Aug 142017

Wally-HeadshotHey guys! Wally here. Did you know there’s an alpaca farm on our island? There is! It’s the Gibraltar Bay Alpaca Farm…a 12 acre farm that’s home to over 50 alpacas!

Alpacas are part of the camelid family which also includes llamas and camels. They’re the smallest ones of the family, and are native to Andes Mountains in South America. Alpacas are gentle animals…and very friendly. Their soft fleece is used to make beautiful articles of clothing like sweaters, hats, gloves, socks as well as warm blankets.

Do you know the mom has lived on the island for almost 15 years and she’s never been to the alpaca farm? Well that all changed about a week or so ago when she invited fellow blogger Miss Vicky from The Eastside Cats to come to our island and visit the farm. You might remember that the mom and Miss Vicky got together for the first time when they went to the CatFe cat café last month. Oh yeah…us Island Cats got to meet Miss Vicky this time. She gives some pretty good head scritches, I must say.

Today I wanna share some pictures from the mom’s visit to the farm.

Gibraltar Bay Alpaca Farm

This is the main building at the farm. In addition to housing all the alpacas and farm equipment, there’s also a small shop inside where clothing and other things made from alpaca fleece are sold. They sell yarn made from the alpacas that live there, too.

The farm is opened during the day Wednesday through Sunday. Its many visitors include school groups, senior citizen groups and, of course, knitting clubs.

Sign at farm that tells all about alpacas

This sign is posted on the outside of the building and provides a great summary about alpacas. I bet most people don’t know a lot about alpacas. Do you??

These are the boy alpacas at Gibraltar Alpaca Farm

The boy alpacas and the girl alpacas are kept separate from one another at all times. Otherwise, there’d be lots of baby alpacas…or crias as they’re called…running around…if you know what I mean.

These are some of the boy alpacas.

The girl alpacas at Gibraltar Alpaca Farm

And here are some of the girls.

One of the many alpacas at the Gibraltar Alpaca Farm

This friendly girl was the first one to greet the mom and Miss Vicky. Visitors are welcome to hang out with the alpacas in the yard and fields. The alpacas will just walk right up to you..that’s how friendly they are. It’s not really a petting farm. In fact, the mom and Miss Vicky were warned not to touch the alpacas on the top of their heads or on their rear ends. Apparently, alpacas don’t like that…and may kick you if you do.

You can see that the alpaca’s fleece has been shorn. Shearing is done once a year…usually in May.

Another one of the alpacas at the Gibraltar Alpaca Farm

All the alpacas at the farm have names and distinct personalities. This is Zoey. Out of all the alpacas the mom saw that day, Zoey is the only one whose name she could remember. I wonder why. 😉 Zoey has some very unusual markings, doesn’t she?

Baby and mom alpaca at the Gibraltar Alpaca Farm

This little one with its mom is the newest addition to the farm.

Baby alpaca at Gibraltar Alpaca Farm

The baby came to check out the visitors. What a cutie!

Pregnant alpaca at Gibraltar Alpaca Farm

This pregnant alpaca was thisclose to giving birth. Did you know that an alpaca pregnancy lasts almost a year? 11 months to be exact.

Close up of alpaca at Gibraltar Alpaca Farm

The mom-to-be came over to say hello. Just like camels, alpacas are known to spit when they’re upset. So the mom kept her distance most of the time because she didn’t wanna come home with alpaca spit all over her. Fortunately, there was no spitting done that day.

Lunch time at the Gibraltar Alpaca Farm

Yep…it was lunch time at the farm. Alpacas eat a lot of hay…and the leaves off of all the trees.

Some of the over 50 alpacas at the farm are owned by people who board their alpacas there. They visit frequently and often help out by doing chores around the farm. The lady that showed the mom and Miss Vicky around owns one of the girl alpacas.

Turkey at the Gibraltar Alpaca Farm

Oh yeah…we can’t forget about the resident turkey at the farm. He must feel like such an outsider.

