May 092009

We haven’t done Photo Hunters in awhile.  But this week’s theme is “In Memory” and we wanted to participate so we could pay tribute to the ones that came before us.


This is Bogart who was mom’s first cat after she finished college and was living on her own.  None of us ever met Bogart.  He went to the Rainbow Bridge in December 2001 at the age of 20 1/2.  Mom still misses him….


This is Scooter.  We’ve posted about Scooter before.  Scooter was the original Island Cat.  I’m the only one who knew Scooter.  Ernie and Zoey weren’t here when he lived on the Island.  He was a lot older than me and I learned a lot from him…like how to be a proper Island Cat.  Scooter went to the Rainbow Bridge in January 2006 just shy of his 17th birthday.


Here’s a picture of me and Scooter.  He always acted like he didn’t like me…but I know deep down he really did.  I miss Scooter…and I know mom does too.

We know Bogart and Scooter are playing together at the Bridge, waiting for that day when we see them again….


  26 Responses to “Photo Hunters – In Memory”

  1. I am sure they are watching over all of you and helping you throughout your day. Those were some lovely pictures of those who came before you…

  2. Sometimes when my mom picks me up I look over her shoulder or off to the side at what seems to be nothing…and she asks me who is there, who do I see? The Bridge Angels do come by and check on us, but moms and dads have too many filters on to see them. I’m sure Bogart and Scooter still check in to make sure everything is ok and they’ll all be waiting at the Bridge.

  3. Those all look like nice cats. Thanks for sharing your memories.

  4. Wonderful tributes to both Bogart and Scooter!

    Our Mom had tears reading this and thinks they were both gorgeous cats.

  5. i hope i get to meet them one day at the bridge! they were beautiful kittens!

  6. Dear friends,
    What a beautiful “tribute”! Amazing pictures!
    This post is full of great feelings and we liked a lot!Many thanks for sharing!
    purrs and love
    Luna and mommy Léia

  7. Good memories of good kitties, we don’t forget those we love ~ ever!

  8. I also am sure they are watching over you, you will meet them again at the bridge.

    Hugs GJ x

  9. What lovely memory photos. I am sure that you are missing both of them, but they will be there waiting for you when the time is right.

  10. Bogart and Scooter look like sweethearts. It is good to take time to remember them, and honour that memory.

  11. Both Bogart and Scooter lived a long and happy life. They are watching you guys contently, knowing that you’ll meet again. A lovely tribute!
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  12. Wonderful memories today….
    You will never forgot them and Bogart 2o years Wow!!
    I can believe you never forget him….

  13. Such sweet kitties! I know that they live on in your folks hearts…

  14. Scooter and Bogart looked like real cool cats. I’m glad they got to live such long and happy lives.

  15. Those are great tributes. What a delightful (but sometimes sort of sad) photohunt theme this week–we get to see all the kitties who have come before. Some we recall reading about and others who are new to us.

  16. Your brothers lived to be nice old kitties:) That’s a testament to how great your Mom took care of them:)

  17. That was a wonderful tribute to some very special cats indeed!! What a couple of sweeties!

  18. It is so nice to remember the ones that came before you. Thanks for showing us their pictures.

  19. What wonderful memories of your friends!

  20. Wonderful memories of your friend and of your Mom’s first cat.They both look very sweet.

    Happy Mother’s Day to your Mom.

  21. What a beautiful remembrance post – and what lovely memories you must have of Bogart and Scooter. They’ll be waiting at the Bridge when you get there … for more days in the sun.

  22. Mum has had leaky eyes all day reading the photo hunters stories.

    Happy mother’s day to your mum by the way!

  23. What a WONFERFUL tribute! Made Tommy smile and think of the ones before us. Thanks for sharing!

  24. Thankyou for sharing your memories with us.They are certainly lovely handsome men and I bet were very happy and loved.. such long , and I bet, wonderful lives.

  25. What a lovely post. It’s good to remember the ones before us. Thank you for sharing.

  26. I’m a little late checking in here. With Mom being gone until Sunday, I missed so many blogs! And since she’s trying to recover from all the excitement of her trip, I’m still missing blogs!

    I never met Bogart or Scooter, but I know my Mom did. She remembers when your Mom lived in the other little house.

    I like to remember Grady and Mom thinks we should do a memory post about him sometime.

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