Aug 302017

Hi guys! Wally here. Y’know…no one likes nasty pet smells…am I right? The mom is paranoid about bad odors in our house. She doesn’t want people coming into our home taking a whiff and smelling the litter box or anything else that would make them know right away that there are cats living here.

Get Rid of Pet Smells with OdorKlenz

Now of course, I never smell…but I know those other cats that live here can occasionally work up a good stink. So I wanna tell you about a couple of great pet odor-controlling products from OdorKlenz® that can help stop those nasty pet smells before they start.


OdorKlenz® Pet Products are made from natural, earth-friendly minerals, and contain no harsh chemicals, masking agents or fragrances making them an ideal choice for safe and effective removal of pet odors from your home, pet, furniture, vehicle and clothing.

You’ve heard about enzyme cleaners, right? You’ve probably used them. OdorKlenz does not contain enzymes. Why is that better? Lemme get technical for a second and tell you why.  Enzymes usually only target one particular chemical compound that can make up an odor. But most odors are made up of several different chemical compounds, so an enzyme cleaner might not neutralize the entire odor. Or it might take several applications of the enzyme cleaner to get rid of the smell. OdorKlenz’s patented mineral technology works against many different odor-making chemicals at the same time neutralizing the odor completely after only one use.

We tried the OdorKlenz Pet Litter Additive and the Pet Urine Eliminator.

OdorKlenz Graphic

OdorKlenz® Pet Litter Additive

Even the best cat litters can smell…especially when there are multiple cats using the box. OdorKlenz Pet Litter Additive helps control odors between litter box cleanings. It’s a powder containing soda ash, magnesium oxide, zinc oxide and titanium oxide. You just sprinkle a scoop or two on to the litter and mix it in. It has no smell so us cats aren’t bothered by it at all.

OdorKlenz Pet Litter Additive

The mom has been using OdorKlenz Pet Litter Additive in our litter boxes for a couple of weeks now and it seems to be controlling those litter box odors really well.

OdorKlenz® Pet Urine Eliminator

The Pet Urine Eliminator can be used on any water-safe surface and is designed for use on carpets and fabrics. It destroys odors deep down eliminating even the toughest pet smells like urine. It’s made of water, magnesium hydroxide, magnesium oxide, zinc oxide and titanium oxide. Just like the Pet Litter Additive, it contains no fragrance or masking agent. So it just doesn’t cover the nasty odor with another…it neutralizes the odor completely.

Lemme tell you a little secret. A while back, Ernie had an “accident.” He peed a little bit on the carpet which didn’t make the mom very happy. The only cleaner the mom had was one of those enzyme pet cleaners. So she used it…a couple of times in fact. It worked okay, but you could still smell a faint urine odor. So when the mom received the OdorKlenz Pet Urine Eliminator, she decided to give it a try on that spot. And you guess it…OdorKlenz got rid of the urine smell completely.

So what do we like about OdorKlenz products?

  • They’re made from safe, earth-friendly ingredients.
  • They contain no fragrances or other odor-masking agents.
  • And most of all, they work!

Other OdorKlenz® Products

OdorKlenz offers other pet odor-eliminating products like Absorbant Granules for those “liquid accidents” like peeing and vomiting, Skunk Odor Eliminator, Source Odor Treatment and Pet Shampoo. OdorKlenz also has household odor-eliminating products like Laundry Additive that can remove urine or vomit smells from washable fabrics. And OdorKlenz has a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not happy with the product. You can check out all of the OdorKlenz odor-eliminating products HERE.

Get OdorKlenz® at a Discount

So does OdorKlenz sound like something that could make your life a little easier…and less smelly? OdorKlenz products are available through their website. And right now, we’re offering all of you a 20% discount so you can try OdorKlenz odor-eliminating products, too. Just use the coupon code Island20 when you place your order…and you’ll be on your way to a fresher smelling home.

Use this discount code when you order OdorKlenz

Disclosure: We received the OdorKlenz® pet products for free when we agreed to do this review but that did not influence our opinion at all. The Island Cats will always give a fair and honest review, and will only share information that we feel is relevant to our readers. This post contains an affiliate link which means we may get a little payment if you purchase something through it.

  48 Responses to “Get Rid of Pet Smells with OdorKlenz®”

  1. SO far, I haven’t had any accident as far as mom knows—- but, you never know as time passes. And I know mom used to say all you had to do was clean out the litter box each day and there would be no odor and while that is largely right, sometimes until the box can be washed, you DO need help. So Mom and I will absolutely keep this in mind.

  2. the boyz’s accidents usually occur with #2 not #1. Still there are times this product would come in handy…

  3. Walls, you told on Ernie! He’s gonna give you the whappy paws for sure!
    I’ve never heard of these products, but I like them! Think I’ll order some litter additive first. Thanks, Wally!

  4. Those sound like great products.

  5. The other day I was listening to a talk show on the radio and the host made some comment about pet owners who are oblivious to the fact that their homes smell. I was so disgusted I turned it right off. These sound like great products.

  6. interesting….mom may have to look into that

  7. Knock on wood, we don’t have accidents outside of our litter box, but we sure could use a sprinkle or two or three…in the litter box. Especially on those humid days.

