Sep 132017

I'm waiting for the fireplace to get turned on

Hey guys. It seems like Fall is trying to make an early appearance this year because it’s been much cooler here lately…’specially at night. So cool that I thought this thing might get turned on and I could warm up my furs. But the mom said no…she’s not ready for summer to leave just yet. Even so, this still is a nice napping spot. And when this thing finally gets turned on…it will be even better.

How ’bout you…are you ready for Fall to come? Or are you like the mom and hoping for some warmer weather still?

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  1. Our human is in general pretty silly, but even she knows that it’s no idea to hope for warm weather.

    Living in Finland, there’s no idea to hope for an Indian “Summer” – Indian Summer means that it’s still ok to be outside because it’s not raining.

  2. Wally we have a P U M P K I N sitting on our front steps!! Yep we are ready
    You look very handsome on the hearth
    Hugs madi your bfff

  3. I want fall, but summer is sticking around. It’s going to be in the 80’s all week. :p

  4. * Giggle * Wally, you got a belly !
    Here, In Bangkok we got no fall, just summer & rainy =^x^=
    I hope Ernie feels better. I still keep purring for him.

    PS : Please say more thanks to your mom. I’m out off the cone & I don’t need to see the dermatologist , my mom did panic, she didn’t has a good look on my head. It was a scab not skin diseases… the flea treatment really works !

  5. Wally, we still have plenty of time for autumn, so let summer and warm temps stick around longer!

  6. mom and us like the fall….but then it turns to winter and gets really cold. for now we are enjoying nice days and chilly nights and open windows

  7. Tell Mom she will be happy because the weather will be in the 80s this weekend… Mom wants the cooler temps to stay

  8. Stay warm and comfy there. You look great! xo

  9. Wally, you look so comfy. We are hoping that we have a little cooler weather. Also hope that Ernie is better. We are sending him some good thoughts.

  10. We are ready for Fall!! Auntie and I decorated for Halloween on Monday. The boys are loving having the windows open more and more these days.

  11. We’re ready for cooler days so we can have open windows more! Yesterday may have been our last day in the 80s so yay!

  12. Our leaves are just starting to change, Dad got a whole cord of wood whacked up and ready for the fireplace, and it does feel a little nippy outside in the EARLY morning but we think there will be more “summer” days before we get slammed with FULL ON FALL! You just wait there Wally cuz that fireplace just might get fired up one chilly evening JUST FOR YOU!

    Hugs, Teddy

  13. There is definitely a turn in the air Wally…

  14. Hi everyone, I’m new at this site so let me introduce myself, my name is Crystal Stewart and I have 2 blogs. I come to this site by way of Wag ‘n’ Woof Pets blog hop. My blog links are: and
    You look all nice, cozy and warm in front of the hearth. Followed you by e-mail.

  15. No cool air yet, except at night. Still, 70s, 80s, and 90s here. But the leaves are turning and falling, and the winds have become gustier. Won’t be long.
    Yael from Playing In Catnip

  16. It has suddenly gotten cold at night. We can smell Autumn in the air. Daily temperatures falling and the fall rain storms are approaching soon. We still have our warm sunny window selection.

  17. This year’s been odd here, Wally. It feels like autumn is almost here – which it is – but the temperatures have been hot, the air has been muggy; in other words, summer. But I’ll be glad when autumn arrives for real.

  18. Fall is my favorite time of year, I love cool nights.

  19. It got a little chilly here Wally and we had our fireplace on, it sure was cozy!

  20. That’s got to be the best spot in the house, Wally. We’re having our first chilly day today since last spring and our Mom is all smiles. Us? Not so much. Give us a sunpuddle any day any season.

  21. We are going to have some cooler weather this week too – of course, for us, cooler means mid-70s.

  22. we’ve had a warm spell here- mid 80’s. last week the temps dropped into the 40’s overnight. minnesota is wacky that way.

  23. Yes, it’s getting really cold here at night. It was -3C last night but that was at the airport. Here we still have our veggies but mom better hustle her butt cause the frost is coming very soon.


