Sep 252017

We're snoozing on a hot autumn day

Hey guys. Wally here. What do 2 mancats do on a hot…and we mean hot…autumn day? Take a snooze, of course. Nothing much else to do…it’s too hot! Seems like someone forgot to tell Mother Nature that it’s fall now. I mean, we don’t want snow or anything like that…but 90 degrees? Nope…not at this time of year.

Turn off the heat, Mother Nature!

You can turn the heat off now, Mother Nature!

Yeah, Wally. Tell that lady to turn it off! Hey guys…did Mother Nature forget to turn the heat off where you live, too?

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  1. It’s too hot here in Massachusetts. Yesterday, today and tomorrow is supposed to be almost 90, plus the humidity is high too. My a.c. is giving me a headache. I want Autumn.

  2. I has been way too hot here too and we could sure use some cooler temps!

  3. Walls and Erns, you know where I live (not too far from you!) I’ve been enjoying the hots, because running ’round barefooted is a joy! Tell your mom that I too would like to visit again soon, I’ll email.

  4. We are so with you, Wally and Ernie! Mother Nature turned the outdoor furnace on last week, and it’s been on ever since. It was 93°F here yesterday. We’re melting! We hope you boys stay cool!

  5. We’re having the HOTS here too which we are SOOOOO over! We want cool so we can have some fires in the fireplace……We kind think Mother Nature is upset with human-kind because she’s sending horrible storms and weirdo weather but why take it out on us dear, sweet, kind, considerate PETS too?!?!?!?! Right? Right!!!!!!

    Hugs, Teddy

  6. Hey mancats, Mother nature did forget to turned down the hear in my little town in Pennsylvania but that is OK because we had a lot rain this Spring and Summer so I am ready for the sunshine with its warmth hopefully very little humidity. I’m loving this warm weather.

  7. I hear you good buddies we had 90 or a few degrees above all last week into the weekend.
    I’d love to be there in ‘my’ window seat with you
    Hugs madi your bfff

  8. I think Mother Nature is playing with the thermometer here. It gets cool, then hot, and cool again!
    Snoozing sounds like a good plan 🙂

  9. We are with ya, cool it down a little. These record heats are getting to us!

  10. It’s hot here too and I since I didn’t get to enjoy summer, I’m savoring every humid moment. Dreading winter.

  11. i was sick last week with a fever. i was burning up and theo decided he should comfort me by sleeping on my chest. i appreciated his company but it was like having a heating pad on me…

  12. The heat is gone, so lying in the sunlight is just perfect!

  13. It’s still warm here too, although we have had fewer days in the 90’s this year than normal, so that’s good. ready for the cooler fall weather though!

  14. Oh, poor toasty kitties! We are delightfully into fall weather for the first time since last spring however, we’ll be back up close to 90 ourselves come Wednesday. Stay cool friends!

  15. we are dying from the heat too! Though I bet we will say we miss it come winter!

  16. OH boys, it i the same here in TN.

  17. doodz…..inn deed it iz…. N itz been like it….. N iz gonna stay like it…..werd
    iz…. even satan hiz self iz sayin…. hole lee *&^%$…. itz hot out side ~~~~~ ☺☺☺

  18. Here in Utah we had snow the first day of fall! Mother Nature went too far the other way. We’ve been having extra snuggles with our humans. It is supposed to be more fall like temperatures this week though. We hope it cools down for you guys soon!

  19. No hots here boys! We will be in the low 80s two days this week but other than that, 70s and perfect. Come on over!

  20. Oh, I wish M N would visit us once again and TURN ON our heat. We just built a fire in the fireplace (duh, where else?) and it’s rainy and COLD.

  21. Yeppers, it’s pretty warm here too. Seems like SOMEONE isn’t paying attention to her calendar.

  22. I agree. 10 degrees cooler would be nice now.

  23. It’s hot here too! Except it’s also cool in the evenings. That means my human keeps having to change her clothes, and put on boots in the evening because her feet start to get cold. She would like a little more consistency.

  24. Yup, she sure did! At first we didn’t mind a little heat in September, since August was so cool, but that lady got a little carried away with it, and now we are more than ready for fall!!

  25. Shee sure did Wally an Ernie an Zoey!!! Iss till stinkin *hot* here…PHOOEY!!! Iss supposed to ease off here sumtime Wednesday an hopefullee leeve yur Island bye Furiday! Pawss crossed!!! 😉
    **paw patsss** Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

  26. We totally agree with you two boys. It is hot down here too. Can’t wait for the real Fall weather to get here. You all have a great day and try to stay cool.

  27. Us cats here almost need a little heat now a bit chilly

  28. Tell the Lady With The Yellow Hair this disgusting heat is actually HER fault…………….if I remember correctly, when it was nice and cool she said “I sure wish summer would hang around longer” or something to that effect! She has no one to blame but herself!! “Is it hot where I am?” She KNOWS the answer to that question and I am NOT amused LOL

  29. No, for once we’ve been pleasantly normal…well, at least weather-wise. We know how you feel, since 90s is routine for summertime temps around here! (And *none* of us like it!)

  30. You should visit Scotland,mother nature always forgets to turn on the heat.x

  31. It’s SO hot here! We can’t wait for Autumn so all the breezes can come in the windows.

  32. It is weirdly warm here too. And my heart is warmed by the sight of you two napping tranquilly.

  33. Yep! Yesterday and today over 90 and it’s supposed to last through Wednesday. Enough summer already!!!

  34. Hi guys! Yes, we have heat here too! You two look adorable!

  35. Mother Nature? Oh Mother Nature….we really could use some heat up here….it’s cold as a snake’s belly. brrr…

    Shoko and Kali

  36. Summer is hanging on here, too. You two can do what we’re doing, snooze and save up your energy until that first cold snap makes you feel frisky again.

  37. You guys are right. It is too hot to do much of anything. Bring on Autumn! Love you guys. xoxo

  38. Hi Wally and Ernie!
    It is COLD here!!! We wish there was more heat. It is 50 here now and will be getting colder tonight. The Mom is all sad because she says it’s too cold for her to take a walk!

    We will gladly send you some of our cold weather. <3

  39. I think old Ma Nature is as #senile as TW. It’s been dark in here cos we keep the blinds mostly closed when it hits 90.

  40. We’re having some very warm (90s) days but cool nights.

  41. Yep, turn off the heat. Our weather guessers say one more day.

  42. That is silly heat for almost October! We actually had a warm sunny day at last. Enjoy your window snoozing.

  43. It’s hot here, too. We are super duper tired of it, too

  44. Hey Wally, we love all the tangly limbs.

  45. Our response to the heat is the same as yours, Wally and Ernie!

  46. Aaaaaaaaaaaaw Aren’t ya’ll adorable. Yeah it’s still warm here too. But we don’t mind. We’d much purrfur da heat to da cold. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  47. We hear ya! As soon as that cold front gets here, we’ll send it on it’s way to you guys!

  48. Me and mum only watched the Packer game on Sunday. Mum doesn’t like to veg out all afternoon by the moving picture box. Specially when she knew she would be watching something long later in the evening.

  49. It has been hotter this week than all month! Almost set a record today.

  50. Record breaking temps here too…of course we are not *that* far from you…MOL! It fur sure is way too hot…only our basil and tomatoes love it, MOL!

  51. We’ve been having high temps here, too. Can’t wait for it to cool off!

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