Oct 092017

What do you think we're talking about?

Hi everyone. It’s the Island Cat Mom here. Wally and Ernie always seem to have very interesting conversations. So what do you think they’re talking about in this picture? It definitely looks like one intense convo. Are they plotting something devious? Discussing political issues like gun control? Trash talking against each other?

Here’s your chance to put words in their mouths. Come up with your best guess as to what they’re talking about and leave your answer in the comments. We’ll choose our favorite…and the winner will receive a fun prize package from us.

So, c’mon…get creative and let us know what you think these two mancats are talking about…and you know with these two, anything goes!

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  38 Responses to “Let’s Give ‘Em Something to Talk About”

  1. No Wally, this is NOT my Halloween costume!

  2. Ernie telling Wally, that no way is he going to get this box that I am occupying at the moment.

  3. You said I would get a turn on the top bunch after lunch!

  4. Ernie: “See, I told you that MSU would win the game!”
    Cute pic!

  5. “If you hold down the can, I’ll pull the ring.”

  6. Seriously dude, you have the cube, blankie AND the box.

  7. Mom says we oughtta share Ernie…..I’ll share my FLOOR if you share your BOX……..deal?????

  8. Time’s up, Ernie…it’s my turn now! Pawkisses for a Happy Talk 🙂 <3

  9. Have a wonderful week!

    Noodle and crew

  10. This is a fun idea, but my brain is not awake yet to think of something 🙂

  11. “Wally, if you think you’re getting the top bunk, I’ll dish out the Mitten of Doom.”

  12. “OH Come on! You SAID I could have the box from 4pm for an hour!”

    The Chans

  13. “Wally, Talk to the paw the cat doesn’t care!!”
    Hugs madi your bfff

  14. wally; R ewe seer ee iz dood
    ernie: total lee
    wally: sew like then what did she say
    ernie: flat out ta me face her said ~~~~~~~~
    wally: ya noe dood, thatz a bunch oh
    ernie: yur tellin me bro, eye waz rite ther
    wally; paybak ??
    ernie: what chew think buddy


  15. You got a package in the mail. Better get up and go see what it is. I’ll save your spot.

  16. You two are a pair of chatterboxes that’s for sure 🙂 You look busy tho’

  17. Ernie: “What box? There is no box Wally! Mee just sittin on thee kitty coffeetabull.”
    Wally: “Do not make mee smackeypaw you Ernie!”
    Ernie: “OK give mee 10 more minuttss ok?”
    Ernie finkss to himself: “Wally you not even know how to tell time, mew mew mew…..”

    How did mee do Lady Sue?
    ~head rubsss~ Siddhartha Henry~

  18. This is so strange, your blog and a few others that I subscribe to via email did not come today (can’t remember if they came yesterday)………..I tried re-subscribing and it said I am subscribed (which I know, but the blog didn’t come via email). Noticed they are all feedburner subscriptions, has anyone else said they had a problem?

  19. Ernie is thinking, “But Wally, I got this spot first and I really like it.”

  20. Ernie: That Mudpie is one fine tortie.
    Wally: She is. And what about Paisley, Astrid, and Amarula?
    Ernie: Totally tortie-licious.
    Wally: *sigh* So many gorgeous ladycats, so little time.

  21. What a fun thing to do!

    Wally: Ernie, I never tire of seeing your big feets. Will you show me again?
    Ernie: Sure, Wally.
    Wally: Pawsome!

  22. Ernie is telling Wally to distract the human while he steals the treat bag and steal enuf to share.

  23. Wally: Uhh, Ernie, there’s a big piece of chikken in there wif your name on it . . .
    Ernie: Ya didn’t really expect me to fall for that, didja?

  24. Wally: Out of the box, Ernie, it’s my turn.
    Ernie: Talk to the paw, Wally.

    This looks a lot like what happens between the black and orange boys at our house. How does this usually play out for you guys? Around here, Evan usually wins and gets the box. He means business when it comes to boxes. Purrs!

  25. Wally, be prepared to have all these extra toesies smack you upside your head if you even think of stealing MY box from me!

  26. W: “Ernie, you’re in my box.”
    E: “It doesn’t have your name on it.”
    W: “So? It’s still my box.”
    E: “Whatever.”
    W: “Move!”
    E: “Nope.”
    W: “Yes.”
    E: “No.”

  27. Wally: “I heard only sissy cats lay in box tops.”
    Ernie: “You don’t think that I am going to fall for that old line, do you?”
    Wally: “Would I try to fool you? I’m only trying to save your reputation as a lady’s cat. Stay in there for all I care.”
    Ernie: “Are there ladies? Scoot over, I’m coming down!”
    Wally: “Hee hee hee!”

  28. Wally: “It’s called a time share, Ernie. Time SHARE.”
    Ernie: “It’s not your time yet, Wally.”

  29. We’re pawful at these kinds of things. Ernie, we luvved your selfie yesfurday. And tell Zoey, she’s one speshul lady cat. We seem to be as messy as you two. MOL Big hugs fur all.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  30. I think they’re probably talking about how wonderful their mom is.

  31. We believe they are discussing the fact that they are going to be sticking with bird TV as the news on the human TV gives them tummy aches. They look too serious to be discussing something frivolous! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

  32. Wally: My, what big paws you have..
    Ernie: all the better to… Oh, hi mom..

  33. MOL! Those are all funny answers.!
    I’ll just hang back cause I am late…

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