna is 16 and could use more weight. Maybe you need transition to a new food?

  21. Purrs that you get over your problem, and it turns out to be nothing.

  22. Sweet Zoey mee has sum speshell POTP ree-served just fur you so mee iss sendin it now>>>>
    An mee iss goin to say speshell purrayerss fur you all so. Thee Gastro problemss are no fun are they??? BLEH!
    Mee can no longer die-gest mee Blue Wilderness Chick-hen an not even Vet Man knowss why!! Iss frustratin fur efurryone……
    Feel better soon Zoey.
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~

  23. Sending purrayers that you will feel better soon.

  24. I am sending purrs your way, Zoey! Our upstairs cat, Smokey (my human’s dad’s cat – who is still looking for a home), can’t tolerate certain proteins, mostly chicken and lamb. So she doesn’t get those. She also eats raw. Maybe limiting your proteins, or other ingredients in your food, would help?

  25. We love you, Miss Zoey! We’re purring you’re back to your glorious self soon. Being sick is NEVER fun. Now that Bear’s 12, he has the same problem … a few of the foods he used to enjoy don’t settle so well on his stomach anymore.

  26. Zoey, we’re sorry you got hauled off to the evil vet but we’re glad you got checked out and nothing major seems to be going on. That’s a relief but we still hope you eat more to get a curvier figure. Sending you lots of purrs and prayers.

  27. Zoey, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if your brothers had something to do with it. Mine always torture the life (and other stuff) out of me. Anyway, I hope you feel better soon–us girls have to stick together!


    P.S. Actually, we’re all purring for you.

  28. Sam was at the vet today too, Zoey, so you are not alone (she has a UTI)! Now I have to tell you that Sam has gained a pound and the vet was very happy about that. She said Sam still looked wonderful….so we think you could gain a bit and still look wonderful too!
    So you make the lady happy, and eat up! We will be thinking of you and sending love and prayers.

  29. We are all glad here that you are OK! Take it easy with the fancy food eh?

    * paw hugs *

  30. I am sorry you haven’t been feeling so good, Zoey. I am sending good thoughts for you to soon feel better.

  31. Beautiful Z, we’re so sorry you got dragged off! We hope you feel better very soon. And good for you letting them know you are still a force to be reckoned with.

  32. We’ll purr for you, sweet girl. Mudpie is just the opposite…for the little she eats, she’s become a chub!

  33. Purrayers and POTP that you get better Zoey ! It’s no fun to be sick and we humans get very worried too.

  34. Oh dear!
    Sweetie we hope you are feeling better very soon.

    Noodle and crew

  35. Feel better, pretty girl. You are in our prayers. We know St. Francis well. Hugs!

  36. Zoey, I really hope this is just a rare occurrence and doesn’t happen again. I also hope you eat and gain a little weight.

    Good for you still showing the vet who’s boss!

  37. Hey Beautiful! Amarula agrees with you about a svelte figure – and she and the boys are sending lots of love your way so you feel better!!

  38. Zoey, your figure has always been svelte and you always look gorgeous to us! But if your Mama says you need a bit of butter on your bones, then listen to the one who knows! ;p

    You and your Mama are in our thoughts. We know how worrisome it is when one of the furkids is not up to par! Love to you and to your Mama XO

    the critters in the cottage xo

  39. Sending some healing purrz, Zoey. I have an iron-clad stomach or so TW says. If she let me, I’d eat anything and lots of it.

  40. Oh cwap, not the vet? At least she helped you some so maybe you won’t have to go back for a long while.
    Shoko and Kali

  41. Oh Zoey, I’m sorry you had to go to the evil vet! Glad nothing really bad is going on. I hope you can eat more and without upsetting your stomach. Sending purrs to you, sweetheart. xo

  42. aww, Zoey! we’re sorry you aren’t feeling well (and that you had to go to the ebil v-e-t). we’ll definitely be purring for you, and TLwtYH because we bet she is worried. we all seem to have stomachs that are bottom-less pits, or at least that is what our mom says. if we had our way we’d have figures like a beach ball!

    pip, minnie, hollie, sharpie, ditto, TL

  43. I’m purring my best healing purrs for you Zoey! I know how hard it is to eat when I’m not feeling well.

  44. Zoey sending you purrs,prays,hugs anything that will make you feel well again. It’s not fair you’ve been ill and had to visit the vets. Hope all the love and prays your receiving will help and you’ll be back to your own happy,healthy gorgeous girl..x

  45. We are sending POTP for you to get hungry and eat so you don’t have to go back to the evil v-e-t.

  46. We send you healing purrs and hope you feel better soon, Zoey. We hope you eat more soon. Purrs

  47. Zoey! Darling! I will purray for you!
    I had some vomiting this week so I think I understand how excitable our pawrents can get!

  48. Zoey, I’m sorry you were feeling poorly and got hauled off to the vet. As I’ve gotten older, sometimes my digestive system isn’t completely happy. I had a touch of the yucks yesterday and Mom perked me up with some beef baby food. I was surprised by how yummy it was. I hope you’re feeling better soon. Purrs.

  49. Zoey, we are glad that there doesn’t seem to be anything too serious going on. We’re purring and praying that you are up to snuff real soon. And please go ahead and eat some extra foods, okay?

  50. Sending purrs that you are feeling better and this never happens again

  51. Zoey, you beautiful darling girl! You look marvelous just as you are, of course, but I do like a LadyCat with a little, um, padding, too. So eat up and make the lady with the yellow hair happies, okay?

  52. Hope you feel better soon, Zoey!

  53. We’re sorry we missed this post, Zoey. We are sending you lots and lots of purrs, prayers, and hugs!

  54. Oh bootyful Zoey, we’re so sorry you had to go to the evil place. We’re sendin’ lots of hugs and purrayers. A girls also gotta eat. Ya’ know, mommy says a kitty looks good with a little meat on their bones.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

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