May 062009

Everyone wants to know…
What’s That Wally Doing?


Hey!  How come you’re all upside down???


  42 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. LOL
    hey dear Wally! You are so cute !
    Fabulous shot!
    purrs from Brazil
    ( and mommy Léia)

  2. Wally’s showing us the cute freckles on his nose and bottom lip! So cute!

  3. Wednesdays are great because we know we’ll get to see the adorable Wally!

    Dobby has those freckles too – he also has very faint “ghost Siamese” markings (we thought he was dirty when we first got him, but it’s his colors.)

  4. You look like you have a lot of thoughts in that head of yours ,Wally.

  5. My brother Tiggy has lip freckles too. That is a purrty cute photo of you!

  6. Hey Wally!! That is one of my favorite sleeping positions! |
    Maizy Grace

  7. You look adorable Wally!!!

  8. Aww cute look on the world.

    Hugs GJ x

  9. you are too darn cute!

  10. You are looking cute even upside down.

  11. You guys are pawsome! Thanks so much for entering the contest! We wish you much luck…..the prizes look so great!

  12. I like to be upside down sometimes…

  13. We ♥ comin’ ta see youz. We wantz youz ta have lotz-a kitty fun taday☺ Do we look funny to youz when youz look at uz uppie-side-downie?☺

  14. Another ginger with freckles and black whiskers! Such a cutie!

  15. You must have had too many meowgaritas yesterday, Wally!

  16. Ohmygoodness!!! We just saw your donation! Thank you thank you thank you!

  17. Oh Wally, you look very cute upside down! Was there a little too much partying yesterday for Cinco de Mayo?

  18. I like that shot:)
    I have also many freckles on my noise,
    my Mom sad its cute 😉
    purss Kareltje

  19. Wally, you have funny little spots on your lips! Why didn’t we see them when you were right side up?

  20. Upside-down looking is very fun!

  21. Uh, hey, Wally, it’s YOU that’s upside down!

  22. I think maybe your photographer was upside down when she took the picture.

  23. I know what you are doing…you are stealing our hearts!

  24. Hahaha…Wally yoor just to cute. Oh boy, Zippy sez yoor in da purrfect position to get a kissy…

  25. You’re so funny ^^

    Jas & Gi

  26. You look very handsome like that Wally. Isn’t it fun to be funny like that?

  27. We like to be upside down, Wally

  28. What cute little freckles.

  29. That’s because we ARE upside down. Really good pic of you.


  30. You are even cuter upside down!

  31. What pretty eyes you got, Wally!

  32. That’s a great photo. I love to look at the world upside down too.


  33. You are so cute! I love looking upside down!

  34. Hi Wally,

    Iz you in Australia?

  35. LOL!

    I love it…Wally, you’re classic!

  36. hey yous looks funnies upsides downs

  37. Oh Wally, you are so silly!

  38. You are soooo purrty and efen more so when u are upside-down!

  39. Wally, you’re making me dizzy!

  40. Wally is showing off his cute freckles 🙂
    Thanks for the purrs!!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  41. Thanks for the Gotcha Day wishes.

  42. I don’t know. How did that happen?

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