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Ho ho ho, guys! It’s me, Santa Wally along with my trusty helper, Ernie Elf. ‘Tis the season for giving…and that includes your favorite charities, right? When you’re making out your “who to buy for” gift list and deciding what charities to donate to, don’t forget your local animal shelter or rescue group. They can always use donations. And not just the typical ones like dog and cat food, treats and toys, cat litter or money. Sure, they need those things…but they also need items you might not normally think of donating.

5 things to donate to your animal shelter

Here’s 5 inexpensive things your local animal shelter can really use and that you can easily donate:

  1. Blankets and towels. Blankets are used in cages and towels, including hand towels and small wash cloths, are used to clean cages and other things around the shelter. They don’t have to be new ones. We bet you have some towels and blankets that you don’t use anymore. Why not donate these to your local shelter? They will put them to good use.
  2. Laundry detergent, bleach and dryer sheets. Most of you know the mom volunteers at one of our local shelters. She says you wouldn’t believe the amount of laundry they do on any given day. Which means they go through a lot of detergent and bleach. When you buy a bottle of laundry detergent for yourself, why not pick up an extra one to donate to the shelter?
  3. Hand sanitizer. Germs and diseases can spread pretty quickly in a shelter. At our shelter, before anyone can touch one of the dogs or cats, they’re asked to use hand sanitizer to help stop the spread of diseases from one animal to another. This applies to all the volunteers and the people that come in during adoption hours. You can imagine how much hand sanitizer the shelter goes through.
  4. Paper towels and garbage bags. Every shelter needs paper towels and garbage bags. All those litter boxes need cleaning and where do you think the old litter goes? In the garbage. And it fills up quickly. The mom says it seems like they’re always running out of garbage bags at the shelter.
  5. Your time. This is probably the most important thing you could ever donate. Shelters NEED volunteers. Most are understaffed, and the only way they can provide adequate care for the animals is with the help of volunteers. The animals need feeding, cages need cleaning, dogs need walking. There’s so many ways you can help the shelter by just donating a little bit of your time. Even once a month can be a huge help.

These things may not be as fun as toys and food for the animals, but they help the shelter which, in turn, helps the animals there. You can always include a few toys if you want, too.

Our animal shelter donations

We’re putting together our donation for our shelter. The mom will drop all this stuff off to them this week.

We hope that this holiday season you’ll add your local shelter or rescue group to your “who to buy for” gift list. Let’s make sure all the animals waiting in shelters to find their forever homes have a Merry Christmas, too.

  66 Responses to “5 Things to Donate to Your Animal Shelter this Holiday Season”

  1. Great ideas for donations!

  2. I will, guys. I promise.

  3. What fantastic ideas! We are working on compiling things to donate to our shelter, and we’ll be sure to include some of these. Purrs!

  4. We want to add a tip–join your local shelter(s) Facebook page. Our shelter will post most-needed items each week. It’s a good reminder for us of things they need, that we don’t think about.

  5. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas. Hugs and nose kisses Pooh, Chancy and Mumsy

  6. Thank you for sharing such great information! We have a Facebook page for Christmas donations to shelters, but we didn’t do anything with it this year. We’re a little ashamed with our secretary.

  7. Well done. When the busy slows down a bit, mom wants to spend more time at the shelter as a volunteer.

  8. those are pawesome and they also can use newspaper big time, lots and lots of newspaper! (My stepdaughter manages Almost Home in Southfield and what you mentioned and so much more are always needed!) We try to donate every few months. Well done!

  9. Super duper ideas guys…….everyone has stuff they no longer use or have more of than they really need that shelters/rescues would LOVE to have! Now that makes Christmas merry for everyone!

    Hugs, Teddy

  10. Those are so practical! And will be well received. They always include lists like that when they showcase furs up fur adoption in our local newspaper.

  11. Great idea! Most people don’t think about the practical needs of shelters and rescues, so this is good information to put out there!

  12. These are awesome ideas!

  13. That is such a great idea. I will have to get someone to take my donations over there, since I would probably bring back many animals. Those are such great things to donate. You all have a wonderful Day.

  14. …and don’t forget money! Shelters are always happy to take that, too.

  15. Great reminders ! One of the shelters we help has a list with that kind of items to give ideas to people. Purrs

  16. What good ideas! Many shelters, like PAWS, have Amazon wish lists too. Thank you for this terrific helpful post.

  17. That is a great list and all are very important!

  18. Men cats in hats make this Cougar kitty weak in the knees
    Hugs madi your bfff

  19. Aww, Ernie and Wally…you are too cute!
    Great post, with wonderful ideas! Our animal shelters need our help with everything.

  20. Yippee for mentioning all the things shelters need but aren’t thought of by donators! Awesome post and we thank you!

  21. Mom tells people all the time: bleach & paper towels

    Also for those who can’t be “in” the shelter for whatever reason, ask if there is something you can do from home. Upload pictures, input data, write thank you notes….

  22. You guys have big hearts! So sweet of you! I just made a donation to my local shelter!

  23. These are great! If everyone did something we could make a huge difference for shelter animals.

  24. These are some great ideas. I try to clean out every so often including blankets, sheets, and towels we no longer use, along with toys and beds. But I never thought too much about buying an extra of some of those other things to bring along too. I want to put some things together right after the holidays when things settle down.

