Apr 302009

We’ve received a few more awards which we want to acknowledge.

 Our furiends, The Creek Cats gave us Neno’s Award!  Thanks!!


This award is for those who love blogging activity
and love to encourage friendships through blogging.

We love blogging because we get to meet
so many interesting kitties from all over the world!

We can tell stories about ourselves and
we get to read stories about all our furiends!

 We got the Zombie Chicken Award from Millie!


We think this is a cool award!  Thanks, Millie!!

 Our furiend, Halloween, gave us the Life is Grand Award!  Thanks!


For this award we hafta list 5 reasons why life is grand.

There are lots of reasons why life is grand but here are 5 of them:

1.  Life is grand ‘cuz we live here on the island
in a great house with lots of windows to look out!

2.  Life is grand ‘cuz we get stinky goodness and crunchies everyday!

3.  Life is grand ‘cuz we have lots of toys to play with!

4.  Life is grand ‘cuz we get catnip flavored treats!  Yum!!

5.  Life is grand ‘cuz we have so many good furiends
that we’ve met through blogging!

 We’re passing these awards on to anybuddy who doesn’t have them yet ‘cuz we think everybuddy deserves them!

Finally, we got this cool award from the Kitty City Gazette!


Thanks!  We’re  honored that you thought of us for this award!!

 Whew, that’s a lot of awards!
We gotta go take a nap now!!


  23 Responses to “Thankful for Awards Thursday”

  1. Concatulations, dudes:)

  2. Concatulations on all those well deserved awards!

  3. We gots da Kitty City Gazette award, too, but not da rest of dem.
    Congrats on all your accatlades!

  4. How awesome, you deserve all those awards and more!

  5. wowww you deserve all!
    Luna and mommy Léia

  6. Congratulations on the awards. You deserve all of them!

  7. Congratulations on your award!

  8. Congratulations! All of those are great awards. (Gotta love the kitty on the Kitty City award!)

  9. You got a lot of lovely awards, well done and well deserved. You have a nice rest now.

    Hugs GJ x

  10. Concatulations – what great awards!

  11. Thanks for re-tweeting about BCCP guys! We aren’t sure if re-tweets count or if it’s just the first initial tweet?

  12. Concats! You guys are flooded with awards! And deservingly so!

  13. Concatulations on all of those awards! You’re gonna have to build a new awards case just to display all of them:)

  14. Wow congrats on your big stash of awards!

  15. Wowie gazowie!!! That’s a whole lotta awards!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!

  16. Congratulation on the awards. You kitties sure deserve them. We liked how you said Life is grand b/c you live on the island. Maybe we can see an island one day.

  17. Congrats. Great and well deserved awards.

  18. What a marvellous collection of awards!

  19. Fabulous awards! Alfie keeps hoping we get given the “Wow we love your site” – ‘cos he thinks the grey kitty looks like him! Plus it’s really cool!

  20. hi there. nice award(s). keep blogging!

    have a great day! 😀

  21. Wow! Congratulations on your awards!

  22. Congratulations on all of your well deserved awards 😀

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