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Hey guys. Ernie here. Being a former shelter cat, I know what it’s like to be stuck in a cage day after day. Lemme tell ya, it’s not fun. It’s cold, lonely…and really scary. You don’t know if you’re ever gonna get outta there. Oh sure, it’s better than being on the streets because there’s food and water available, but it’s nothing like having a real forever home. I’m one of the lucky ones…I found my forever home. But there’re still SO many wonderful animals sitting in shelters waiting to find homes.

Let's talk about pet adoption #RememberMeThursday

Did you know only 30% of pets in U.S. households come from shelters and rescues? Yeah, that statistic really surprised me, too. And millions never even find their forever homes. That’s why today we’re pawticipating in Remember Me Thursday®…a day to shine a light on those orphan pets in shelters and rescues waiting for their forever homes…and also to remember those that sadly never made it out. And we want all of you to pawticipate, too. Started by the Helen Woodward Animal Center 5 years ago, Remember Me Thursday® is a day to get the entire world talking about the importance of pet adoption.

Just like we did last year, we’d like to introduce you to 3 of those orphan pets who are waiting in a shelter for their forever homes.

Shelter cats #RememberMeThursday

Meet Wyatt, Lyric and Archie…just 3 of the many cats at the Wyandotte Animal Adoption Center…the shelter the mom volunteers at. Wyatt was a stray found wandering the streets, and Lyric and Archie were both owner surrenders. (How anyone can just get rid of their pet is beyond us…but we try not to judge.) These 3 have been at the shelter far too long…Wyatt has been there for over 9 months. We gotta get these guys out!

So what can you do to support Remember Me Thursday® and help cats like Wyatt, Lyric and Archie? Adopting a shelter or rescue pet would be the best. But we know that’s not something everyone is in a position to do. But you can spread the word about the importance of pet adoption.

Today, tweet, tag, post and share on social media the life-saving significance of pet adoption. Make sure you use the hashtags #RememberTheRescue and #RememberMeThursday.

You can also light a virtual candle on the Remember Me Thursday® Candle Gallery page to help spread awareness of orphan pets. Let’s honor the lost ones whose time ran out and bring awareness to those we can still help.

There’s also a fun #RememberTheRescue Contest that you can enter.

Contest graphic #RememberMeThursday

I know you’ve got lots of photos of your rescued or adopted pet, right? Just post one of them on Twitter or Instagram and use BOTH hashtags #RememberMeThursday and #RememberTheRescue. You can also upload your photo directly to the #RememberTheRescue Contest page. Enter as many times as you like. By doing so, you could win one of 3 fabulous prize packages for your favorite shelter or rescue that includes cash, food and toys.

#RememberMeThursday #RememberTheRescue

So c’mon! Let’s get the entire world talking about pet adoption and shine a light on all orphan pets…like Wyatt, Lyric and Archie…waiting in shelters and rescues right now. With all of our collective voices, we CAN make a difference!

If anyone is interested in giving Wyatt, Lyric or Archie a forever home, please let us know!

Disclosure: We received some fun items from the Helen Woodward Animal Center in exchange for partnering with them to spread the word about Remember Me Thursday®. HWAC is not responsible for the contents of this article. The Island Cats only share information we think will be of interest to our readers.

  34 Responses to “Shine a Light on Orphan Pets Waiting for Forever Homes #RememberMeThursday #RememberTheRescue”

  1. very nice post, Ernie.

  2. What a purrfect post for Remember Me Thursday, Ernie! We are spreading the word and praying for Wyatt, Lyric, Archie, and all orphan furbabies.

  3. Ernie, we are all shelter cats too! We know that if we could, we have even more. Mom generally wants 2 or 10 if she goes to visit the shelter.

  4. Excellent post, Ernie! It is so important to get animal adoption at the top of people’s minds so lots more pets can find loving homes.

