Easy E Sunday

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May 032009


We call this our 8 foot big screen TV…
 And there’s no cords to chew!!


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  1. Wow! That’s a much bigger window on the world than we have!

  2. Beautiful!! I have a big window to sit in too, but mine looks out on other apartments…not nearly the view that you guys have!!

  3. WOW! that is a lovely place to sit and watch the World go by. Gorjuss!

  4. Yes, a true window on the world, and it’s not an idiot box either! Very pensive looking pic. Gorgeous!

  5. Oh my gosh! It has pillows and everything!

  6. We luvs the channel you have on right now!

  7. Such high definition too!

  8. That is a great window to the world. I’ll bet you get to see lots of things out there!

  9. WOW! You’re window is fabulous (and I thought MINE was pretty good)! I’ve never seen your house, but I know my Mom has. If it wasn’t such a long ride in that car-thing, I’d make her bring me to visit you.

  10. That’s such a great window! And we’re really envious of your wide windowsill. (So is our mom!)

  11. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow! thats the best tv i’ve EVER seen!

  12. That’s WAY better than TV. Can we come over and watch with you. It looks like there is room!

  13. I’ll bet lots of sunbeams come in there too. That would be a great place for napping.

  14. Wow, what will they think of next….isn’t progress amazing!{{GIGGLE}}=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz

  15. That’s better than any TV that the humans have! And you can’t get in trouble for chewing the cord 🙂

  16. Ohhhhhh…that is so much AWESOME! I would love a window like that! You got the view and a nice place to curl up and watch stuff. Oh man, I totally have window envy now.

  17. I just love your huge window. What a view you must have.


    Ginger Jasper x

  18. Waaaaaaaaw you have a BIG BIG BIG TV screen, I love it 🙂
    You can see all…………..
    purss Kareltje

  19. That is an excellent window!

  20. What a spectacular view you have there. There are never any reruns either.

  21. You make for a very lovely sill-o-wet:)

  22. Wow! That’s some view!

  23. Wow what a great window…nice view, too!

  24. What’s a nice TV, the best for sure!

    ViVi & AB

  25. ohmigod!
    What a wonderful view! Breathtaking picture!
    purrs from Brazil
    ( and mommy Léia )

  26. Thud!!! That window is gigantic … I am amazed! I think it can fit more than one kitty there so let me worm myself through the internetz and come join you!

  27. Wow, that IS a big window. Anna nice wide seat, too!

  28. What a beautiful view. Love the TV screen. Sure don’t blame you for sitting there and watch the world go by.


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