I hope you enjoyed this visit to the island alpaca farm and learned something about alpacas. And you know what they say…Every Alpaca wants to be an Island Alpaca!

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  1. I DID enjoy the visit! And I learned from it as I knew nothing at all about them. Only that the existed. Thanks Wally. You are an excellent narrator!

  2. Well that was fun seeing all the alpacas. Great pictures. We sure enjoyed seeing all of them.

  3. well huh – we had no idea there was such a thing on your island. very interesting

  4. They are totally adorable and we sure are glad you shared them with all of us!

  5. They are adorable!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  6. The alpacas are adorable! Zoey sure has a cool hairdo 🙂

  7. i’m not sure i’ve ever seen an alpaca before. the boyz used to have a toy with alpaca fleece. i don’t know what happened to it (theo probably ate it). the alpacas are cute.

  8. thank you that was neat 🙂

  9. Wow, your post was so much more informative than mine! And your photos too…better! I had a riot…time to plan a new adventure!

    • and OH! I hit the ‘send’ button too fast! It was a joy to meet you, Wally…and Zoey and Ernie. If you enjoyed the head scritches, it’s because you have a lovely noggin to scritch!

  10. Wow… they are really cute!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  11. That’s so cool! Do the people that board their alpacas have them because they want the wool? Or what would be the draw to having a pet alpaca?

    • From what we’ve learned, people like having an alpaca as a pet. Sort of like having a horse. They say alpacas make wonderful pets because they are so gentle and friendly.

  12. Not that many years ago I used to see lots of people raising Llamas and also Ostriches. Now I don’t see them any more out on the farms. Maybe I need to look in a new area. Alpacas I have not seen.

  13. How fun! There are actually a lot of alpaca farms not far from where we live. My human has never been to any of them, but she has seen alpacas (and llamas too!) at pet expos. She loves them but is a little nervous around them because she doesn’t know how to speak alpaca and worries that she might say or do the wrong thing – and suffer the consequences! For example, we kitties love being petted o the head and rear – and as you know that’s something you CAN’T do with these guys!

    • That’s how the mom felt, Summer. She was unsure what to do with the alpacas and didn’t want to get spit on. 😉

  14. Those are lovely photos of the alpacas. There are several farms on Dartmoor near to where I live where you can walk alpacas and llamas on a leash. I have never done it, but maybe one day.

  15. Totally cool! Alpacas are on farms around here in Virginia too believe it or not. My Mom thinks they all look like they’re SMILING!

    Hugs, Teddy

  16. How cool! My momma knits a lot and a lot of her yarns have alpaca in em.

  17. They’re so cute! Someone I know has an alpaca farm in our area, but it’s not open to the public. I know that she says they are really great and a lot of fun.
    They sure are cute – what a fun visit for your Mom and Miss Vicky! It was interesting to learn about them too, thanks for sharing with us!

  18. I would want to pet all of them just to feel their fur! Sometimes it’s fun to be a tourist in your own town.

  19. What beautiful and graceful animals. Ohhh such silky furs too
    Thank you for this wonderful post
    Hugs madi your bfff

  20. Alpacas are so cute. And that baby one is adorable! What a fun time.

  21. I love this! And too bad alpacas don’t like head scritches – they are missing out! And Wally you have very nice manners greeting visitors and calling them “miss”! I hope you report on some more Island happenings soon!

  22. What fun. I’ve hugged Llamas and had one nip bit cheek who apparently liked me. They are odd but endearing creatures. I’m looking at my spreadsheet and see your name but not the date sent. Email me I didn’t. The 100 hour work week is turning my brain mushy 🙂

  23. what a totally fun trip your Mom took. Alpacas are pretty cool animals

  24. They’re so adorable! I have a cousin who lives in Vermont’s Champlain Islands and she has an alpaca as a pet (she actually started with 2 but one passed away).

  25. Hi sweet Wally! How fun for your mom to visit with a blog friend and visit an alpaca farm! I think it would be neat to have one for a pet if I lived on a farm. I enjoyed seeing them in these pictures.

  26. what a great adventure! I wish we had some island alpacas around here!