  5. We love adoptions and every single critter so deserves a happy! Great post gang!

  6. No kitty deserves to live in the cage…we wish for more adoptions, forever homes for every kitty!
    Wyatt, Lyric, and Archie are all adorable. I hope they will find homes very soon! xo

  7. Great post Ernie! We are so happy you were adopted so you didn’t have to be in a cage any longer!

  8. guyz….we lited up three candles.. for three diffrunt reezonz…. ♥♥♥

    anyway, all oh uz iz rescuez sew we noe how important two day iz

    we hope by weekz end, a bazillion petz will haz finded ther foreverz

    thanx for sharin ~~~~ ♥♥

  9. Amen to that Ernie…kitties in this family and my sissies are shelter kitties
    Hugs Madi your bfff

  10. Wonderful heartfelt post Ernie!! So glad you were rescued all those years ago! Love Lyric with that black nose!

  11. We posted our Remember Me Thursday photos! Great post, Ernie!

  12. A good GOOD post and yep, us shelter cats are always i need so humans can never give up.

    Never EVER give up.

  13. Ya got me talking about it! VIP—very important post. I pray that every cat will someday have a home. I was in a cage so long my paws were cramped and I favored one when I first moved here.

  14. That is such a good post, Ernie. We so hope some will come along and adopt those three and many more that are in shelters. It is so important that the word gets out about the shelter cats.

  15. It would be SO wonderful to learn that today – throughout the world – a record number of animals in shelters and rescues got their wish to have a new FOREVER HOME. Angel Sammy and I were two lucky boys and we would wish our kind of happiness for EVERY animal in the land…….

    Love, Teddy

  16. We’re lighting up social media today, too! Thanks for spreading the word.

  17. I’m so glad you are helping to spread the word about Remember Me Thursday!

  18. Great post Ernie! 98% of our mommy’s pets have come from shelters including us! Two were strays that supposedly found her. We’re purring that more shelter animals find their forever homes soon!

  19. “Owner surrenders” HMPH. I guess there might be good reasons … and I suppose it beats a human abusing or killing a pet they don’t want anymore … but pets aren’t disposable! People don’t get rid of their babies because they struggle to be potty-trained! Grrrr. Great post, Ernie!

  20. I can’t believe only 30% of pets are from shelters. I would have thought 70% came from shelters.

  21. Yes, adoption to life! Er…I think that was Adaptation to Life butbadoption is so much more important because it gives abandoned and homeless and loving animals a forever place to be the best they can be. It is up to you anthros to love and care for us and we will do the same for YOU.❤️

  22. We are all for adoption!

  23. Those numbers make us so sad. We hope this day can help to reduce them. No matter what, we have to keep spreading the word and get more of those beautiful animals into happy homes.

  24. Nice work, Ernie. It’s just crazy to me that so few people choose adoption when so many pets are dying or languishing in shelters.Just makes no sense and I hope it will eventually change.

  25. Today is such an important day. The world needs to understand that adoption is the only option.

  26. Great post. I hope the 3 you featured all get forever homes soon. I hope every homeless pet can have a forever home.

  27. The shelter stats are shocking and just think it’s half that for black cats. You’re a lucky cat, Ernie! Purrs of good luck for the other waiting.

  28. What a great post, Ernie! I like how you highlighted Wyatt, Lyric and Archie. I sure hope they and so many others find their forever and ever homes.

  29. You are a great example to show what amazing pets can be found at a rescue. I was stunned to realize all of the numbers when reading about Remember Me Thursday. We need more adoptions and I plan on adopting my next dog.

  30. Both Carmine and Jewel came from shelters (Lita came from a family friend). It is especially heartbreaking to me when I see one of our kitty friends pass away at the shelter who never got a home.

    Don’t lose hope for these babies – one cat, Ellen, got a home after 7 YEARS in the shelter where I used to volunteer! 🙂

  31. Ernie, Great post
    and me do purrs hard for more adoptions !

  32. Poor Wyatt beein on thee streetss; mee wood bee scared stiff if that happened to mee!
    An maybe Lyric an Archie’ss pawent(ss) are too old or old an sickly. That happenss here a lot as there are so many see-niorss here. Mee iss blessed: if sumfing happenss to LadyMum (Buudha Kat furbid), Aunty Sheila or Mumma Mary-Ellen wood take mee.
    Ernie mee iss glad you got adopted an wee are furendss! Wee are thee lucky oness…..
    ***Hi-5’sss*** Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

  33. Thanks for sharing all this Ernie! MInko was a semi rescue, came from a bad birth home… and we have a newbie rescue pup at our den now! OMC two dogs? I am outnumbered…sigh…

  34. We all have leaky eyes again, Ernie. It must have been a terrible time out there. So glad that you found a furrever home. We wish that for all the animals out there. Good Luck Pawkisses for every animal to find a furrever home soon <3 <3 <3

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