Dec 062017


WALLY! Did YOU do this? Did you knock the plant off the table??

I'm innocent!

Waydamint! Why are you accusing me, mom? There’s other cats around here, y’know.

Because you’re the only cat around here that likes to mess with the plants. Not to mention, you’ve done it before.

Rats! She knows me too well. *whispering* I hope Santa Paws didn’t see me do it….

  47 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. Is there genetic or photographic evidence, Wally? No? Then, it wasn’t you…case closed!

  2. Oops might just work for you Wally!

  3. I would be calling your attorney at claw, Wally.

  4. We think you could be nothing but innocent, Wally!

  5. Wally, if you did do it admit it then Santa Paws might forgive you and you’ll still get what you want for Christmas. Although, my Grandfather always said never admit to anything and then people can’t be sure you did it. Always like to see what your doing.

  6. Keep up the innocent face. Even if she knows, she can’t PROVE it.

  7. It was “Not me,” the ghost from the Family Circle cartoons! Honest!

  8. Hmmm, Angel Queen Penelope asked me to ask you if you were trying to use it for your “business” cuz she used to dump plants all over the floor when she tried.

  9. I just think Humpty Dumpty had a great fall . . .

  10. Mom should know better than to set you up. Right, Wally? A guy can resist anything except temptation. *wink*

  11. Oops, that happens, Wally! And I’m sure Santa Paws love all the kitties, naughty or good 🙂

  12. oh oh, busted…

  13. YOU DIDN’T The most senior Harvey does is widdle on inappropriate things like mum’s clothes!! * sigh *

  14. Oops, you did it again ! Busted ! Purrs

  15. You’ll need to pick up your demerits from cat scouts!

  16. Wally I say the elf on the shelf did it!
    Must my 2 cents

    Kitty kisses!

  17. Hey, accidents happen! Right?

  18. dood…unlezz therz dirt on yur toez ewe iz guilt tee til prooved inn o cent….

    uh….wait ~~~~~

    🙂 ♥♥

  19. oh noes! Need a defensible alibi dood? We’re there for ya!

  20. I love Wally’s innocent expression!

  21. Wally…not to worry. Santa was busy…

  22. Wally you tell her, she should have nip in that and I bet that’s why you knocked it over, cause she didn’t!

  23. Oh dear Wally looks like you smashed a cat planter too it really shouldn’t have been somewhere that it was going to be prone to accidents. You should maybe practice the totally innocent look as your cute gorgeous face says it all….it was me im guilty. Anyway I guess Santa Claus forgives accidents…it was an accident..wasn’t it Wally? .x

  24. Uh-oh, Wally….busted! We won’t tell Santa though!

  25. It must have been windy. 🙂

  26. We think the orange kitty planter was the dead giveaway, Wally!

  27. Don’t worry, Wally, Sandy Paws won’t notice, ’cause he’s busy crossing off the names of naughty humans from his list. The list of them is endless the days. MOL!

  28. Uh oh. Mommy says he’s *always* watching. –Mudpie

  29. Oh Wally, it looks like someone didn’t cat proof the house. ;

  30. We think the plant jumped!

  31. Oops! That was definitely an accident!

  32. EEEKKK!!!! Wally what IF Santa Clawss saw you??? Mee advice iss to make uppy to yur Mumma ASAP an not knock anyfing else over…..
    Mee iss bad with plants so there are NUN here! LadyMum gave them away. Mee even knocked thee littul tabull top tree over not once, not twice butt 3 timess….Now thee tree iss inn thee pantree!! PHOOEY!
    **nose bumpsss** Siddhartha Henry xXx

  33. You know what they say, Wally–CATS HAPPEN.

  34. I’m pretty sure the wind knocked it off the table!

  35. IDUNNO did it didn’t they? That’s who did it here Wally!

  36. That is not one of those “suicidal” ivy plants that I’ve read about, is it? They suddenly leap off tables and shelves trying to self harm…maybe…Sorry, Wally, I tried.

  37. It jumped all on its own. It is ugly, it deserved to die.

  38. Darn. She makes a good point, Wally. But yeah, maybe Santa dude did not see it!

  39. Oh-oh!!! Poor legless plant, MOL! I won’t tell Santa paws, Wally..

  40. Oh dearie me……Wally I can’t imagine that one tiny MISTAKE would put you on Santa’s NAUGHTY list when you’ve obviously been so very very very good all year long! WHOOPS!

    Hugs, Teddy

  41. I’m sure it wasn’t you Wally. You look so innocent 🙂

  42. Wally, it was totally an accident, right? These things happen. It’s okay to say, “Hey, mom, I just made a mistake and it got out of hand, but yes, I messed around with that pot and bammo.”

    Just ask her if she’ll loan you some really good glue. Santa forgives.

  43. Oh oh, Buster feels you Wally. I thinks it’s the orinj genes, Buster knocks plants off the table too.

  44. You look so innocent, Wally. I can’t believe it was you.

  45. I bet Santa was too busy to see that. Don’t worry!

  46. Wally, you have to be extra careful this close to Christmas. Even if Santa misses something, moms rarely do!

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