  8. Hey, I’m like you, Wally. Sweet as sugar and I smell like a little warm, healthy kitty. But thanks for the info.

  9. That sure looks like good stuff. Thanks for that great review Wally. Have a good day.

  10. Great review, guys. It’s now on my Mom’s list to check out.

  11. Our moms might be sisters
    Hugs madi your bfff

  12. Great reveiw, Wally! And I know you never smell bad 🙂

  13. Wally, we’re a little concerned that you squealed on Ernie. We, for instance, would *never* say that Caroline has been known to leak. But, between you and us, we definitely need to keep this product in mind! Thanks for the review.

  14. Since our facilities are in the walk in closet in Mommy’s office, we’ll have to check this stuff out! We’re tired of hearing her gag especially because we don’t stink! Just sayin.

  15. I’ll have to look into this! I just bought another brand pet odor eliminator because one of my dogs will occasionally have accidents. I’m the same way, I love my pets but do not want my house smelling like them.

  16. dood…ya better hope yur brother N sisturr due knot reed thiz post !!!!

    “but I know those other cats that live here can occasionally work up a good stink.”

    we iz crackin UP !!! 🙂 ♥♥

  17. This sounds like a really great product. We can definitely use that around here my mom tends to change the litter box a lot because of the urine smell. Great review guys.

  18. These sound like useful products to have around. We have carpet too (although hopefully for not much longer) and cleaning up after Mr. N has been sick can be a pain.

  19. This sounds like an awesome product!

  20. I like the sound of these products, particularly the odor eliminator. No matter how many times I take Red out, she’ll still have accidents in the house. Not her fault poor baby, she has dementia but a good cleaner is essential in this house. Thanks for the recommendation!

  21. Unfortunately, when you have pets, you often need these kinds of things! Sam has had some accidents, and what is it about you animals that you always gravitate to rugs to do that? 🙂 These sound like good products, and we especially like that they are safe to use around the animals.

  22. That sounds like a great product ! Purrs

  23. This sounds like a really useful product! Odors are so sneaky, and they can show back up when humans think they have them eradicated. This sounds like it might work great on those sneaky odors like the carpet at your house you mentioned.

  24. Oh MeOW after our recent illness, mommy says she could really use some of dat. MOL Glad you found somethin’ dat works. We’ll have to check it out. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  25. Prospective buyers of our rental so far haven’t found our house to smell. That’s amazing given how many pets have lived in it.

    We’ll be moving into our first home this fall. Maybe we’ll need to check into these products. We want our new house to stay pet-smell free.

  26. I always worried about cat litter box odors back in the day. They have so many pawsome things to help now!

  27. AMARULA: Smells!?? Get rid of smells!?? How dare you suggest that anything related to felines could smell! ;0

  28. Now this sounds like a problem solver for sure. Pet odors are no fun. I like walking into a house and having it smell not like a pet for sure. Good product here!

  29. Great review. It’s always handy to have an effective carpet cleaner handy. Someone occasionally leaves a stinky thing in my litter box but with my allergies, mom wouldn’t add anything to the litter. She just has to get in their and scoop promptly!

  30. We could have done with this for our buddy Dusty. He really made the house er.. fragrant.

    I will keep an eye open for this local to us!

  31. We may be interested in trying the litter box eliminator. We like the idea that it mixes in with the litter and there is no smell. Mom Paula is always concerned there may be odors in our house when someone visits.

  32. HAH! I’m glad *I* don’t smell but I think Pop might need some for *his* commode. TW needs to get her eyes checked. She thought that big jug contained “pet urine” cos she didn’t see the word eliminator in smaller type below it.

  33. I use OdorKlenz with the Farm cats’ litter boxes and I love it. It’s made a big difference – especially in the box that Stinky uses. Shhhh, don’t tell STinky I wrote that.

  34. That sounds like some great and really effective stuff, Wally. Thanks for sharing!

  35. We like our Tidy Cats litter. TBT has tried other stuff, but we just don’t “go” for it. MOL!

  36. That sure sounds like a great product!

  37. Well Wally you and I know that gingers simply do not have a stink problem but we can’t say that about those OTHER animals right? This stuff probably does a good job keeping the odors away but WE aren’t contributing to that little problem…………no way……….ahem……….

    Hugs, Teddy

  38. Now this sounds promising, Wally!

  39. Sounds like a great product and love that is earthy friendly. Like Ernie, there’s a spot where Rosie had a an “accident”. I wonder if this would work. We may just try it.

  40. That sounds pretty good, we might could use that from time to time!

  41. Sounds like a great product!

  42. Hmmm, I may have to try this. I’ve only used Natures Miracle so far.

  43. I need to check this out. Thanks for the review, guys! hugs.

  44. Wally, MOL! You crack me up. You never stink. This is very timely for Pierrot. Thanks for sharing this product!

  45. Thanks, Wally. We like the idea that there’s no perfumy replacement stink. Ernie, your secret is safe with us.
    Mickey Mouser and Rufus the Red

  46. I think we need to try the Pet Urine Eliminator here.

  47. This sounds like a great product! We have a powder we use on the box, but it has a perfumey smell. I’d much rather have a fragrance free kind. We’ll have to give this stuff a try! Thanks for telling us all about it, Wally!

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