  27. Now that’s cool! What a fun place for people to visit. We love the photos.

  28. Alpacas are cute, and that baby alpaca is adorable. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

  29. *We* want an alpaca now!

  30. Nice to see that farm. Mum has alpaca socks, very warm for the winter.

  31. I LOVE alpacas, thank you for sharing your visit with us.

  32. This was a great educational experience. And now we know a lot more about them than we did an hour ago.

  33. Alpacas are so cute. There is a farm of them 2 miles from my home, but it isn’t open to the public. I enjoy riding by and seeing them though.

  34. Our mommy has cheated on us with alpacas too. Sure they’re cute but still. Yeah, okay, the cria is adorable but so are we! We do think Zoey is the purrfect name though!

  35. What a fun day you had! Alpacas are so adorable. Love their sweet faces. Didn’t know they’d kick you if you’d pet wrong places or they spit when upset! Glad you came home spit-free 🙂

  36. oh how cool, Wally! we never would have figured your Island had an Alpaca farm, and open to the public even. they are cute, especially the baby 🙂 we sure wouldn’t want to be a girl Alpaca with that 11 month gestation. yikes! thanks for sharing the pictures and all of the Alpaca info. we didn’t know that much about them and now we do!

    pip, smidgen, minnie, hollie, sharpie, ditto, TL

  37. Wow, that is so neato! Gotta remember about that place, maybe our ladies group would enjoy making a field trip there someday. We do those on Wednesdays…works purrfectly fur us!
    How cool that you all got to meet a fellow blogger!

  38. OH, MAMA LOVES ALPACAS. You are so lucky to have them near. And I understand not visiting something after having lived there 15 years….mama has lots of places to see that she has not seen near here, ever!!! A petting farm, for example…but I’m afraid she might bring home a baby piggy…..

  39. OMC ALPACA!!!!!!!!!!

  40. How pretty the alpacas are!
    Yes, it’s funny how we often only visit some really interesting place that’s right near us, when we have a visitor and we want to show them the sights!

  41. I think that first picture of you is one of my favorites of you, Wally. I’d love to visit an alpaca farm … I think I’ve petted a few alpacas at places that have one or two – must it must be cool to see so many at one time!

  42. Oh! Thank you! We want to go!

  43. Mama loves alpacas. She thinks they are super cute.

  44. We didn’t know that Alpacas were part of the camel family. Very interesting and they’re so cute.


  45. Oh, the alpacas are too cute! But, an 11-month pregnancy? Yikes!

  46. They’re so adorable! How nice that your mom and Miss Vicky got to visit them!

  47. What a fun adventure. The alpacas are so cute, especially the babies!

  48. What a lovely visit to the Alpaca farm, Wally. They are so cute and have such beautiful eyes and furriendly features. Granny has seen a few here lately too. One also has a little one too, he was a little bigger than yours, but he was also brown 😀 We loved to walk around with you today 🙂 Pawkisses for a Wonderful Wordless Wednesday <3

  49. What a fun post, Wally. We enjoyed seeing these interesting animals and learning more about them. Thank you for sharing. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

  50. What a fun adventure. Thank you for sharing all this great information about alpacas. They make for great photography subjects!

  51. They are beautiful! TW used to have a couple of alpaca sweaters but they, er, shrunk cos she washed them. They also smelled after she washed them.

  52. What a totally great excursion, we luffs alpacas and alpaca wool, Amber has a baby alpaca wool blankey, it’s her fav!

    Big hugs

    Basil & Co xox

  53. Mee-you fankss fur sharin about yur Mumma’ss trip to thee Alpace Place…mee nevurr seen fotoss’ of these cute critterss befur!! LadyMum sayss shee has patted Alpacass’ befur an they are soft…
    mee wudnerss if they wood give mee a ride like a horsey???
    **Hi-5’sss** Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

  54. […] because I’ve got a special guest one for you instead. Remember when the mom went to the alpaca farm that’s here on our island? Remember the little baby alpaca…also called a […]

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