  25. Great list Wally and Ernie!
    Our Mama is getting a package together to send to the rescue that Avalon’s BFF comes from.It is a huge place with 800 animals in need with both cats and dogs in residence.She gives green papers to Avalon’s rescue. Everything/anything helps and sadly there are many animals in need 🙁

    the critters in the cottage xo

  26. Excellent post. We all have something we can give to those less fortunate.

  27. Wonderful reminder! Thank you for helping your shelter with those donations too!

  28. What good ideas, boys! And how sweet that you’ve got yours all ready to go!

  29. My shelter has a wish lists for its needs, so we can just check what they need. Food, treats or even better sometimes. CASH!

  30. Excellent post! Yes, we are in! HUGS!

  31. What a great idea! Thanks for letting us all know about it. Thank you for your kind words about Maddie.

  32. That’s a great list.
    And don’t forget the other animals that shelters often have like rabbits.

  33. Those are great suggestions, Wally. I bet money works too.

  34. i’ve always wanted to volunteer at the shelter all three boyz spent time at. hopefully i’ll make it happen this year…

  35. What great ideas. And yes, we often don’t think about those many things that go into running a shelter. GRAZIE!!!

  36. That’s a great list! And that’s awesome that your mom is taking all that stuff to your shelter.

  37. Great post!
    Have a wonderful holiday…

    Noodle and crew

  38. Love these ideas! I finally found a place in the area to donate food/treats. All of the rescues/shelters I talked to have exclusive deals where they only feed a particular brand in exchange for free food. Even better, the place I donate is a food pantry for people with pets 🙂

  39. Aaaaaaaaaw Dat is so sweet of ya’ll. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  40. Great list! We know that PAWS is always grateful for those kinds of donations!

  41. What an absolutely perfect post for the holidays! These are all great ideas and things that sometimes people forget about. We are bringing some donations over this weekend.

  42. Guys, such a great post! We donate all our old towels and linens etc to our fav rescue fur the kitties!

    Huge festive purrs

    Basil & Co xox

  43. All of these are gold dust to any rescue. I know mine gets through a lot of hand sanitiser as people use it when they go into different cat areas. Our rescue gets through a LOT of towels for every kind of reason too!

  44. Great Post and list, we donated last week a garbage bag full of toys, treats and am putting a bag of towels at this moment together

  45. Don’t do it Wally – trust me – you do not want to slip off the NICE list to the NAUGHTY list this close to Christmas!

    Hugs, Teddy

  46. wonderful ideas! If you can’t bring them all home with you at least you can make them more comfortable at the shelter!

  47. Great donation suggestions! I really want to donate my time some next year.

  48. If every person can do just a couple of these things for their local group imagine the impact! Great donation ideas – thank you for getting this message out there!

  49. What a great idea for a post! Shelters deserve lots of love any time of year, but over the holidays is a particularly good time to share gifts (including time). Thanks for the reminder.

  50. I save our old towels for the shelter. Sometimes I’ll take in bags of newspapers as well. And all the food/treats Mr. N won’t eat!

  51. One of the easiest things we’ve donated have been empty toilet paper and towel rolls. Our local shelter uses them to make toys for the cats. We’ve also given newspapers and old towels. I’ve now added laundry detergent and hand sanitizer to our list. Thanks for the heads-up!

  52. I never thought about the basic items a shelter would need. I have a lot of items we’ve received as part of 12 Days of Catmas that I want to donate, but I guess I need to check with them to see if they are needed.

  53. I like #5. We always donate towels, blankets, detergent, even paper plates. Great post cos most peeps don’t think of those things.

  54. What great ideas. I think I will do that too this year.

  55. I’ve been donating to shelters for a long time, so I usually include some of the items on your list. However, the first time I saw that they wanted cleaning supplies, it was a lightbulb moment. I hadn’t thought about how much cleaning they do. At our shelter, they even have volunteers who just do laundry!

  56. There is a great shelter here in Richmond, BC. A lady Mommy used to work with volunteers and said they needed some cat toys so this year we bought a whole bunch of cat toys for them.

  57. Our local shelters also appreciate plastic tarps, as they can use those under blankets and towels to make clean-up easier when a dog is sick and is vomiting.

  58. Yay! We’re often focused on all the things we had to do, to get ready for the holidays. But it’s the season of giving and these animal shelters need our help. Great suggestions and so easy to do.

  59. Perfect simple yet helpful list! So true. I had no idea anyone would want my mismatched bleach spotty towels until I volunteered at an animal shelter and saw how much supplies and need there is. Will share this!

  60. I read your list with attention. You are right, most of us would not have thought of towels for instance. But from what I have heard in our local shelter, what they need most are veterinaries who are willing to volunteer with them. Especially on the weekends or holidays, when people show up with animals they rescued but don’t know how to care for.

  61. Shelters always need small toys.Small crinkle balls are always popular . Most shelters have wishlist on their website or on Amazon.

  62. Great list; I’m sure many people wouldn’t realize these things can be so helpful.

  63. The shelter will certainly appreciate getting these useful gifts! Kudos to all of the volunteers!

  64. 444 pawss uppy fur yur Mumma!!! LadyMum doe-natess to our low-cal Feral kat group an peepull who need xtra stuff.
    If wee all do a bit then a lot gets dun rite Wally an Ernie?
    An Ernie LadyMum sayss yur ADOORANULL inn yur Elf costume!
    Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

  65. it is always helpful to donate things you might not immediately think of being helpful to keeping the animals. paper, postage, envelopes, pens etc are another great option

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