May 042009

In addition to our 8 foot big screen TV window
we have lots of other windows to look out.

But even though we got plenty of windows…


It never fails…
We both wanna be in the same window
at the same time…


C’mon Wally, move over!

 No way, Ernie…I was here first!!


  39 Responses to “ManCats Window Sharing…Not!”

  1. That’s how it is here too! We all want the same window at the same time and there just isn’t enough room!!

  2. Grady and I used to always want to look out the same window too. Now, I just look out all by myself, unless Mom looks out with me.

  3. It’s nice that you two share your window! It must be nice to have company while watching the outdoors!

  4. Windows were meant for sharing!

  5. You seem so curious!

    Jas & Gi

  6. I never share my spots with Isis. Wally, I support you in your claim to the windowsill!

  7. When we first saw the photo, we thought you had a ladder to the window! MOL!:)

  8. The window the other cat is in is ALWAYS the best! And you two really remind me of Franklin and Dobby 🙂

  9. It must be nice to have someone to share your window watching. You two look good together.

    Hugs GJ x

  10. Da same thingie happenz ober here at our place. Camille Suzanne usually getz her way cuz she can be really purr-suasive. Maybe we should send ober Forrest da mancat ta hippie-tize ebby-one but youz so youz can have all da tee-vee windowz.

  11. wow guys! So cute!
    I love this kind of TV as well but here in my place the “windows”are smaller!
    Lucky you!
    purrs from Brazil
    Luna ( and mommy Léia )

  12. you two look good sharing a window!

  13. I have always the hole window for me alone 🙂
    Lovely shots !!
    Purrsss Kareltje

  14. When my friend Missy gets in my window, I just keep poking her with my nose. Eventually she gets the message and leaves. She’s just too big to share a window with.

  15. That’s because you both love each other alot! Great pictures of you guys 🙂

  16. Well yeah. I mean you wouldn’t want to miss what another cat was seeing would you?

  17. Same way around here! We sure do like that BIG window you have!
    ~ The Bunch

  18. I need a window with a great big comfy window seat in front of it…the only one I can look out of is the french windows because the others have windowsills too narrow for me!

  19. That’s the way it always is — when you find something interesting and have it all to yourself, someone else comes along and wants to push you over so they can see, too! At least you boys are nice enough to share without too much hassle.

  20. It’s the same here. No one can get any alone time no matter where they are!

  21. Well, of course! One might see something even gooder than the other!

  22. Maybe we’s lucky acuz two of us can’t fit in one window area here. Dats okay though, we dun has to fight about who gets to sit where. Now if we can get Jake to stop sittin in our seat in da kitchen …

  23. Our Mama always tells us to grab some Windex and make ourselves useful! Humpf!

  24. Ain’t it the truth! But Mancats must stick together.

  25. We’re always sure whatever some other kitty is seeing is better that what is in our window.

  26. Sharing is difficult!

  27. Those 8 foot big screen TV windows are the best!! We have one of those, too. And we have problems with sharing. Sunny and Ollie can share good, but if Rascal gets up there she does not want to share with any other cat :-/

  28. Same here. We do the same thing on the big cat tree – everyone wants the same perch!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  29. Hi guys, thanks for visiting my blog! Yours is great! I think it is good to share the window – it just means that you guys love each other! I wish I could get all the kitties here to share windows – most of the time it just causes a fight.

  30. There really must be something interesting outside those windows!

  31. You gotta be where the action is…

  32. Sometimes you just have to get a different view on life! Hey, thanks for coming by to visit me on my birthday!!=^Y^=Ty

  33. It nefer fails, some one is allus takin up the whole seat!

  34. Sandusky and Spooky will share a window sometimes. They get along with each other well…. Me? I am not very nice to my cat brother and sister!

  35. I need more windows in my house.

  36. That’s great that you share like that!! We are glad we have a big, long ledge or there would be some fighting going on!

  37. Isn’t that the way. The smaller the window the more we want to be together. Goodness go sit in the big window. It would fit the whole crew here. We are always jostling each other to look out Mom’s sliding glass door even though it’s pretty good size.


  38. It’s nice of you to share. And it looks like you have a wonderful choice of windows at your house.

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