Sep 192017

Ahoy mateys!
‘Tis Meow Like a Pirate Day!

We arrrrrr thee Pirate Island Cats of the Caribbean…
Mad Redbeard Wally,

Evil Neck Snapper Ernie
and Bloody Princess o’ Death Zoey.

Yo ho ho and a bottle o’ catnip rum!

We be meowing like pirates

Arrgh! Well shave my belly with a rusty razor! Thar be nothin’ but gold in this treasure chest! Gold is of no use to us Pirate Island Cats! Whar be thee catnip, Evil Necksnapper? That be thee real treasure.

Blimey! Some mangy scallywag musta found thee chest before us, Mad Redbeard, and plundered thee nip! Arrgh!!

Shiver me timbers! No one plunders our treasure and lives t’ see another day! Avast! Prepare thee ship! We shall sail thee 7 seas until we find thee scurvy dog…and then we be makin’ them walk thee plank! Arrghhhh!!

  36 Responses to “‘Tis Meow Like a Pirate Day!”

  1. Iffen we joined yer, could we have a taste of that there Niprum? Just fer the one sailing of course…

  2. I might make a good scullery maid for ye. I have lots of skills wif Nip!

  3. Adorable….er, um…what a scurvy lot of cat-pirates! Zoey’s pink hat is adorbs…er, um…nasty!

  4. Congrats on your treasure hunt! Any catnip there in that chest? Rrrrrrrr would u like any help going there the, um, bounty?

  5. Blimey. Yer chest has more treasures than our chest …

    [and no plank walkin’, cuz one and all mates on the Island must be stayin’ hunder-percent well ‘n’ good]

  6. When next ye put in to port, ye could use some o’ that there gold to buy ye some quality nip, if ye don’t have any luck with yer plunderin’. Arrrgh! We be likin’ yer pink pirate hat, Princess o’ Death.

  7. Y’all be the pirate bomb fur sure!

  8. Oh, avast ye dirt-diggers, ye kibble crunchers, ye litter laddies with paws akimbo surveying your trest of tesures…er…whatever. Bend me timbers, Ernie and Wally, and hoist the petard on which you swing and we shall rock the seas with our knobby kneaders and our terrible tails at pirate’s cove where bottles of num rum and nip nog reward us for our Talk Like A Pirate perusals.
    Or whatever.

  9. Now that’s just wrong…. Gold? No nip ? The horror!

  10. Catnip is the best treasure fur sure! You all are mighty good looking pirates!

  11. Watch out or we may steal your treasure!

  12. Hate to break the news to you fellas but I think Zoey is my favor pirate.

  13. You guys make purrfect pirates!

  14. I hope you catch those scurvy dogs that took with nip!

  15. Your Pirate names are kinda scary…yet funny
    Hugs Bar Maiden Wench Madi

  16. Oh, how we would love to be stranded on your island with such cute Pirates!

  17. AARRGGHHH who wood take thee ‘Nip Pie-ratsss?? An leeve so-o much gold….Can mee join you an sail thee seven seass with youss’???
    Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

  18. Oh No no nip. Zoey, we love your hat. Great picture

  19. lookin’ good guys! Now pass that rum!!! Have a great Pirate Day!

  20. happe pie ratz day guyz….ewe all look soooper feerce ~~~~~~


  21. Well, if you all don’t want that gold …
    We love that parrot on your back, Zoey.

  22. Some scurvy dog is in for some big trouble!!

  23. Blimey indeed! Nobody steals ye treasure!

  24. Hey ye fine pirates…don’t you know what all the gold is good for…buying as much catnip as you could ever want! Not such a bad deal when you think about it. Zoey, it is pretty difficult to think you as the Bloody princess of Death in your cute, pink pirate hat. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

  25. Happy Pirate Day, kitties! “Shave my belly with a rusty razor”…OUCH!

  26. Wait, they STOLE the ‘nip. But that’s the best part!!!!

  27. Has anyone eaten that parrot yet?

  28. Arrghhhh!! * scratching the wood and meow out loud ” Happy Pirate Day to Pirate Island Cats!
    I hope you find many treasure trunks full with Tuna !

  29. ARRGGHH! I hope that you find the scallywag that nipped your nip!

  30. Love y’all as pirates!!

  31. You three scalliwags look fabulous in your pirate gear – we especially love your pirate hat Zoey – very nice!

    Hugs, Terrible Ted the Pirate

  32. You all make such wonderful pirates!

  33. Whoa! I’ll trade you some nip and silvervine for all that bling.

  34. Avast! Wait now…stash that gold in your rucksacks, and you can purvey all the nip you mateys desire to plunder!

  35. Ahoy Scary hearties! Did I hear nip…MOL 😀 Pawkisses 🙂 <3

  36. Ahoy mateys! You be some mighty fine pirates!

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