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Hi everybuddy. It’s me…Zoey. Y’know…most of us cats love the feeling of being enclosed in something. It makes us feel safe and secure. That’s why we love boxes and bags and other small enclosed spaces. I know I love being inside my kitty condo…or as I call it, my Hidey Hole. So I was really excited when the lady with the yellow hair gave me this new 2-in-1 Cat Cube and Bed that we got from Smiling Paws Pets to try out.

Smiling Paws Pets 2-in-1 Cat Cube and Bed

Lemme tell you all about it. The Smiling Paws Pets 2-in-1 Cat Cube and Bed is approximately 13″x13″x13″ and is very well made. The outside fabric feels like heavy denim so you know it’s made to last and to withstand sharp kitty claws. The padded inside is covered with a soft sherpa material and includes a plush removable pad in the bottom. Yep, it’s very comfortable in here.

You can wash it in the washing machine on the delicate cycle. It also has a non-skid bottom so it won’t go sliding around.

I did say this is a 2-in-1, didn’t I?

The cube easily converts into a bed

That’s because this cozy cube can be easily converted into a comfy cat bed for those times when your cat may prefer to lounge. All you have to do is push the top of the cube into the bottom. It fits right in.

Hey look! The bed is smiling!

Smiling Paws Pets 2-in-1 Cat Cube and Bed

I’ll be honest with you…as a bed, it’s a little bit on the small side…and a larger size cat might not fit in it comfortably. I much prefer it as a cube myself.

The 2-in-1 Cat Cube and Bed isn’t just for cats either. I bet small dogs would love it as well.

I've got some snoozing to do

You know what else I like about this cube? There’s no room in here for those stupid boycats. This just might be my new favorite spot to hang out. Don’t tell my Hidey Hole, okay? Now, if you don’t mind…I’ve got some snoozing to do.

For more information about the Smiling Paws Pets 2-in-1 Cat Cube and Bed and how to get one for your cat…it would make a great Christmas gift!…visit their website HERE. You can also check out some of the other fun products Smiling Paws Pets has to offer. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram, too.

But wait…I almost forgot the fun part. We’re giving away a Smiling Paws Pets 2-in-1 Cat Cube and Bed to one of our readers. That’s right! The giveaway is for those in the U.S. only. Just use the Rafflecopter below to enter. Void where prohibited. You have through December 15, 2017 to enter. The winner will be notified by email and will have 48 hours in which to claim the prize or else another winner will be chosen. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure:  We received the Smiling Paws Pets 2-in-1 Cat Cube and Bed for free when we agreed to do this review and giveaway, but that did not influence our opinion at all. The Island Cats will always give a fair and honest review, and will only share information that we feel is relevant to our readers.

  69 Responses to “Smiling Paws Pets 2-in-1 Cat Cube and Bed”

  1. My cat would love this Cat Cube. The smaller the space the better.

  2. That looks like a great hideaway. Several of my cats like hidey holes-Millie, Prancie and KaTwo do.

  3. That’s a very nice bed, fur sure. It would fit ME purrrfectly. – Leia

  4. When I first got her, my cat avoided small spaces. She has recently started to sleep in them more; her favorites are the enclosed area of her cat condo and the back area of one of my cabinets behind some boxes.

  5. I love to sleep in hidey holes, Zoey. I’m putting this on my Christmas list. Purrs, Evan

  6. All three of our cats love cuddling up in little places. I think they’d love this!

  7. Oh that looks like a comfy bed–thank you for the giveaway!

  8. Zoey you look so darling in the cat cube!

  9. You look very comfy in your new Hidey Hole. Some of the cats here like small spaces.

  10. I think one of our cats would simply adore this; one of them would be too big for it..

  11. We love that! You look so comfy, Zoey. And there’s no such thing as a spot too small for a cat (we mean, just look at that tub Izzy in Caroline’s small basket!).

  12. ZOEY! I totes love this!!!

  13. That is totally cool! I love it! Especially the colours!


  14. Zoey, your hidey hole is adorable! Oh yeah, I’m entering the giveaway; Da Boyz need stuff!

  15. Zoey you know I love your window seat BUT OMCs this cube is way better
    Hugs madi your bfff

  16. It is a very clever idea.

  17. That is a totally clever design!!!!! I love it – so does my Mom! I love to sleep EVERYWHERE so small/big/sorta small/sorta big – doesn’t matter what size it is. Cool!

    Love, Teddy

  18. Yes we do! This cube looks extremely comfy cozy!

  19. That cube/bed looks lovely, and the padding must make it very comfy.
    Can I enter, and if I were lucky enough to win I would have it sent to another blogger in the US who I know would love it.

  20. Looks like a great hideaway and bed. Would love to win this for my cat, Daisy Mae.

  21. Thanks for the chance to win this bed/hideaway. Thanks for the extra entry too.

  22. my stars girl this bed/cube is FABulous !!! I think hiding in the cube part would be my choice as well !! best fishes two everyone on winning this awesome cat bed ! =^..*= dai$y ♥♥

  23. Wow, that looks like SUCH a cool pet bed! I bet our fosters would love that, as many are a bit shy when they first arrive and need a good, cozy place to hide.

