Jan 072018

Hey guys! Y’know…when it’s as cold as it’s been here lately, you can usually find me hanging out in one particular spot in the house. Can you guess where that is?

I'm keeping warm next to the heat vent

Yep…right next to the hot air blowin’ thingy. I’ll sit here for hours. It’s really warm! Though the mom says I’m blocking the heat for everyone else. Eh…what do I care? As long as I’m warm, right??

So I’m not moving…not even to take my selfie this week. I can take it from here.

Oops! I cut off part of my ear

Oops! Looks like I got a little too close this time and cut off part of my ear. Well…at least I’m still warm!

Do you have a favorite spot to hang out when it’s cold?

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  45 Responses to “Easy E’s Keeping Warm Selfie Sunday”

  1. Ernie, we can feel the heat radiating off you! Purrfect spot to stay warm!

  2. O Mi Cod, that is my FAVORITE spot! My human tries all sorts of tricks to divert me as she says I’m stealing the heat. Hrrrumph. Hey Ernie if you can get away with it, GO for it!

  3. As long as you are keeping warm, that is the important thing, Ernie.

  4. Ermie. smart boy finding that heat source. That selfie is just perfect. You all have a great day and stay warm.

  5. We are in rural New England, and we are lucky is we see zero. The wind is whipping, and we find the sun, the monitor, in front of the woodstove, and even under the covers, all help us stay a little warmer. We don’t like this much, and we’s all hoping for some warmer temperatures to come our way. You stay warm and safe. Happy Sunday!

  6. Yes, between mama’s knees on her comforter, all stretched out down the legs, which are like my own private little heaters.

  7. We are doing the exact same thing in our house – Rosie and Ruby together in front of the heat vents. Ruby is pretty much refusing to go outside in this weather.

  8. The boyz like to lie on the big human heating pad.

  9. That is the perfect place on a cold day!

  10. Excellent job, Ernie. You got the best spot in the house!

  11. That is definitely what those vents were made for, I mean if they were meant for humans they would be bigger and higher, surely?
    Bed is definitely one of my favourite spots, Ernie, but best one is my curvy scratcher in front of the woodturner when it’s on…. such bliss on a cold night.
    Toodle pips

  12. You’ve got the right idea, Ernie! Samantha has one of those registers as well, and I put a mat in front of it for her (the floor is wood, not nice carpet like yours). It is now her favorite spot too!

  13. My black cat Jake lays in front of the heater too. Share the heat cats, it’s cold. ; )

  14. Your looking mighty handsome and well in your photos. My boy loves to lie in front off the halogen heater he would like there all day if possible.x

  15. I think that’s a GREAT place for a selfie – especially considering the weather you’re having!

  16. Nice selfies, you are smart to stay where it is warm.

  17. Your warm and comfy selfie looks terrific Ernie!

  18. You’re the smart one, Ernie! If anyone else really wanted to be warm, they would have taken that spot first, right?

  19. You & I think alike, Ernie! I do that exact same thing. The heater is so nice a warm on the furrs! Happy Mew Year!

  20. In front of the fireplace is good because there is room for more than one of us!

  21. That is a great place to stay warm. That is something Zoe does, not to mention her becoming glued to the fireplace when we turn it on.
    Yael from Playing In Catnip

  22. I have them all staked out. Mom knows when she’s looking for me I will be at one of them for sure. Glued!

  23. Beautiful selfie ! That’s a great place to stay warm. We don’t have hot air blowing heaters, but we have big old radiators on which we can lie and sleep. Purrs

  24. Way to go Ernie. Kali knows where you’re comin’ from. She plasters herself on the heat register every morning until brekkie is served…..when it’s real cold she stays on the heat register and let’s mom bring her the brekkie. MOL


  25. Ernie, you’re smart! You take a gorgeous selfie too!
    I’ve been living in my oven (warming bed).

  26. mol! you are smart, Ernie! yeah, who cares about anybuddy else 😀 if our warm air blowy things were on the ground we’d be on top of them too 🙂 we all pile up on mom’s lap when it’s cold, or at least the four of us that can tolerate being so close to each other 🙂 great selfie – you just look sort of feral-ish with the tipped ear 🙂

    pip, minnie, hollie, sharpie, ditto, TL

  27. Looking most handsome and very warm Ernie.
    I love my very sunny window perch…this time of day and year. In the winter the sun’s angle is purrfect
    Hugs madi your bfff

  28. Ernie, I wear my down winter coat, that reaches down to my knees, in the house. And a hat. And a scarf. Someday, maybe I’ll get a pile of cats on my lap!

  29. Ernie, we all vie for the spot atop the radiator cover in the bedroom. In fact, Misty May is there now. Warmest spot in the hose other than camping atop a human. Your selfie is meowvolous. You always do a great job. Thanks for hopping. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

  30. Oh yeah. That’s the best spot in the house. Our heater vents come out of the floor so I can lie flat on it.

  31. That’s the way to go!

  32. Mudpie loves being near the furnace vent too! I think if we had a fireplace she would end up singeing her furs!!!

  33. Oh! You picked a great spot.
    Have a wonderful Sunday…

    Noodle and crew

  34. Ha. You are the smart one. Tell the others to find their own vents.

  35. Ernie! Wow! That is the purrfect spot! I too would hang out there…Nellie er Queen Penelope was a heat seeking missile too!

  36. We dont sit on the blowy things here. The air is warm, but it is so dry our fur sparks…

  37. I agree with hanging out by the warm air blowing. That is why my ham-mick is over a heaty spot, but then the air can get out to mum. Don’t want her to get cold.

  38. Looks like you’ve found the best spot in the house!

  39. Ernie I too am a “heat register hog”……I know where every single one of them is and have become best friends with them all!

    Hugs, Teddy

  40. […] The things I put up with around here. I shoulda stayed by the hot air blowing thingy. […]

  41. Mee-you Ernie thee last two weeks have been sumfing out a novel about Hadess freezin over!!! BBRRR!! Wee have sum srot of baseboard heeterss here so not open like yurss! Yur selfie iss 444 paws uppy. You stay rite wehre you are, mew mew mew…
    Siddhartha Henry =^,.^-

  42. That’s a good spot, Ernie…and looking Hot in your Selfie too <3 Warm Pawkisses 🙂 <3

  43. Heaters are always a good spot Ernie! All of us love them!

    Sorry we are late for the selfies. Dad’s home and with him, and the beach its been really annoying trying to get time to say hi to our friends!!

    Keep safe and warm guys.

  44. That is my fave spot too! Great kitty minds think alike:)

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