May 082009


You like my floofy tail??

The lady with the yellow hair
says she’s gonna use it to dust the furniture.

She better be joking…


  32 Responses to “Formerly Feral – Floofy Duster”

  1. Yea, she better be! Although that’s quite a little duster you have!

  2. Pfft to your mum! Your tail is just lovely.

  3. Love your floofy tail, hope it doesn’t get used as a duster.

  4. You do have a lovely floofy tail Zoey!

  5. Gotta love the floofy tail! I does look quite a bit like a feather, though, and they do use those for dusting ya know.

  6. We love your floofy tail.

  7. Fabulous floofy tail! Flick it at your Mom for being so cheeky as to suggest dusting wiv it!

  8. Mom’s can be so silly sometimes! I like to dip my tail in her food!!!

  9. Beautiful tail, she must be joking….

    Hugs GJ x

  10. It does look like it would be a good duster, Zoey (but of course, it’s far too beautiful to use for cleaning!)

  11. Zoey, this joke is getting old wouldn’t you say? I hear it all the time too. Sigh, us floofy kitties lead a hard life. ; )
    Purrs, swiffy Siena

  12. LOL I hope she is kidding!Your tails is fabulous!

    purrs from Brazil
    Luna and mommy Léia

  13. You’ve got one of the greatest floofy tails we’ve ever seen Zoey!!

  14. That is an impressive tail. It looks like it might be fun to attack.

  15. Don’t worry, Zoey! My Mom always threatens to use me for a duster also. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t mean it either 😉


  16. You’re a floofy Rockstar!

  17. Zoey – that is one majestically floofy tail!
    Y’all have a great weekend on the island!

  18. That is a very floofy tail. I am sure she is joking.

  19. The humans and their so-called humor. They are not as funny as they think.

  20. Your tail is floofier than Gemini’s. But don’t tell her I said that. She is very proud of having all that floof.

  21. Your tail is FLOOFALICIOUS!

  22. Tell her that your tail is not made of fev-vers, Zoey!

  23. Zoey, we think she might be joking with you. Besides, our tail furs put stuff on the furniture, not take stuff off!

  24. Oh, our mom has something for remove the dust that looks nearly like …..a tail. The color is a little strange….its pink

    You looks great there with your floofy tail.
    Happy weekend!

  25. Zoey, you look like you’re posing for the centerfold of Cat Fancy Magazine!

    We luvs Swiffer tails!

  26. hehe, you’ve got a superfloofiferous tail! I hope yur momma doesn’ t use it as a dustur!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  27. she’z probublee not kiddin … becuz dat tail wood be a grate duster!

  28. schmaybe she kuld tye a rag to yur tail so it no get dirty while yoos dusting

  29. That is a seriously good lookin’ tail!

  30. That’s a beautiful floofy tail! Your mom better watch it or that tail may swish some things off the table.

  31. You are too handsome to be a feather duster! 🙂

  32. She must be joking. Who would want to get all that gorgeous floof dirty?

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