  24. ha ha! Very cool here too and Frodo is also trying to get me to turn on the fireplace and he might get his wish!

  25. A lot of our American friends hate the heat, but we quite like it.

    Summer is on its way here, the blossom is on our fruit trees and the family is starting to enjoy our garden again!

  26. dood….we say bring on fall…we due knot ever eat much durin de hot months….we just dont….sew we R total lee reddy ta bee kewl weatherz chowin down again ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  27. We are having a beautiful Indian Summer, can it just stay like this?
    Have a wonderful Wednesday…

    Noodle and crew

  28. We’re SO ready for fall, and already have the cuddly blankies ready on the couch and bed!

  29. We’ve already had some fires going in our wood stove! But now it’s warmed up some, so it looks like we’ll get a little more summer for a few days anyway. There’s plenty of time for fall to get here!

  30. Well, now that it’s a bit cooler here (high 70s, not 80s or 90s), I’m not going to rush fall, mainly because then comes winter. It is fun to be warm and cozy, though. Wally, you will be so happy when the fireplace is used!

  31. We want fall so bad we can practically taste it!

  32. We do ok with the warm, but not hot weather, but mum likes a just a bit cool too. Plus with the cool weather, I snuggle more.

  33. The all else fails – cuddle up with your human, that will keep you warm.

  34. I love fall – as long as it stays sunny! I don’t mind the dip in the temps just as long we still have sunshine. Rosie and Ruby agree!

  35. We luff the cooler weather.

  36. TW must think the fall is already here. This morning she turned on the heat rather than the a/c. I bet she’d have that fireplace going for you.

  37. We’re like the Mom, Wally. We like the fall okay, but winter comes after that. 🙁

  38. We’re so jealous of your fireplace! But we’re not super excited for the winter season. It just gets too cold here!

  39. Yup, it for sure is getting cooler in the evenings. Later this week, its supposed to warm up a bit though, so summer will still be around…I like the cooler days though, then the AC doesn’t blow cold air all ovfur my furs.
    We do not have a fireplace, it sure would be nice to have one, though:)

  40. We’re with your mom on this one, Fall can come later. We did have a spell of cooler weather but this week it feels like summer won’t leave, which is great for our mom, she loves the heat!
    Wally, we don’t mind any season and we also like to sit by the fireplace when cooler weather arrives, it’s our hint to the turn the damn thing on!

  41. We are totally ready for fall but it is not in sight.

  42. It was very cool for the last several days, but it seems to get warmer again. I’m ready for the fall not because I want cooler temp but because I want mosquitoes to leave already 🙂

  43. Well, Wally, we’re in southern France and the mama here has had TWO fires in the chimney and boy, did they feel good. But mama is lamenting the loss of summer every day!!! Maybe that thing they call Indian might show up….or mama’s going to be on the warpath.

  44. We are ready for cooler weather. It rarely gets very cold here so our fireplace has not been used in many years.

  45. Oh Wally, I wish I had one of those black boxes in my house, too! Maybe you should talk to your humans about installing a switchy on the wall, so you could paw on the warm fire anytime you want. That would be pawsome! Mom has turned on the heater a few times in the morning to take off the chill, so I think she’s ready for fall.

  46. We have had a taste of fall here, but the hots are coming back tomorrow. Mom is not happy about that at all!

  47. We can’t wait for fall! It’s so humid here we have the air conditioner on.

  48. We bet that will be the best seat in the house this autumn and winter, Wally. It looks like you’ve already staked your claim. Over here, we really are ready for autumn.

  49. We wrote about it today, we are ready for fall, and slowly getting ready for colder days. Purrs

  50. It’s been cool here too.

    Nice pic!

  51. MMM that fireplace lookss so-o innvitin….
    Wee are havin Summer tempss NOW~~~ crazy weather!!!
    **nose bumpss** Siddhartha Henry xXx

  52. I’m so ready for fall!

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