  24. Looks like you have a perfect spot.

  25. Wow, that sure looks like a great hidey hole and bed. That is one great addition to cat stuff. You all have a super day.

  26. We like your cubed hidey hole, Zoey. You look so cute in it.

    Shoko and Kali

  27. My kitties would totally love this. They love cozy small spots!

  28. my cat loves to crawl into things or under blankets to sleep so he would love this!

  29. That looks so cozy! I’m so glad you’ve claimed it as your own, Zoey!

  30. Yes, my cat does like napping in small places. She can fit almost anywhere.

  31. Of course my kitty a love sleeping in a little spaces. For a bottle doesn’t enjoy getting all cozied up.

  32. That is SOOOOOOOO neat. Wow all of us want one but Mum says there isn’t room for 8 of them * sigh *

  33. Sparkle had a combo cat cube and bed… where did it go? I need to ask my human!

  34. That looks a lot better than that flimsy nylon cube we had before. TBT says we might try that one. Ohh, and Catmas is coming…

  35. Sometimes… And sometimes not. Both cats like spreading out across my bed. But, they both like sleeping in fabric baskets underneath our end tables. Lol. They would get a kick out of the cat bed/cube!

  36. My cats would love this! They love sleeping in tiny spots. Boxes are their favorite.

  37. Oh Zoey, dat looks really pawsum. Raena luvs curlin’ up somewhere all closed off. Me thinks it’s so she can swat at me. MOL Big hugs gawjus.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  38. I luv to hide in small spaces.

  39. That’s a neat trick It’s like a transformer. I bet all our boys would like that.

  40. That sure looks comfy and you look darn cute in there sweet Zoey!

  41. That thing is made for Theo…

  42. Mee-you Zoey that iss SUM SUE-PURR hidey hole 2 inn 1 bed!! Pawtastick!!!!
    You look so comfy cozy inn it!!
    **nose rubsss** Siddhartha Henry xXx

  43. Zoey, this bed looks like it was made for you. That cushion looks heavenly. That bed will be so nice this winter.

    We wish everyone good luck in the giveaway!

  44. What a cute bed, Zoey and I love that it smiles at me 🙂 Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend 🙂 <3

  45. Wow, I love that it can be used as cube and bed! So cool! And sure looks comfy 🙂

  46. That is really cool! You should definitely keep it all to yourself, Zoey!

  47. Okay, now that’s really cool!
    Have a wonderful weekend…

    Noodle and crew

  48. hey, this looks great. We bet Sawyer would like it. He keep jumping on top of the pyramid and turning it into bed. Maybe we’ll get lucky and win. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

  49. What a great idea for a combo hidey hole and napping spot!

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  51. That’s a cool multi-functional pet accessory. I’ll have to check out their site and see what other fun things they have.

    • Hello Fur-friends,

      Thank you all for joining our contest! If you were not able to win, don’t worry be happy coz you can still take advantage of the 15% OFF when you purchase with Smiling Paws Pets.

      Promo code: Islands15, the promo is until January 09, 2018. What are you waiting for?

  52. i dont have cats but i have small dogs and they like napping in small places. i have 2 gals and they like napping on top of one another, i have a bed under the piano near my pc and they like snuggling in the back corner.

  53. I, Pipo like to hang out where I can watch things…but I am not the hidiest of kitties. My Angel Brofur Minko was an expert at finding and using the teeniest of hiding spots!

    That looks like an awesome pawsome bed/cube. I bet I would love it and maybe even Dalton. He is about the same size as me:)

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  55. My cat love nappy behind our bedroom door.

  56. My Simba would just love this Cat Cube!

  57. definitely she curls into little spaces to sleep all the time

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  59. The boys would love the hidey hole, especially Zeke. It loves to hide and pounce on his older brother. This would be perfect for him. Thanks for the giveaway.

  60. My cat loves curling up into a small place!

  61. Mickey Mouser and Rufus the Red love small spaces – sometimes they sleep stacked! Rufus is always on top. Those orange cats!
    Thanks for putting together this nice give-away.

  62. My cat would love this 🙂 He loves hiding in small places like behind the door.

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  64. I have four kitties and all but one would fit! And they would love it.

    I wonder, do they make it in a full-figured size?

  65. Chloe Jo loves this kind of bed! She would appreciate this one! Thanks, guys. xo

  66. I love my igloo so I bet I’ll love this 2 in 1. Pawsome giveawy!

  67. Hello Fur-friends,

    Thank you all for joining our contest! If you were not able to win, don’t worry happy coz you can still take advantage of the 15% OFF when you purchase with Smiling Paws Pets.

    Promo code: Islands15, the promo is until January 09, 2018. What are you waiting for?

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